Uttaran 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Akash tells Meethi that Rani would be called Rani Akash Chatterjee from today onwards. Meethi is overwhelmed with emotions. He promises to give Rani everything that they had wanted to give to their own baby. She wont miss out on anything. Meethi thanks him while Malvika outside is full of anger. This girl will be called Rani Chatterjee? Akash and Meethi’s daughter? Hope she doesn’t become the heir of this house before Ambika tells anyone about her pregnancy. I will have to tell Ambika to come over asap and announce that she is pregnant.

Damini picks up her very old trunk. She looks at the toys in it as she thinks of her little Iccha. I will ask Mukta if she needs these toys for Manav. Nani comes to tell her that she is going to temple. She stops to look at the toys in trunk. Damini shares how Iccha and Meethi have played with these toys when they were kids. Nani taunts her that Meethi cannot become a mother. What will you do with this garbage then? Damini talks about Mukta. I was thinking of giving them to Mukta for Manav. Now Mukta only will take care of Iccha’s memories. Nani doesn’t let go of the opportunity to taunt Damini. Your Iccha’s memories or my Tappu’s? I very well know that Iccha has played with my Tappu’s toys. Meethi has played with her Uttaran only. You want to give the same Uttaran to Tappu’s grandson? Damini apologizes for her mistake. You won’t leave any chance to use the word “Uttaran”. Nani wonders who is talking about old stuff, me or you. The way you said it one day that we are living on your Uttaran the similar way you want an opportunity to say the same thing to Mukku. Damini knows that Mukta and Meethi hate this word. Nani blames her wrongly. You are still stuck there as you have kept all this stuff with you till date. Damini requests her to end the matter here itself but Nani continues. Nani suggests her to give them all to Rani. She is a roadside girl and that house is perfect for it as it belongs to that Chuhiya (Meethi). Tappu never takes back what she gives away once. Her daughter is the same. She walks out angrily. Damini calls them memories of Icchha and Meethi. I will give them to Meethi. Now Rani only will play with these toys.

Gomti talks to her sister. You bent down in front of Meethi. hope she doesn’t take undue advantage of your love. Akash too dances on her tunes. Maiyya is sure Akash will agree with her. Malvika comes to tell them about what she has heard.

Akash knows it will be too tough to make Maiyya agree to it. I have realised one thing that Rani needs our love. we can make a better future for her with our love only. Meethi praises him as he has a big heart but she is also worried about Maiyya’s reaction. He has decided he says. Maiyya has disagreed with me in the past as well but a mother’s happiness is in her kids’ happiness. Maiyya will agree for it. meethi is still worried. She might say yes for our sake but will she accept Rani whole heartedly as her own granddaughter?

Maiyya refuses to accept Akash’s decision. She warns Malvika that she will throw her out if she is lying. Malvika vows her dedication to her. you can throw me out if I am wrong. Maiyya wont allow a pr*stitute’s daughter to be her granddaughter. Malvika says a man can go to any extent for his wife’s happiness. She can make him agree to anything in bed. You all anyways live in Meethi’s house. How can Akash say no to her then? Maiyya loudly calls out for Akash.

Akash and Meethi head downstairs. She has brought her gold jewellery and lots of cash. She talks about her property in Aatishgarh. Sell all this and transfer this house in your name. Akash and Meethi are shocked. Akash wants to know what has happened now. meethi too requests her to speak up. Have I made any mistake? I am sorry but we never said that this house isn’t yours. Maiyya denies. It is the best thing when a woman lives in her husband’s house. Akash is confused. Maiyya seeks Meethi’s permission to say something to her son. Meethi replies you don’t need my permission to say anything to your son. maiyya knows Akash agrees to whatever Meethi says. She heads upstairs and comes back with her husband’s photo. She asks Akash who he is. Who gave you his name, your life? This man gave you his name. This is his lineage’s name. You cannot share it just like that. Why had you come here? Why did you came in Meethi’s life? You came to avenge your baba’s death. Meethi’s mother was your baba’s murderer. Do you remember anything? She (Iccha) looked just like Meethi. He tries to stop her but Maiyya is in no mood to stop. Have you ever thought how I love and respect Iccha’s lookalike? Meethi’s face reminds me that I became a widow because of her mother. But did I say anything to Meethi ever? Did I bring back past ever? No! There is not even one picture of her diseased husband in this house as it is Meethi’s house. I locked everything inside a trunk and in my heart for Meethi’s happiness. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love or respect him. My name is Ekadish Chatterjee. I cannot give this name to a pr*stitute’s daughter. Meethi and Akash look at her in shock. Maiyya is in tears. My life’s earnings is my husband’s name. I wont give it to anyone in alms. She makes it clear to Akash again. sell everything that I have and get this house on your name so that no one can tell me again that I am living in my DIL’s house. Meethi tries to talk to Maiyya but she walks upstairs. Her words echo in Meethi’s head.

Gomti and Malvika come to talk to Maiyya. They had made preps for Karvachauth tomorrow. Maiyya refuses to give anyone anything. Sankrant comes there as well. Maiyya isn’t too happy to see him too. She isn’t interested but he sits down to talk to her about Ambika. Maiyya tells Gomti to bring poison as both her sons are after her life. The elder son is mad about that pr*stitute’s daughter while this son is mad after that witch. Malvika requests her to hear Sankrant once. Sankrant talks about Karvachauth’s fast. Ambika is still my wife. She wants sargi from your hands only if you really want to give it. please bless her. maiyya angrily tries to cut her finger with the supari cutter. Sankrant throws it away. he nurses Maiyya’s wound. Maiyya tells him to kill her. He walks out of the room sadly. She knows her sons are as stubborn as her. she wants to think of a way out. Malvika has an idea but she is irked that Maiyya is not able to see it. How to bring Ambika for Karvachauth tomorrow?

Precap: Meethi and Akash (along with Rani) are going out for shopping. Maiyya tells them to come back on time. Ambika greets Maiyya just then. Akash asks his brother for an explanation. You still trust her? Sankrant replies that Ambika only wants Maiyya’s blessings on Karvachauth.

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