My wife, Yuvani part 15

A week passed after that incident, Yuvraj was not going to return for two more weeks. For the past one week, Suhani had to face the whole family’s anger towards her, she was completely alone. Dadi, Rags and Menka, never missed a chance to taunt her. Foe sometime, she even doubted that they started to hate her, but she knew it was not hate, they were upset with her, and they need her by their side, and they were ready to do anything fir that. She knew this, hence she appeared calm. Still it was really tough for her. Pratima, Saurab and Anuj stopped talking to her, their eyes always showed pain; they felt like she betrayed them.

It was a Sunday, everyone were home, but showing cold shoulder to her. She was badly affected; she wanted to explain her pov to all of them for at least once. Because they never even felt it important to know what she thinks? She made up her mind to talk to the family, she wants them to hear her out, and then they can decide for themselves. She knew it was tough to explain to Dadi and Pratima, being a teacher he knows how parents think, so she thought to talk to her bils and sils.

Pratima and Dadi have gone to temple, Suhani went to terrace were the other four were sitting. By seeing her they started to walk off. She somehow controlled her tears and went to them.

Suh: Bhaiya, Bhabhi, I know you guys are upset with me, but please for one hear me if you ever considered me as your sister.

Sau: We have always treated you as our sister, but in return what are you doing?

Anuj: why are you doing this?

Suhani smiled sarcastically.

Suh: That is what I am asking; just give me a chance to explain me,

Rags: Nothing is going to convince us,

Suh: Ok, but at least I won’t be in guilt that I haven’t even tried?

They nod.

Suh: Bhaiya, when my marriage was fixed with Yuvraj, I have wholeheartedly accepted not just him, but all you guys. From that day I treat you all as my family.

All five got emotional thinking of the strong bond they had during the pre marriage rituals.

Suh: On my first day here, I was feeling home. I was so happy with my life. But the very next day, my life took a 180 degree turn. I felt very much betrayed when I knew that there was intention behind my marriage. Marriage usually don’t happen so na,

Rags: So that’s why you thought to take revenge from us?

Suh: Bhabhi please, let me finish. It is true that I was shattered, I felt like running away, but stayed back just for Yuvraj, because for both of us, our marriage was never a deal, it was from heart. But i was so upset with you all, you guys are my family, you should have told me everything beforehand.

Anuj: But Bhabhi,

Suh: Anuj please, I know why you guys did that, that one decision of your showed me the vulnerable position you guys are in, you were ready to risk my life to safe your brother’s life, because that was the only way out for you. Maybe you are right, but then I thought from his side, you guys are his family, whom he loves like anything, even then he didn’t hear you’re pleading. Can’t you understand what it means?? Doesn’t it show his passion towards the game? But then I thought he might be being impulsive, after all it is his family who stands against him, they simply can’t be wrong. But at that situation, I was not in a position to take a decision. I was truly confused; I wanted the best for all of you. (Chocking) I mean it. In my confusion few days passed, and then one day, he came home, all upset with his bad performance, he was shattered and I couldn’t see him like that and then, it was impulsive, I went to him and encourage, I swear, I never wanted to do it, not when I myself was confused, but he had an energy on him, he felt immediately, and I could not even breath normally, I was scared, I cursed myself for acting on impulse. But the next day, he came home and he was so happy. I have ever seen him this happy before and I know I won’t see him this happy ver. That was when I made my mind to support him. That happiness in his eyes was priceless, I am sure that he won’t survive without his game, if something like that happens, you guys would be in guilt of spoiling his life. I know you all are emotional know, thinking of him, you have to be, he is your brother, but just think once, please. (Then taking a deep breath) I took vows with him guys, I am just following them, I will be by his side come what may.

Saying this, she just walked away, others kept looking at each other, not knowing what to do.

Yuvraj had tears reading Suhani’s dairy from the day he left. She was left alone in house, just because she was supporting him, he couldn’t take it.

Then he read about that Sunday, the day she talked to his brothers and sils.

“I was so done by this one week, I know none will support me, but can’t they hear me out for once? Don’t I even deserve that chance? Am I that bad? Am I doing that bad? I am not na, then why? Somehow I managed to corner my bils and sils. They were still not ready to talk with me, but I was determined, I had to talk with them today, I went to them and then forced them to listen to me. I told them all about my feelings from the day my marriage got fixed till the day I made my mind. I didn’t listen to them, I just came back.

Yeah i know, now you will be thinking then why am I this late right? Well, I was crying, I mean, I miss them, I treat them as my own siblings, I love them all very much, and now, they don’t even look at me, it hurts.

And Yuvraj, I am scared for him; I know I don’t have any option, but… Hey wait, someone is banging my door, i will be back soon.

I am sorry, I promised to be back soon, but now 2 hours passed. You won’t believe it, what just happened. It was them, the four of them, I was amazed, I mean it is 11.40, what were they doing till now. Then all of a sudden four of them hugged me tightly, and you know, they apologised to me, yes they did. I who cares about that, I mean don’t need any apologises, not from them, they were back with that was more than enough for me. So didn’t hear their apologises, I stopped them.

And you know, they told me they would stay by my side, will support in being Yuvraj’s support. Bas, now I need nothing more, i got my siblings back hoooooooooo. I just can’t believe it, but it happened, and then, after this little emotional drama, we went into musty mood, we were having fun till now, hurray, I am so so so so so happy.

Have a very good night, because mine is the best.

See you.”

Yuvraj was again speechless; he was amazed by how she finds happiness in small things. He looked at her admiringly.

  1. ItsmePrabha

    even me too admire suhani alot…amazing epi…will be waiting for the next…

  2. Amazing epi.. loved the way she explained her pov to everyone.. will be waiting for the next epi..

  3. Nithu

    i love the way you show your writing skills….and specially SUHANI DAIRY writing skills you wrote in such a way that it was written by our suhani in real….!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT….

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