Naagin Season 3 11th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahir’s life is in danger, Bela to kill him for Naagmani

Naagin Season 3 11th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor checks Bela and plays a certain sound so that she comes in Naagin form. Bela gets affected by the sound. Arvind as a Servant drops plates on Anu’s head. Anu shouts and faints. Bela tells Doctor that Anu shouted. Doctor runs to check her and does her bandage. Kuhu asks how did it fall down? Sumitra says she will scold Chander. Anu says she is fine. Doctor says she has to do the dressing of the injury Bela gets up and thinks thank God. She thinks she has just 45 mins and has to do her first task. Mahir is working on his laptop and thinks of the moments with Bela. Ahista ahista plays…..He recalls Bela telling him that she trusts him fully and knows that he will not let anything happen to her. Mahir thinks how can Yuvi do such a mistake and then escape. He thinks how can he leave Bela, if he doesn’t return then…He thinks of something and thinks he has to do this. He comes to the room and takes the machine out. Bela comes and asks about Anu. Mahir says Doctor checked her. He asks did you bring water. Bela says she forgot to drink water. Mahir says I will bring water. ACP stops Vish from going out. Vish says if we get a call then we will know, and don’t have to stop our breath. They argue.

ACP asks Vish to call Yuvi and says he might pick the call thinking it is of a girl. She calls him. A man picks the call. She says hello yuvraaj. She asks if this yuvraaj. Man says he is Ashutosh and tells that he was trekking near the cave when he got the phone. ACP asks where is he? Ashutosh tells that he is near the hilly area. Vish thinks I have hidden Yuvi’s body in the cave. ACP thanks Ashutosh. He says we shall go there and it will be good if we find him else Bela might have bitten him.

Mahir and Bela try to talk to each other. Mahir says he wants to tell her about childhood story and shows her superheroes books and toys. He says he was always stubborn to get this and wanted to forget all the bad things which Mamma faced because of Dad. He says Mom always wished to keep us happy and tells that she is super mom. Bela asks did you wish to get super power and asks what was that wish? Mahir says he wished that he will not do any mistake. Bela says it is a mature thought. Mahir says I don’t want to do the mistake like Yuvi and tells that he sent him voice note. Bela says he will not come. If he wanted then he would have come. Mahir says if he don’t come then I will take care of yours and this baby’s responsibility. I will not don’t the mistake which my Dad did. Bela says I am not pregnant. Mahir says I will always stand with you and asks her to tell if she needs anything. Bela says I need food and I am very hungry. Mahir goes to bring it. Bela thinks she has to think about Naagmani for now.

Naag Guru looks at her from the cave. Mahir brings food. Bela asks him to have food and tell that if it is spicy or not. Mahir says you have made it. Bela asks him to tell. He is tasting the food, when Bela takes the spoon from his hand and eats it. Mahir asks what is it? Bela says I asked you to taste and not to eat all. Naag guru says if Bela don’t find the Naagmani then what will happen. He says you have to save everyone, all Naag vansh. Bela closes her eyes and sees Naag mani, but everything is blurred. Mahir asks what happened? Bela says she is feeling hungry and thinks she has completed her first task. She checks the clock and thinks there is still time. ACP and Vish come to the cave. He asks her to come and says they will find something romanchak. She sees Arvind in the cave and he signs her. He thinks she has understood my sign, I have hidden Yuvi’s body and ACP will not get it. ACP asks Vish to move and checks using the torch. He says we will not get anything here and falls down. He looks for the torch and gets up. Just then stones falls in the cave. She says we have to go and tells that it is a landslide. Yuvi’s body also falls down. ACP looks at the dead body and says may be it is Yuvi’s body.

Poulomi comes to Sumitra and greets her for becoming Dadi soon. She says she thought of baby names also and tells the names. Sumitra smiles. Poulomi asks about the cradle. Sumitra says it is Mahir’s cradle and asks Servant to get it painted and says she will stick the stickers on it. Poulomi thinks Mahir is fast and is becoming Dad, but Pratham is still a child. Mahir is upset. Sumitra tells Mahir that she is making the room as a baby nursery. Mahir tells her about Bela’s doing. Sumitra says Bela is having mood swings. Poulomi irritates them with baby names. They leave. Bela comes to meet Naag guru. Naag Guru says you have to search birth mole on Mahir’s body. Bela says we don’t have to read Mahir’s kundali, but have to search Naagmani. Naag guru says you will reach Naagmani becoming your husband’s wife, but remember that you can’t touch him. Bela thinks how I will do this work. She sees Naag guru gone.

