Tum Saath Ho Jab 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Imran takes out his drink as he is really angry. Altaf is confused over Mariam’s behaviour. This mother daughter duo is weird. Imran calls them mental. Till date they both were poking their noses in someone else’s business. See how they reacted today when it came to them. altaf tries to calm him but Imran is fuming. She could have told me nicely if she doesn’t want her daughter to play tennis. There is a way for everything. Why did she create such a big drama? Altaf is sure she might be in some problem. Imran blames him instead. You pushed me for it. stop taking their side now. altaf accepts his mistake. From now on I wont tell you to talk to them. imran vows to not even look at them. I don’t want to hear their names either. he too closes the window that is opposite to Mariam’s room’s window. Cover it well with a bed sheet. Altaf obliges reluctantly.

Naima calls Saba to remind her of her task. Saba agrees to do it. she ends the call. Younis asks Waqar about his studies but Waqar has no clue about anything. Nasima acts lenient on her son. Saba stealthily tries to note down Shabbir’s number from her Abbu’s phone while he continues to question Waqar. He appreciates Fiza as she is much smarter than Waqar. Nasima taunts her about it. Younis notices his mobile in Saba’s hand. What are you doing? She lies that she was looking at time. Younis tells Waqar to work hard or he wont be able to do anything in life. Fiza too teases him for which Nasima scolds her yet again. YOunis takes Fiza’s side. she scores the best numbers amongst all our kids. Saba studies day and night but her numbers are not good enough. What are you doing in my mobile Saba? Saba lies that she was checking the wallpaper. Fiza continues to tease Waqar. He is neither good in studies nor in sports. Younis nods. Tauseef was a champion in both. You must become like your Chote Abbu. Fiza remarks that even Najma Appi is like Chote Abbu. She is good in both studies and sports. Younis is surprised while Nasima is irked. Her Ammi continues to teach her throughout day and night. She is bound to score well. Younis points out that even she can do the same. Saba has noted Shabbir’s number by now. She finally gives the phone back to her Abbu. Waqar keeps talking about food when YOunis asks him about capital of countries. You are of no good. Eat almonds and grow fat. Saba sends Shabbir’s number to Naima.

Next morning, Najma notices the withered plants near the closed window. They need sunlight to survive. She opens the window that was closed by Mariam. She is surprised to see new neighbour’s closed window. Mariam brings tiffin box for her. she is angry as the window has been opened again. She goes to close it when Najma points out at Imran’s closed window. Mariam looks at it in surprise. She sends Najma and then closes the window again. she brings the pot of plant outside. Imran calls out for his Mamu. Mariam looks up at him. he calls out to his Mamu impatiently. I am feeling suffocated here, I am going downstairs. Mariam hears this too.

At Nabeel School, Imran is coaching students how to play tennis. Najma comes there too. Imran recalls her Ammi’s words as he notices Najma. She is confused what has happened after all. There is something for sure. Najma tries to talk to her new neighbour but he keeps avoiding her. why did you close your window? Are you angry with Ammi too? What has happened between you and Ammi? He tells her to go out as she is disturbing the practise. She realises that he is scolding her. we are neighbours after all. He reminds her that they are in school right now. I am a teacher here. I will complain against you if you come here again. He orders her to go back to her class right now. Najma stands in a corner sadly. Afshaah hits the ball which accidentally hits Najma on her head. she sways because of the impact and hurts her forehead. Imran notices her falling on the floor.

Altaf talks to Mariam about what she did with Imran yesterday. You dint talk to him nicely. Imran has felt really bad about it. Younis observes Altaf talking to Mariam. He ends his phone call. Mariam tries to excuse herself while Altaf wants to know Imran’s mistake. Younis steps in between them. can’t you see that she doesn’t want to talk to you? He scolds Altaf. Stay away from our house and our people. Altaf tries to say something but Younis firmly tells him to stay in his limits. You and your nephew must stay away from Mariam. Is this a way to call out to people? This is ill mannered. Good people live here. You too must stay nicely if you want to stay here. He sends Mariam downstairs. Altaf is all the more confused / worried now.

Imran sprinkles water on Najma so as to wake her up. Fiza and Waqar come running there. They try to hurt Afshaah as Najma is in this situation because of her. she is jealous of Najma. Imran clarifies that Afshaah dint do it intentionally. Fiza tells him not to take Afshaah’s side. you are our neighbour. You even came to our house for dinner. Choti Ammi had even made kheer for you. Najma’s wound has been bandaged by now. She too tells Fiza that Afshaah dint do anything intentionally. Imran asks her how she is feeling now. FIza retorts back again. Imran offers to drop Najma home today but Najma says she is fine. Her siblings too wont let Najma go anywhere on her own. She has got hurt by tennis ball. Najma is happy at the realisation. Abbu used to say that players get hurt all the time. I am perfectly alright. She leaves with Fiza and Waqar. Imran is in thoughts as he looks at them.

Saba and Naima are on the terrace. Naima wants to dial Shabbir’s number from Saba’s mobile. I will not give him my number this easily or he will tease me by calling me all the time. Saba is scared of her Abbu but Naima is sure nothing wrong will happen. Guys actually wait for our calls. Naima dials the number but right then Nasima comes there. Naima cuts the call. Nasima wonders why she leaves Ammi alone every other day. Naima says she has come here to learn something from her only. Nasima gets happy. we will sit together in a while. Saba is scared. Shabbir calls back on Saba’s mobile. Naima tells Saba to pick it. she introduces herself. She asks him if he liked her khala. He answers in positive. Saba fixes a lunch date for them in Royal Cafe tomorrow. He invites Saba too. She agrees but then asks him not to say anything to her Abbu. He agrees. Naima leaves to get ready. Saba prays to be saved from her Abbu.

Rehmat Bi is sad as Mariam dint let her cook anything today. what’s so special today? mariam wanted to cook something special for Najma today. I am getting upset on her for no reason nowadays. The kids come home. Mariam notices Najma’s wound and gets worried. She gets to know that Najma got hit by a tennis ball. Mariam gets angry. You were playing tennis against my wish? Now you have started to go against my decisions. Najma tries to say something but Mariam does let her speak. You don’t care about anything I say. Waqar tells her that Najma wasn’t playing tennis. Fiza too says the same. She was just talking to new neighbour when Afshaah’s ball hit her by mistake. Waqar says Najma is fine now. New neighbour took care of her and has also bandaged her wound. Najma tells her Ammi that she will never go against her. Mariam hugs her sadly. Rehmat Bi is worried about Younis’s reaction. Waqar and Fiza promise not to tell anything to anyone. Mariam looks at them gratefully. They all share a group hug.

Precap: Altaf and Imran discuss about how passionate Imran was for tennis when he was a kid. Your Abbu used to scold you for the same but you dint budge. Imran can see himself in Najma.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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