Nimki Mukhiya 11th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki plans against Tettar

Nimki Mukhiya 11th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu says to Tettar that he took family with him and now elections will happen peacefully. Nimki hears it and says what we will do now.

Nimki meets Abhi, Abhi says they are politicians, dont take them lightly, he asks her to think. Tunee says you have a mind, think something. Nimki sees manager and aunt making juice in kitchen. Nimki says juice should make my mind fresh. Nimki says to Abhi that I have to make Tettar lose. Abhi says there is an option on voting paper to ‘not select’ anyone then Tettar and Nahar both will lose but it means nobody went go out to vote and then they can choose the person who votes after after ‘no one’, if people vote ‘no one’ more than 50% then elections in that pole is canceled and it happens with other politicians so its not useful. Suddenly juicer bursts and aunt and manager’s face is smeared, all laugh.

Rekha is on call and says I am handling whole house, I make everything but everything is in my hands too, she ends call. sweety is searching for Nimki. Rekha says Nimki is not home, she should stay at home. Sweety says what do you mean? dont mess with Nimki, your husband opened his shop on Nimki’s father’s property. Rekha says my Dublo will earn so much that he will buy his property, she asks what she wants to eat? Sweety says you have become like Mai. Rekha says I am not scared of Mai. Nimki comes there and scares Rekha with Mai’s voice.

Dumri says to Ram that please help me, he can do another marriage but shouldnt divorce me. Mauha says why you are begging? Chandar called and said that he will tell everyone. Dumri says he can tell people about second marriage but divorce is a big matter, Ram says he has made his mind, you can take time. Tunee says she shouldnt beg to him, Nimki told you to sign papers. Dumri says Nimki doesnt know what people do with woman who are divorced. Tunee says Nimki knows everything but if it happens with Nimki then she will take divorce herself. Ram asks him to stop it. Dumri says when a woman is divorced, nobody respects her, Ram says God forbid if it happens with Nimki then her father will be with her. Dumri says a husband is a support for a woman, Mauha says why? why cant father or brother be support of a girl and why cant she support herself? Tunee recalls how Nimki said that she lives in small room in palace with hope that Babbu will become hers. Tunee says I am with Nimki.

Sweety comes to Nimki and says Tettar and Ritu are using you for election campaign. Nimki says I know they are using me for elections. Sweety says they have a plan that after elections they will get you divorced from Babbu after it. Nimki says I know everything. Sweety says you signed on papers? why are you helping them when you know what they want to do? Nimki says this is politics, I want them to think that I am helping them. Sweety says this is not a joke, I am stuck between you and my family, I will be alone after you leave. Nimki says chill, father will throw me out of house if he wins elections but what if he doesnt? Sweety says then Nahar will win? Nimki says what if both dont win? I know what they want to do with me but they dont know what I am going to do with me. Sweety says I dont know what you are upto but remember that you wont make my father lose, she leaves. Tunee calls Nimki, Nimki says I have thought to make Nahar and Tettar lose in elections, Tunee says what are you going to do? Nimki tells him some plan which is muted. Tunee says great. Nimki ends call and wears her glasses.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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