Belan Wali Bahu 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa brings fake Dada home

Belan Wali Bahu 12th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa says to family that Dada reads newspaper, we have give an ad in it and it should be emotional for Dada to comeback. Lata says then we have to do something. they make Prem have drip and look like he is ill. Lata asks Roopa to take pictures in which they look sad and ill. Roopa takes their pictures with family posing weirdly for newspaper. Lata says we have got photos, now we have to write what will be in the ad. She asks Roopa to write that dear Dada, your loyal son is very ill as he has been missing you, he wants to see you before leaving this world. Prem says dont write my name, he will understand it.

Suzzi is ad in newspaper and says to Dada that your son is leaving the world, he says what? she shows him ad of family with message that Prem is dying because he is missing his Dad. One oldie says that your son is dying, you shouldnt bear the loss of your son in this age, you have a big and happy family who are suffering because of you, please go back home. Suzzi says yes lets go home before you push them away too much. Dada gets emotional and says you are right, he is dying, I should go back to them. He looks at picture closely and gets angry, he says I wont go now, he shows suzzi that glucose bottle is connected with IV, he says they are faking this to bring me back. He asks Suzzi to call them, Suzzi does. Prem takes call and asks who? Dada says your dad you idiot. Prem says we are missing you so much, I am so ill, I am getting glucose, Dada asks him to slap that person, there was no IV attached in bottle, I knew you all were doing drama. Prem says we did it because we miss you, they all say yes, Prem says please return. Dada says you people lied so I will not comeback now and I can file police complaint, he cuts call. Prem says to Jitendra that why didnt you check IV. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that I have another idea, ask family to do it nicely. She tells it to Roopa, Roopa tells idea to family which is muted.

Prem and others are waiting for Roopa. Prem says I dont have much hope. Lata says we tried everything so we can do this too. They all wait for Roopa.

Roopa brings another oldie home who is also Rajnath. Roopa says see who is home. Fake Dada says I am Dada ji. Shalini says Dada I will show you your room. Fake Dada says I want good view from my room, Jitendra says I will show you a good room. Lata asks Roopa if this idea will work? Roopa looks at Laddo’s ghost. Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost if this idea will work? he fist bumps in air. Roopa says tell me with words, he says I have to say everything? you cant understand actions? you wives dont understand anything, he leaves. Roopa says I pray this idea works.

Scene 2
In morning, Roopa says to herself that now I will complete this plan. She records video of Lata and Shalini. Lata asks Shalini to bring milk from milkman. Shalini says ghost caught my hand. Fake Dada says dont worry, I have brought milk. Lata says this Dada is active. Shalini says old Dada used to take milk and he bringing it. Fake Dada blesses them. Shalini says old Dada never did it. roopa records it all and says I know Dada will feel bad but I hope he comes back after seeing it.

Suzzi is checking oldie in old age home, they all flirt with her. One oldie says you shouldnt put feet on floor, they will become dirty. Suzzi get Roopa’s video message. She comes to Dada who is jealous of others flirting with Suzzi. Suzzi shows him video of Lata and Shalini happy with new Dada, how they like him more. Dada laughs and says they are doing anything in my memory.. he is tensed. Suzzi says you will stay here forever now.

New Dada comes to Shalini and Jitendra’s room, Dada says I have brought coil to keep you safe from mosquitoes. Shalini takes selfie with him and says have you thought to keep a private nurse for yourself? Jitendra says she will take care of you as you are old. He raises hand, Jitendra says you slap me too. New Dada blesses him, Jitendra says he is the best Dada.

Prem says to Lata that why did you bring some other man as my father? Lata says your mind doesnt work and you keep talking. Prem says to Lata that dont talk to me like that. New Dada comes there and says till when you will keep fighting? life is very short. Roopa records their video. Dada makes Prem and Lata hold hands and says remember a time when you both used to not fight, when you both used to love each other. Prem smiles and says it brought smile on my face. New Dada leaves. Prem says he is such a nice father, I want to make him my father. Roopa records it and thinks sorry our Dada will remain same but hopefully he will comeback seeing this.

PRECAP- Dada reads a news in paper that Rajnath’s family is changing their Dada officially and its legal and official ceremony will be held at home tonight. Dada gets angry.
In ceremony, Prem says to guests that today we have held this ceremony to replace our old arrogant, useless, angry Dada with our new innocent, nice and mannered Dada, all clap. Original Dada comes home and sees his name removed from name plate and new Dada’s name there. He says I wont spare this. He tries to go inside but a guard stops him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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