Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha sees a dress on virajs bed, looking at it nisha says oh viraj sir is so romantic he chose a dress for me just to say yes and so since sir has given me the best surprise its my turn now,nisha sees earings as well. Sourabh asks viraj whether he can show the academy to cousins,viraj says ok and says if u find nisha tell her I need to see her,cousins leave with sourabh,nisha comes dressed downstairs, viraj looks at her and says miss nisha, nisha shows him the card and says sir this is very nice I never even thought u will give my answer this way I liked it and I,viraj says nisha stop this note and dress is not for u,im sorry but this is the truth,I don’t love u,hearing this nisha is in tears, viraj says im sorry to hurt u but this is the truth miss nisha,nisha runs upstairs.
Nisha starts crying, viraj comes upstairs and says miss nisha and sits besides nisha sont be quite u should talk about it,nisha says why did u say u brought me a gift,viraj says off course I did but this is not ur gift and picks a box and give it to her which contains a medal,viraj says its my first medal I won and I wanted to gift it to u for ur talent, and for the bravery and dedication of urs towards the laksh academy and im sorry if I ever gave u any wrong signals I didn’t want to hurt u,nisha says sir plz don’t say sorry its not ur fault, sir who this gift is for,viraj says love is a very special feeling I want to spend it with my loved one,but nisha im sorry really sorry.nisha phone rings,dolly asks her where is she,nisha says im coming,nisha says sir plz give me 5 min and I will change and join u all,viraj leaves.nisha goes infront of mirror,removes the earings,changes and comes downstairs.
Cousins enter and ask nisha why is she so upset,dolly asks nisha what gift u got ,nisha shows them the medal and says this is the first medal viraj sir earned,suku says wow is that real gold. Dolly asks nisha did sir gave answer,nisha says I want to go home and walks away.
Ramesh sees cousins are back home,and sees nishas upset face. Jwala comes and asks nisha hw was the party nisha gives her the medal,dolly tells her what happened,umesh goes to nisha and says nisha lets go have some coffee,jwala says can I sleep with u today,nisha says guys im ok,ramesh says if this is so why have u closed ur hands,ramesh asks cousins to go to bed, cousins leave a and nisha starts laughing loudly and says do u know dad viraj sir doesn’t love me, ramesh sings a song for nisha,nisha starts crying and holds ramesh finger,ramesh takes her to bed,cousins look at nisha and ramesh and are in tears.
Viraj is with the shirt arti gave him,sham singh comes and gives him a glass of milk and asks him is he ok,viraj says im ok,sham singh leaves.viraj messages arti saying it wasn’t easy for me to break her heart but I had to do it or else if it would go on it would have hurted her more and for me the only person I love is u,I never thought I would ever fall in love with u even not knowing who u are but it’s the truth im in love with u.

Viraj announces in the academy that he has decided to close the academy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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