Muskaan 11th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Suzaine fails to expose Tabassum

Muskaan 11th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabassum striking the deal. The man says I know your rules, I won’t disappoint you. She laughs and says fine, lets fix this, Muskaan come here. Muskaan comes. Tabassum asks him to touch his feet. She asks don’t you want a doll. Muskaan touches his feet. Suzaine dances on the stage. She sees Muskaan and worries. He gives chocolate to Muskaan. He goes. Muskaan asks who was he. Tabassum says your Devta. Muskaan asks what. Rakhi says your questions isn’t good for you. Tabassum says he will fulfill your wishes. She thinks you are my angel. She says I m happy, give a treat to everyone today.

Muskaan stops Lumi and says I will win when I get two more dolls. Lumi says it means you will get your mumma soon. Suzaine worries. Tabassum gets the money bags. Suzaine asks did you get peace now, aren’t you ashamed to sell Muskaan. Tabassum says beauty is valued here, we won’t think of good and bad, deals happen in market, this is a market. Suzaine gets shocked. Rakhi says you need a touch heart to strike deal. Tabassum gives money to Rakhi. She dances with the money bag. Muskaan asks do I have to do puja of that Devta. Lumi says no, you won’t do such thing. She thinks that man is an animal. Suzaine takes the money bag. Tabassum says leave it, else you will regret. Suzaine says I m still regretting, you have to return this money, you can’t do this. Tabassum slaps her and asks her not to interfere in her work again. Rakhi gets happy. Cops comes there. Suzaine says I have called you, this woman has sold Muskaan, arrest her. She scolds Tabassum.

Tabassum and Rakhi get shocked. Suzaine asks cop to check the bag and arrest her. Lumi shuts window and asks Muskaan to hear music, she will feel good. Muskaan agrees. Tabassum says Suzaine is lying, why will I do this. Cop says I know you have much contacts, we also know that some cops also come here, but you can’t pressurize me, I have evidence and witness in front of me. Tabassum says you are misunderstanding. Cop checks the bag. They see clothes inside. Suzaine gets shocked. Tabassum smiles. She lies that she got sarees. Suzaine says she is lying, this bag had money. Tabassum jokes on her story. Suzaine says I have seen the money. Cop says if we had seen money, we would have arrested her, sorry. Tabassum argues with him. Police leaves. Suzaine cries. Lumi makes Muskaan sleep.

Shweta asks Aarti to kill them, this time is not to move back, step ahead, its about your daughter’s life. Aarti shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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