Yeh Teri Galiyan 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ravindra accepts Shan

Yeh Teri Galiyan 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan calls Chanda. Puchki picks. Chanda takes the phone. She says how are you? He says I am good. I have a brother now. Chadna says do they love you? Shan says they care for me a lot. They love me. Everyone is very happy. She says take care of your brother. Puchki takes the phone. Shan says puchki I have brother. I call him junior. She says not better than Puchki but don’t love him more than. I wont talk to you if you do.

Doctor says to Aru there is a slight deformity in the baby’s left foot. He will be a bit lame from left hand. Nivedita hears and screams. She looks at her baby and recalls she fell because of hsna. She says this all happened because of your sin. My son will bear this problem for life now.

Scene 2
Rana says to beauty you wont get a chance like this again. You cam auction your girls and earn big. Aru’s brother comes with people. They protest. Beauty says what is your problem? He says we are here to take Puchki from here. Beauty says Puchki is ours.

Nivedita says to Aru if you wanna give this marriage a chance send shan away from this house. That insect from sona kachi.. Ravindra says sona kachi?
Thaku ma says Puchki is ours. This place is her fate. She is born here. He says I will bring police. Thaku ma laughs and says they might be sleeping here. Don’t scare us with police.

Nivedita says send Shan away from here sir. He is illegitimate. Ravindra says fight the root not the tree. Forget what happened. I even asked Aru to marrying another woman. He didn’t agree. You should be happy that he came back to you. You couldn’t give our family a baby. Nivedita says if this is your decision I will leave this house with my baby. Ravindra says Shan is our elder son and this baby is younger
He says you can go but alone like you came here. Not with our baby.

Puchki sits and hides in Aru’s brothers car. He says how did you come in? She says I am looking for my friend. He is in the school you took me. He says my nephew studies there too. She says great take me we will find him there.

Nivedita comes home. Ravindra asks Shan to do their arti. He does it. Shan touches the baby. Nive goes inside. Shan says why is mama not letting me touch the baby. Will you send me back to bari? Aru says no I wont. Sir has decided you will live here. He says what about mama? Aru says go to school.
Chanda is looking for Puchki. She asks beauty. Beauty says you are behind all this I am sure. You asked those people to come here and protest.

Rana sees Puchki near the school. Puchki asks peon about Shantanu. He says there are so many Shan in the school. She says I want to meet my bhondo. Peon goes in and tells other peon, Shan hears. He comes out.
Rana says to Puchki you are puchki right? I know who are you looking for. He locks Puchki in a van and takes her from there. Shan sees them and runs after the van. A bike hits him and he faints.
Precap-Puchki says leave me beauty. Beauty hands her in a cage. There are hounds down. Puchki falls.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What a disgrace this Ravindra is….he changes colours faster than a chameleon…Just a day before ,he didn’t even allow Shan to touch the new born…he was ignored and humiliated and the very next day ,the complete scenario changes with the doctor’s declaration that Nivedita son has a deformity…Ofcourse ,this guy’s shameless manipulative techniques have come as a blessing in disguise for Shantanu,as he has the full approval of the patriarch of Mazumdar family and his position in the family is secure now…
    Coming to Nivedita ,I don’t know what to say….As a third person I may say that she should n’t hold Shan responsible for his father’s escapades,but what if I step into her shoes….The knowledge that she is cheated by her husband of 12 years and the boy who is staying in her house is none other than her husband’s illegitimate child is enough to fill any heart with bitterness…..There is a saying that time heals everything …even the deepest of wounds….let us hope it will come true in Nivedita’s case but I don’t want her to forgive her husband ….never..
    And Puchki with her extra smartness is getting into problems…..Beauty has n’t even taken over but she is up to her old dirty tricks again…..this time she wants to kidnap Puchki and auction her….My god ,she is not fit to be called a woman …let us how Puchki will be saved…

