Nimki Mukhiya 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ram gets better

Nimki Mukhiya 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu misbehaves with a patient for not feeling well and screaming. Nimki says what are you doing.
Ritu says sweeti why are you sleeping on floor. Forget what happened. I wont let you sleep on floor. She says this is for you. You are sleeping on floor. She sleeps on bed.

Ram caresses Nimki’s face. She says let em sleep. She wakes up and says papa you’re moving your hand. Wow papa you are better. She tells Babu. Nimki says give him blessings. He stayed her all night.
Tune comes. Nimki says see papa is moving his hand.

Ritu says to Sweeti my neck is stuck. Can you please help me move it. She says no. Nimki comes in. Annaor says how is your fahter? She says better. ANnaro says why wont he be we paid for his treatment. If we didn’t pay he would have been on bed all his life and yuo would have been helpless. Sweeti says what are you saying. Tettar says we are their relatives. We would help them. Nimki says thank you for all you have done. Nimki says how will you pay me for the favors I have done on you? Nimki says thanks Babbu for giving me your should to rest on. Babu says no such thing happened. Nimki says papa gave us blessings together/ Annaro shouts at Babbu.

Mausi sees money with abhi. She says didn’t you give it? He says babbu already paid. Mausi says its better. They should. Abhi says but he never helped her before. Mausi says she should be happy in her house.
Tettar says to Babbu this Annaro will ruin the whole game. Babbu says think about me. Tettar says go and rest. I have spoken to Nehar. We will catch if its Nehar.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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