Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya telling Aaliya that Tanu pushed Bulbul into pool. Tanu says she did not and asks what proof she has. Aaliya starts acting and asks Tanu being her friend how can she harm Bulbul when she does not have any problem with Bulbul and Purab’s marriage. She says she is ashamed that she is her friend and says Abhi believes Bulbul as his sister and how can she harm Abhi’s sister. She says she will call police and takes her phone. Pragya stops her and says Abhi’s reputation will be at stake. Tanu asks her to call police so that the truth can come out. Pragya asks her to stop shouting and says again if they call police, Abhi’s reputation will be spoilt. Aaliya says she is right and they should keep an eye on Tanu now.

Purab drops Bulbul home. Bulbul says it is very late now and he should go back home. Purab worriedly says why did she go near pool, what if something happened to her. She jokes that she wanted a macho man, but he is phattu. He asks if she wants him to change and asks if all her love was fake. She says she was joking and he is her dream man and does not want him to change. He jokes that he will become macho now and also wants her to learn swimming. She says she is afraid of water. He says she has to learn for him and they both start arguing.

Abhi gets cold and is unable to breathe. Pragya tries to put nasal drops in his nose. He says he will not allow her. She forcefully puts nasal drops in his nose.

Abhi calls Tanu and says he was trying her number since a long time. She asks him to be with chasmish and not call her again. He tries her number again, but phone is switched off. Pragya comes back and tries to speak to him. He asks her to keep away from him and says because of her, Tanu is not talking to him. Pragya gets sad and sleeps on couch. Zindagi me……song plays in the background.

Purab tells Bulbul that they cannot unite Abhi and Pragya and only Pragya can convince Abhi now. Bulbul asks when will their bought clothes be delivered. He says today. She smiles. They both reach Abhi’s house with boutique salesman and give clothes for everyone. Aaliya likes her dress and asks who selected it. Pragya says Bulbul. Daadi asks where is Abhi’s dress. Salesman gives his blazer to Abhi. Abhi tries it and says it is oversized. Salesman says owner has gone out for 5 days. Abhi says engagement is in 3 days and he wants it altered before that, else he will sue his owner. Bulbul says dressed can be altered today itself. Abhi asks who will alter it. She says Pragya. Daadi says that is call sarva gun sampann. Pragya gets shy and says she does not have tape. Salesman gives her tape. She takes Abhi’s measurement and goes to her room to alter his blazer.

Purab thanks salesman for bringing oversized blazer and lying that owner is out of town. Salesman says if Abhi will know about it, he will sue him. Purab says only they know and will not Abhi know about it. Once he leaves, Purab praises Bulbul for her idea. She smiles and enters home. Tanu stops her and says whatever she is doing to unite Abhi and Pragya will not work. Bulbul says she is dreaming. Tanu says she loves Abhi and he is only hers.

Precap: Tanu challenges Bulbul that she will get Abhi on her side and break his marriage with Pragya in 3 days. Bulbul asks her to remember her challenge.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. aliya bl**dy tere paas koi kaam nahi hai kya hamesha rabul ke bich aana chati hai


    Hell with this tanu …must be kicked out

  3. Oh I love my Purab and Bulbul they are so cute….!!!!

    1. give this Sh*t a REST……

    2. @shank Who the hell you are and why are you giving all the comments on rabul thumbsdown ???? You always do that loser!!!

  4. Cute Rabul scenes finally!!!!!

  5. I don’t understand… so Abhi is with Pragya and he courts her and kisses her… but he is still going out with Tanu? And they have made Pragya’s character so weak that she allows this – this is okay with her?

    this is soooo stupid.

  6. What the f**k does Tanu want y can’t. She just leave pragya and abhi alone

  7. Ohhh so good Rabul scenes….I just love when these two have those nok jhoks

  8. Seriously whenever Purab and Bulbul start with their fights in love na I just start falling for them again…office scenes memories gets revived.

    1. Phony……get a Life!!!!

    2. What the hell someone is using my pseudoname and wrote this filthy comment…seriously pity on that person and if I am not wrong this is @shank only….loser!!!

