Bitti Business Wali 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti is in Sardar Singh’s captivity

Bitti Business Wali 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi thinking Laddo Singh has messed up with the wrong guy and thinks just see what will I do with you. Bitti and Suman are going inside when a Servant stops them. Bitti says they want to go to Preetam Nagar, but forgot the way. Servant asks them to go and asks someone else. Kashi asks Mahi to talk to Gunjan and says this moment will not return back. Bitti and Suman get inside Sardar Singh’s house from back. Suman asks Bitti what is the matter? Bitti says she will tell later. Mahi says I don’t want to talk. Sardar says this is the sanskari guy and appreciates Laddo Singh. Sardar’s wife says you are right. Mahima asks why Gunjan is not speaking. Sardar’s wife says how girl can speak infront of groom’s family. Mahima praises her values. Bitti tries to peep inside. Sardar Singh asks Laddo Singh and Mahi to have something. Mahi says no. Sardar Singh nods his wife. She says we will drop Gunjan back and takes her inside. Dadi and Servant make her lie down on bed. Laddo Singh accepts the alliance. Sardar Singh hugs him. Mahima congratulates them. Sardar Singh says I will drop you. Bitti looks on. Suman asks what happened?

Laddo Singh and his family leave. Bitti asks Suman to come. She recalls Sardar Singh saying about the mad girl in their neighborhood. She asks Sardar Singh’s goon if some mad girl is here in the neighborhood. Goon says mad girl is Sardar Singh’s daughter Gunjan. Other goon catches her. Sardar Singh thanks Dadi for getting his daughter’s alliance fixed. Dadi smiles. Just then goons bring Bitti and Suman there. Dadi and Virender try to hide their faces. Bitti looks at them and then at Sardar Singh. Goon says this girl came to know that our Gunjan is mad. Sardar Singh tells Dadi that he has no other way and have to be strict with her. He says until my daughter marries Mahi, I will keep them and asks his goons to keep Bitti and Suman captive. Dadi and Virender get worried.

Laddo Singh and his family come home. Prema says Bitti went somewhere since morning and is not picking the call. Laddo Singh and his wife get happy. Mahima says it is good that she went. Mahi thinks don’t know where she went. Dadi asks Sardar Singh to leave Suman, else everyone will doubt. Sardar Singh says if she tells someone then. Virender says Suman will not open her mouth thinking something will happen with Bitti. Sardar Singh asks his goon to free Suman. Bitti says sorry for Suman for getting captivated by the goons. Suman asks what is Dadi and Bhaiyya doing here. Bitti says I don’t know. Goons come and take Suman out.

Mahi asks Servant about Bitti. Servant says I didn’t see her from morning. Dadi and Virender bring Suman home. Dadi asks her not to cry else Bitti has to cry all life. Virender says they are doing this to free Bitti. He tells that Sardar Singh is dangerous and can harm Bitti if she tells anyone. Dadi asks her not to worry and tells that she has taken a strong decision. She asks her not to worry and come inside the house. They take her inside their house.

Mahi is worried for Bitti and gets restless. Bitti is tied in Sardar Singh’s house, when Gunjan comes there holding the knife. Bitti asks who are you and asks her to throw the knife. Gunjan smiles. Bitti asks her to come near her. She asks about her name. Gunjan asks why shall I tell you. Bitti thinks she is Gunjan. Gunjan asks why you are sitting here. Bitti thinks so she is going to marry Bitti. She asks her to give knife. Gunjan tells that she also wants to be tied and sits on other chair. Bitti asks her not to tie herself and asks her to open her rope so that they can play. Gunjan opens her rope. Goon comes there and says I thought there is something wrong here. He calls Servant and asks why she didn’t take care of Gunjan. He calls Sardar Singh’s wife. Sardar’s wife asks Gunjan to come. Gunjan says she wants to play. Sardar’s wife takes her. Goon ties Bitti again and asks her not to be smart else he will kill her. Bitti looks on.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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