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The whole gadodia mansion was decorated as a bride. All over there is hustle bustle in the preparations. Everyone are getting ready. Swara get ready first then making ragini ready. After the final touch up swara asked ragini to look herself in the mirror. Ragini slowly lifted her eyelids and looked into mirror. She was looking like a goddess came from heaven.

Swara : laado agar laksh bhai tumhe dekhe tho apne aap ko control me rakhna badi mushkil hogi…..

By listening her words ragini blushed and slightly hit her shoulder. A girl came and said that groom family had arrived.

Sanlak are looking dashing in their sherwanis. Both are looking for somebody. (Laksh ragini ke liye dekh raha hai, sanskaar… ???).

Shomi asked a girl to call swaragini down. Suddenly all are looking towards the stairs. Swaragini were descending the stairs. They are looking as two fairies in their lehengas. Sanlak hearts skipped a beat by seeing them. Swara made ragini stand beside laksh.

Laksh: looking beautiful… .

Ragini : (shyly) thanks…..

Swara was smiling seeing her sister happy. Sanskaar came to her.

Sanskaar: looking nice in this dress

Swara : ofcourse I am already beautiful

Sanskaar : (slowly) self obsessed kahinka…

Swara : tumne kuch kaha….

Sanskaar : nai tho…. Tumne kuch suna….

Swara : nahi… She made a pout and left from there.

Sanskaar smiled at her antics.

Everyone gathered there as it is time to exchange rings. Raglak exchanged their rings and all hooted for them. Later all elders went for dinner and youngsters announced couple dance. All went to dance floor with their partners except swasan. Without any option they too went to the dance floor. A romantic song was played and all are dancing along the beats. Swasan lost in each other eyes. They didn’t realised that song was ended. Others clapping sound brought them to reality and they parted away. After dinner everyone left to their homes.

At night swasan were thinking about their dance. Both felt magical in each other’s embrace. They don’t know what is this feeling but a smile crept over their face while thinking about each other.


Pyaar hi ek aisa cheez hai jab hotha hai jiske saath hotha hai bhagavan bhi yakin se nahi kah saktha hai. Woh sab keval kismat ke haatho me hai……


PRECAP : ???


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