    3. fan of the show

      Just igore it – whoever i is did it to me too – used the screen name nd wrote something insulting… coward can’t id themselves and take credit for their opinions

  9. abhi just make the marriage of bulbul and purab

  10. todays rabul scenes was awesome

  11. Going by the comments here I just can’t stop myself for watching the episode….rabul love!!! Omg I am very excited.

  12. This girl aliya never change her character

  13. I too can’t understand tiz concept…abhi s doing al wit pragya but still he had feelings for Tanu..wtf it s?..

  14. pragya get lost…u r a bigshame for women…no dignity,no brain,no ego, no prestidge no shame, immature blo*dy the most weak character of dis serial

    1. Yes you are so right!!!! More than her Bulbul represent the idealist or at least present day believable views and perspective….at least she knows how to give back to those villlains and has a much louder voice against injustice rather than just being dumb…but Yaa sometimes she also stoops but then thats only for her family and love..not for any wrong monsters.

  15. Thank you so much cvs for granting my wish of giving us our old rabul back whose lovely nok jhoks just enlighten the screen and makes my day.

  16. I thought this serial is now breaking its image from Rickshaw-puller wallahs to middle-class people. But, NO, it is going back to beggars now. Total BULLSHIT!!!

  17. I really don’t know whether many people will like or agree with what I say but still I want to continue and express my heart out…..
    To start with let me tell you that I am fanfollower of both the couples:

    Rabul and Abhigya

    Initially when kkb started I was madly in love with rabul their scenes their fights I loved them all……but after a while kkb just ruined rabul completely no screen space…rona dhona scenes …that was not the thing that I didn’t liked their scenes or couldn’t feel their pain but it became so repetitive that my interest in them really got loosened up.

    But then there came the ever so cute fighters abhigya…aww they were so cute….their nok jhoks used to make me laugh so hard that I just loved them.but at that time their fights had a meaning…like abhi had a misunderstanding about pragya and affair with tanu was just being reasonable…

    But now what is happening???? What the hell is abhi potraying a mere jerk who doesn’t respect pragya as his wife but expects her to propose him..to kiss him or whatever at the same time he wants tanu for romance too like what????? Even pragya is so dissapointing…..she doesn’t seems to be a teacher at all as she herself is not standing against injustices rather she is letting them happen…this girl is showing no self respect and is acting really childish with no maturity indeed!!!!

    Frankly speaking I find Purab-Bulbul more adorable and made for each other couple than abhi and pragya……
    Like these two are totally compatible in terms of we see as a life partner….they both have a very strong bond of trust which is foremost in any kind of relationship and most importantly they both have equality in their relation like they don’t call each other aap or like that…..they respect each other but not in a show off manner…

    Coming to abhigya I am just too annoyed with them…at present so I feel these two aren’t even compatible……they have trust issues as abhi doesn’t trust pragya nor she can trust him as he is having affair all in open…..then abhi never gives any respect to pragya and she gives him undue respect…..they definitely have no equality in their relatinship…

    Coming to end I seriously believe that rabul represent the modern and more convincible couple who truly deserve each other….and in case of abhigya pragya should actually give divorce to abhi as he doesn’t deserve her and should get setteled with a new guy!!!!

    These views are completely personal no offences to anyone……..any feedback would be appreciated

    1. This all is so true…….!!!!

    2. Well you said it as is! I loved the interactions especially with Pragya she was so quirky and had quick responses to everyone. She was independent as a matter of a fact her income was helping her family. She had the respect of her students. And she stood up for right, even when it is the unpopular thing to dom for instance she rallied for Rachna and Suresh when they were in trouble. Now she is an idiot housewife with her many degrees doing nothing but accepting taunts from her husband who has continuously told her he doesn’t want her but Tanu. DOes she have NO SELF RESPECT!?!?! What is this really saying to young persons watching this show? smh. I loved the banter of the show but the story lines make it unwatchable for me. I too just watch on the days when there is Rabul.

    3. Yes i want Pragya , character to be more strong. now a days both pragya and abhi look like dumb. W want a strong women standing in the serial . this is soooooo silly.

    4. you are very right……….

  18. Loving rabul<3<3

  19. the serial is a big shame for women. really who in this age and time wait for a guy to love her ?

    Seriously Pragya is the most dumbest girl in the world. Pragya get a life. you might be good but not great. give abhi his love back (tanu), like the way he is giving your sister her love. walk out of his life and show them you are a strong women, not waiting for some rockstar love.

    Also who spends lavishly on wedding ? Purab and bulbul should have just done a court marriage.

  20. Its nice to see purab in whole episode rather than abhi

    1. Exactly!!!!

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