Saam Daam Dand Bhed 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Convinces Misri To Become Surrogate Mother

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay reminisces Gayatri and Sadhna telling they want to know details of a woman who will bear Namvari family’s child, doctor telling woman Misri does not want to inform about her family background. He thinks they both are right, but Bulbul pleaded not to force girl much to reveal her identity, else she may back, he does not know who this girl is. He and Bulbl reach hospital to meet Misri. Misri walks in wearing veil. Vijay says he wants to see woman’s face and wants to know who she is. Bulbul asks why he is forcing girl Doctor says if he forces, girl will back off. Vijay says if she has problem to show face to him, she can show it to Bulbul at least as she will stay in his house for 9 months. Woman hears that and backs off. Bulbul asks her not to worry, they will not question her. Misri runs. They both follow her. She falls down and her veil slips away. They see her right sided face burnt. Bulbul lifts her up. Vijay apologizes. Misri says if they saw her burt face, she will go now.

Bulbul stops her and says she cannot become mother, so she wants her to become surrogate mother. Vijay asks what is her name. She says Misri. He says it is a sweet name. Bulbul continues pleading. Misri agrees. They both get happy.

Nurse plays chess with Mandira and praises that she is winning, means she is getting well. Mandira thinks she has to go to Vijay soon. Doctor informs Baba and Malkayin that after keeping Mandira under observation, her mental health has improved, so he will call police and her back to police custody as per police order. Malkayin yells. Doctor says he is helpless.

Bulbul runs to Vijay and says he got a call from hospital, so she picked it and doctor told. Vijay excited asks what did she say. Bulbul says she can become mother. Gayatri asks what technique is this. Bulbul says Misri agreed to become surrogate mother. Whole family rejoices.

Mandira gets ready in bridal sari and insists his parents to take her to Vijay and loses her control. Doc gives her injection and she falls asleep. Doctor says he has to keep Meera under observation again as her condition has not stabilized yet.

Bulbul brings Misri home and asks her to walk in stepping her right leg first. Misri walks in and looks at house carefully. Gayatri thinks she looks greedy.

Precap: Misri calls Bulbul and says Gayatri pushed her. Gayatri stands shocked. Misri smirks.

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