    1. Leisa s morris

      Ive been in nivi shoes and ive never blamed d kids for d sins of d parents. She has one lol I had two and even though my husband and I r no longer together d kids come and spend time with their siblings from time to time sometimes not even wanting to go back home too soon. As with everyting else each situation is different and d hurt nivi is feelin is excruciating but treatin shan like dat is not gd as he dont deserve it. Non of it was/is his fault and as such she should come to a point where she realises this but it wud b hard seeing dat her baby has a deformity and she blames shan and worse yet ravindra has accepted him with open arms and im sure her child would be pushed to d back as an unwanted being in d family.Lets hope d luv shan showers on his babuname brother makes dem soso close datto even nivi is forced to accept shan afterall he is he husbands child. As for him he should b forgiven IF he didnt carryon a relationship with chand but it was.a one time ting and even if he did we dont know wat he was goin through being helpless while his wife suffer through depression of never givin d family an Heir and not being able to help in any way. Wanting a child and not conceivin or miscarrying is a painful process and hurt more by ur husband havin kids with others. Sometimes I think god believes we’re superheroes d amount of trials we as women go through but we kinda prove him right with our abilty to move on open up forgive.and try again. Women r amazing and fir d life of me I cant c why society places more significance to males than females, wen we r d strenght and backbone of every family.

  2. Devga

    Now i think hardly few more episodes they wil bring the grown up phase of puchki and shantanu…. ?
    This episode wat should i say uffff pathetic ravinder knwing the baby has deformity accepts shan as if he is a good hearted man….
    And nivi wer was the mother who said if shan has to leave thw house then me with both of my kids will leave the house…. Poor thing y to hurt shan for aru’s mistakes….
    Now its visible in future shan wil b respected and handled by ravinder nd aru but hated by nivi…
    Here puchki is also left alone with her fate of her underrated, cheap so called father(this holy word doesn’t suit him though) ……..
    Waiting for Vrushika’s entry….

    1. dear devga! the leap is postponed for 6 months and vrushika,manish are set free from their contracts so that if they want to take up any other project,they can or they can wait..
      sorry for the bad news,even I’m feeling bad!!

  3. Useless and idiotic decision made by channel and makers!! By delaying the leap for next 6 months wht they gonna show?? Rubbish bye bye to the show forever

  4. What a mean man Ravindra is!! Just because Arindham’s second son is born with a deformity, Ravindra has side swept him? So if the baby was normal, Shan would have been in the dog house? Clearly Ravindra has no loyalties, whatever is beneficial to him, he embraces. I think that despite Nivedita’s shunning of Shan, both brothers would grow up loving each other and be close. I’ve not come across an imperfect character before in Indian serials..well, more of a character with a deformity..this may mean Shan’s baby brother would be a good person, his goodness may compensate for his physical challenge..but then, it’s the writers who have the final say and I can only hope that the baby has a good personality when he grows up. Lakshmi… Beauty reminds me of Rakhi Sawant…..loud, cantankerous, expressive and insane at times… Anyways.. I think it’s time for the leap, seeing Puchki in that cage made me angry…. Would this child be affected afterwards through this serial?? Too dramatic…in my opinion.

