Nimki Mukhiya 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Police comes to arrest Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 12th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to Tunee that police is coming to catch me, I want whole village to see that and I wave my hand, when police puts me in van then all should make my video. Tunee says have you gone mad? if you go to jail then what will happen? Nimki says just bring a photographer and videographer, she ends call. Tunee says she is going crazy too.

In morning, Mauha says to Mono that I am going to a guest’s house, I will come home later. Tunee comes there. Mauha says I am going there to study, Tunee says did Nimki call? she is going mad, she says that she wants to get arrested. Nimki calls him again and asks if she will have to wear jail clothes there? Mauha takes call and says what are you saying? Ram will be tensed. Nimki says he will become famous too. Nimki says to Tunee that I will be a celebrity there so I wont have to wear jail suit? Tunee says all have to wear their clothes, you wont even get nice food, you will get to mop, work and cant even do makeup. Nimki says what? I am not going. Mauha says what are you doing? Nimki says dont tell Ram, she ends call. Nimki says how will I survive in jail without makeup? I will have to churn flour too? she gets scared.

Grandma comes in lounge. Sweety says you shouldnt be waking. Grandma says this Mai wants to take control of this house. Rekha asks Mai what we should make in lunch? I wanted to eat mutton. Dublo says we should order mutton dish. Ritu runs to take call to Tettar. Family hears some people outside palace chanting against Nimki and Tettar. Jhariya comes there and says police have to arrest Nimki, people are chanting against her too.
Nimki is in her room and have headphones on so she cant hear people chanting against her. Tettar is standing in balcony, he sees people entering palace with police and shouting against him, he gets tensed. Babbu and family members come there too. Nahar and Kundan comes there. Babbu says how did you come inside? Nahar asks Tettar to come down, your daughter in law Nimki will get arrested, we have arrest warrant. Inspector says he is right, we have warrant. Babbu points gun at him and says dont you dare move. Diamond controls him. Tettar says to Mai and other women dont worry, they cant come in house. Kundan says to Babbu that now you will shoot on police too? Tettar says to inspector that how dare you come here? Inspector says we have pressure from people so we had to come here. Tettar says you came her but you cant return from here. He asks Diamond to lock doors and ask Babbu to shoot them. Ritu whispers to Tettar that I called party office and they said they cant help us, if we take any action right now then we will be in trouble, let Nimki go right now, Tettar says it will be our insult. Nahar says bring Nimki, she will get arrested. Babbu says she is not here, she is at her father’s house. Nahar says he is lying, he asks inspector to go inside. Inspector says to Tettar that bring Nimki here otherwise I will have to search your house. Nahar says you are talking to him like his servant. Babbu grabs him and asks him to shut up. Nahar says to people that they are not letting police work. Ritu says to Tettar that let inspector go inside. Tettar says to people that we follow laws, he says to inspector that you can search our house but my family shouldnt be hurt. Inspector goes in house with police. Nahar tries to go inside but Babbu stops him and says dont try to come in our house. Tettar says he is right, we will cut your legs. Nahar stops.
Police starts searching house, Mai is tensed. Police searches every room. Nimki hears some noise, she opens window and sees police there. She closes window and says police is here?

PRECAP- Tettar says to inspector that if you arrest my daughter in law then my respect will be tarnished. Inspector says people are waiting, they will do boycott infront of PM house and then we will be in trouble so let us arrest her. Inspector opens Nimki’s room and goes inside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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