Bela comes to Sumitra and sees her looking at Mahir’s clothes when he was a baby. She says she will order new clothes as well, but for few days, baby needs to wear soft old clothes. Bela thinks she shall not tell her that she is not pregnant. Sumitra tells about nursery. She asks Sumitra if Mahir has a mole on his body and tells that she was reading baby care books. Sumitra says he is my son, but your husband. Bela says I didn’t see and tells that she read that we can predict baby’s future seeing the mark. Sumitra says he has on her back. She says Pandit ji told that he has Raj yoga. Bela says now we can search baby’s future and tells that she will search on net. Bela asks her not to tell anything to Mahir. Sumitra says ok, and says it will be our secret. She says I want to hug you. Bela says I will take rest and is feeling tired. Sumitra says ok. Bela thinks how will I see the mark. ACP tells Vish that Yuvi is found. Vish says that body is completely deteriorated. ACP says lab report will come soon and tells that he had bite marks on his body. He says killer is a naagin and says Anu will give me hi five. Vish gets angry on Anu. ACP says until we get the solid proof, let it be secret. He says you have to do a work before report comes.

Bela thinks just 25 mins are left for sun set. She comes to room and sees Mahir decorating the room for her thinking her to be pregnant. He tells that mosquitoes will not bite her due to mosquito net. He tells about the small fridge in the room where she will find all necessary items. Bela thinks just 20 mins are left. She takes juice in the glass and throws on his back as he is about to go. Mahir says he will change his shirt. Bela says juice is dropping from your shirt and asks him to stand there, and tells that she has OCD problem, so he shall change it. She gives him shirt and tells that she will wipe his back with towel. Mahir gets uncomfortable. Bela wipes his back and sees mole on him. She closes her eyes and sees Naagmani is in some house. She thinks whose house is this.

Naagguru tells Naags that the woman who has stolen Naag mani is a powerful woman whom he couldn’t see. He says Bela has to fight with her to get Naag mani. Bela sees Naag guru and tells Mahir that she is having stomach pain. Mahir gets worried. Bela asks him to get acidity medicine from Sumitra. He goes. Bela greets Naag guru. He asks did you see anything. Bela says she has seen, but couldn’t know where is that place? Naag guru says it will be clear after you complete the third task. He says your husband have to do the third task and have to show love and care for you. He says Shiv ji chose love as the big strength to search Naag mani.Bela says we don’t love each other. You know why I married him. Naag guru says but you married him. Bela says I have venom in me now, and if he touch me to show his love or care then…Naag guru says then he will die and tells that you came here to kill him, let him die. He says your body will become more venomous and tells her that her husband have to do something thinking about her and not about him. He has to be selfless and thinks of her. Bela looks on.

Vish tells ACP that he don’t deserve to be an Inspector. ACP says my mum used to say that I shall be an actor. He asks about Bela and her father. She tells about Bela. ACP says we know her story, but from where she came, and where is her mother. Vish tells that her mum died when she was small and her father was a teacher, before becoming farmer. ACP asks how did they come from haridwar to Mumbai. Vish says it was Bela’s decision. He asks about the location. Vish says ya same. ACP says wrong.

He says there is no Kedari Ashram on the ghat and tells that he was born in Haridwar. He says you got wrong info and we will know the truth soon. He says Yuvi’s autopsy report must have come by now. Bela thinks of Naag Guru’s words that Mahir will die if he touches her. Bela looks at her scaly skin. Sumitra calls her. bela goes to her. Sumitra says someone came to meet you. Anu says you will be happy to meet her. Bela thinks it is your new trick. Sumitra calls Pavitra. Pavitra comes who is a Vaid. Sumitra says she is a special vaid. Anu tells Bela that Pavitra will check her nerve and tell her if she is pregnant or not. Andy asks you only confirmed it. Anu says she wants to say, Pavitra ji will check if she will have one, two or dozen kids. Bela gets tensed and keeps hand on her neck.

ACP gets a call. He asks Vish if she called Ashram to know about Bela. She says yes. She asks what is autopsy report? And asks who has killed Yuvi? ACP says Bela. Vish says how can she be, she is innocent. ACP is shocked. Pavitra comes near Bela to check Bela. Bela looks on.

Mahir comes to washroom and helps Bela to wear her saree. He tells that his intentions are not bad. She asks him to hold her. He hugs her. Mahir comes to hall and falls down. Sumitra and others look shocked. Bela calls someone and tells that she has killed Mahir. Sumitra hugs Bela and cries. They mourn sitting near the dead body.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thanks for the fast update h Hasan.. As usual it was an amazing episode…i think now Bela will realize her real and true love partner that is maahir…it seems maahir’s character is like rithik’s maybe different but naagguru said she can reach naagmani through him and maahir is normal human and not any naagraj..seriously this is my opinion I don’t want maahir to be a naagraaj
    Makers we don’t want vish to against Bela please don’t do that as she is trying to save Bela all the way… The sequences between ajitabh and Vish are damn funny and the way she corrects him is very sweet… I’m happy that those plates fell on anu’s head she deserves more than that.. Stupid girl
    Maybe Sumitra is the one who stole naagmani and the hoodie person is polo aunty or maybe yamini’s daughter shalaka
    Bela have fallen in love with him so she is trying level best to avoid him and hurt him but she is unable to do that
    Even I didn’t like Bela’s harsh behavior but Behir are the cutest…too many questions to be answered
    Well waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  2. Hello Friends ,will Mahir really die…or is it some dream sequence …Otherwise also ,this character’s significance has gone down drastically…except for doing some odd jobs for Bela ,he is not getting much importance….this serial is all the way Bela’s…Pearl is such a talented actor that he will be missed if Mahir really dies …