  5. Leisa ,though i have never been in such a situation ,,as a woman I can feel your pain and imagine what you have undergone and I fully agree with you that children,irrespective of circumstances,should never ever be held guilty for their parents’ misdemeanours ….their world is blissfully different from ours….full of innocence, laughter and love…they don’t even know why and what we fight for….It did wrench my heart to see Shan looking so lost and miserable at his foster mother’s sudden apathy and indifference towards him.And I could see Nivi ,an otherwise compassionate woman herself ,feeling guilty after every instance of venting out her anger and frustration on this young boy …But I have to say that the almighty has been unkind to her… if her husband’s deception is not enough, her baby is born with a deformity ,,,,and unless she is very big hearted ,her son’s lameness would always remind her of that rather unfortunate fall on the stairs ….Will she be able to appreciate the fact that it was n’t Shan’s fault that she had tripped and fallen and the child was only trying to stop her from leaving home.. Whatever it is we can not expect her to come to terms with the reality so soon and treat Shan as before …but I am sure that one day she would repent her folly and make amends as basically she is a not a bad woman….The sudden shock of seeing one’s husband in another woman’s arms and the knowledge that they have a ten year old son and he is none other than the one that she s loving as her own, breaks anyone’s psyche…but as you said ,we ,women are capable of great compassion and can take any amount of pain…if men are stronger physically ,women are much ,much stronger psychologically…let us hope that Nivi would cope up with the humiliating attitude of Ravindran and love both the boys equally….Coming to Arindam’s relationship with Chanda,I don’t think it was a one time thing….their compatibility and the way Arindam was hugging and consoling Chanda shows that they know each other very well…To an onlooker , they almost looked like parents concerned for their son and consoling each other ….and this scene,without doubts ,must have imprinted ion Nivi’ s psyche ….will she ever be able to forgive him….even if she finds strength and forgives him,will their relationship will ever be the same?????

  6. Naz,what are we hearing about the postponement of leap for another six months and releasing both the leads from their contracts….is it because they want to continue with these lovely children for some more time as they are a hit with the viewers….I don’t mind them seeing them but six months is a long time for these two young children to carry the show on their tender shoulders ….Playing central characters is a tough task as the entire focus will be on them…and i wonder what the story will be during this time…I agree with some of our friends here that it is a wrong decision to delay the entry of leads for six long months…As of now,everyone is perfect for their characters and Beauty is outstanding and she does remind me of Rakhi….But ,in view of this new development,what will be the story line….will they show the growing bond between Shan and his younger brother,how Arindam will keep seeing Chanda much to the agony of Nivedita ….All this is fine ,but what about Puchki still in Sinakachi…Naz ,if Manish is really released from this contract ,I wish to see Sartaj playing the character of grown up Shantanu…I hope my wish comes true…

    1. OMG.. That sounds good…I’d like to see that too, if only there was dialogue between a rep and us the viewers, we could have suggested that because as it is according to Shraddha, the field is open till a couple months for casting and I was really surprised hearing her news that the leads weren’t obligated to their contract till…. I don’t mind seeing these youngsters but I’m not in agreement with the violent tracks and mental torture in certain scenes it’s too much, if it’s tempered then it’s fine with me but too much dramatization of the upcoming scene, as I speak, with the cage and dogs, leaves me shocked. Lakshmi, do you think it’s possible for a man to love his wife and mistress with the same passion? I feel Arindham got Chanda’s arms to cry into so many years ago and a bond was created so much so that jump high or low, they have a son together so they are joined by this tangible symbol of their union, if she didn’t mean anything to him, would he still be visiting her? Most times men who father children with women like Chanda, won’t believe that it’s theirs because of the many clients who pass through them…pardon the pun….but it seems like Chanda was Arindham’s exclusively so hence his support of Shan all these years. Was it ever made clear earlier on as to the exact reason why Arindham came to Sona Kachi for affection? Other than wanting a child or was the child not an objective but simply a result of his actions? Things happen in marriages that we don’t know of but when we see a married man or woman seeking attention elsewhere, the bigger question is why did they…im trying to be objective here, not condoning infidelity…we know men are hunters by nature but if he’s getting EVERYTHING from his wife, he wouldn’t need to look elsewhere…people can argue and be judgemental till thy kingdom come but men’s nature and what they really want from women would never be enough and we would always be blamed for being the reason or not for the straying habits of the male species. Let’s look at it this way, the damage was done, Shan is a reality, Arindham erred but things can’t go back to how it was prior to Arindham’s infidelity, the best thing for nivedita to do is try to move on, forgive not necessarily forget, as Shan is a loving son and has accepted her, she should make the best out of this fact in her life, I’m sure Shan would be the son she wishes were biologically hers….he’ll make her proud one day…sometimes your own disappoints you and the one who you pushed away, steps up to hold your hand…

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