    1. That his brothers dead body.

  3. How much Bela hates Mahir now, the more amount of love she’ll be showering on him after finding the truth. I feel like it’s Yuvi’s body. Mahir is the lead and surely he won’t die till the end. Who could be the masked woman? Sumitra, Poulomi, Suhani, Shalaka, Kuhu, Anu? Everyone can be doubted .

  4. its going to be yuvi’s body. Nice episode. This is as entertaining as 1st season. naagin 2 was ok. I think woman is sumitra cuz in brahmarakshas she was all innocent but then she was all bad. It could be poulomi cuz of nail

  5. Mahir waw…. Extreme chemistry… Feels good

  6. vijayalakshmi

    soopr episode who like vish and ACP pair I loved their fight cute funny scenes I wish dey will be pair so nice pair who agree with me

    1. Agree with you

    2. I agree wid u.

  7. Hahaha.. Nice twist. And don’t worry friends.. It is not mahir’s body.. Mahir is alive.. It’s body of yuvi..

  8. so many naagmani is available in naagins world or only one????

    shivangi was taking care of naagmani..
    now, how bela’s mother got that naagmani?!!.

    i think so many logical errors!

    1. See, naagin 1 and naagin 2 were connected. Naagin 3 is a completely different story. When Shivangi was taking care of naagmani, it was season 2. This is a new story, naagin 3..

    2. Harshu Kashyap

      Yeah …agree with u

  9. Amazing episode
    1)Congratulations naagin team and fans this week naagin trp is 4.9 highest trp of naagin 3 yaar koi party tu do meri taraf se ???? sabke liye bohot saare log hai yha share kr lena.
    2)Servants ne kamaal kr diya bichari anu ??
    3)Behir scene amazing maahir and bela eat with same spoons ❤???
    4)paulaumi is so funny and acp too when he said ram leela ji tu vish that was amazing ????????????
    5)Bela asked sumitra about maahir birth mark sumitra try to hug her but she make excuse and run away ?‍♀️
    6)Again cute,sweet,innocent and caring maahir how lucky bela is to get him as her husband ???
    7)vish and acp look good together what say guys ?
    8)Again anu comes in bela way
    9)Guys i hear that sumitra is chudail and she stole the naag mani ?
    10)In between naagin ad they show Arjun and mouni dance mza aa gya dono ko saath Dekh kr after long time ❤
    11)suhani bela ko wish krne nhi aayi she is pregnant na suhani bela ki best friend
    12)Wait for tomorrow I saw in insta funeral rituals yuvi ki ho rhi hai

  10. It was nice episode. Vish and ACP r nice pair. It’s yuvi’s funeral. Sumitra is the one who’s stolen nag mani. Interesting part is tht how bela is going to face sumitra.

  11. Super episode
    1)First congratulations to the whole naagin team and fans this week naagin trp is 4.9 highest trp of naagin koi party tu do meri taraf se ???sab ke liye bohot saare log hai yha share kr lena.
    2)Servants ne kamaal kr diya bichari anu ??
    3)Behir scene amazing maahir and bela eat with same spoons ?
    4)Bela ask about maahir birth mark sumitra try to hug her but she make excuse and run away
    5)paulaumi and acp both are funny when acp says ram leela ji tu vish that was amazing ???????
    6)Vish and acp look good together what say guys
    7)Again maahir is so nice,Cute,innocent and caring she is very lucky to have him as her husband
    8)suhani nhi aayi she is pregnant na suhani bela ki best friend hai
    9)I hear that sumitra is chudail and she stole the naag mani
    10:wait for tomorrow episode I saw on insta funeral rituals yuvi ki ho rhi hai
    11)In between naagin ad they show Arjun and mouni dance mza aa gya dono ko saath Dekh kr after long time

  12. The dead body is of Yuvi only and it’s his funeral. Mahir won’t die

  13. Please let Bela come to know the true nature of Mahir. Mahir is really loving and caring. She is very lucky to have such a husband. Please make sure that Bela comes to know the true nature of Mahir and start loving him a lot.

  14. anjali sharma

    I feel jab nagguru ne kaha tha ki aapko chune k bad bhi sirf aapka sachha humsafar hi zinda rahega islie mahir ko kuch nhi hoga bela k poison se and she will come to know ki mahir is sachha humsafar.

  15. Supperrrb episode
    Can’t wait for today

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