Nima Denzongpa 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sujata acts weird

Nima Denzongpa 12th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The traffic warden stops Manav. He asks for papers. Manav says I don’t have papers. I forgot them home. He says go bring it and leave your auto here. Sunita serves food to aai and Sujata. They enjoy it. Sujata asks about Suresh and Tulika. She says they’re my son and daughter-in-law. She asks about the girls. Sunita says they’re my granddaughters. Sujata says they look very different. Nima looks around their house. Sunita asks how long have you been married? Sujata says 15 years. Sunita asks the kids. Sujata says we should go home. Sunita says no no don’t worry. I can see your door from here. Nima looks around. She can’t find anything. Sujata says I’ve to check my home. It’s open. She leaves. Sunita is worried. Sunita calls Nima and tells her. She says Sujata is coming.

Nima runs out. She collides with Manav. Sujata looks at them. Sujata shouts what’s happening here? Manav says I came here to take auto’s papers. Nima says I was looking for you Sujata. Sunita comes. She says Nima.. Sujata says do you know her? Sunita says she’s my daughter. Nima says I came here to meet you. Sunita says you didn’t tell me you know them. Nima says they’re the same nice people I told you about. Sujata says you shifted here? Nima says yes. Sarita asks why does her daughter look different? Sunita says yes that’s a long story. They leave. Sunita says Sujata is very clever. Nima says thank Godd you called me. Nima says there was no paper, no proof. I found a box above the closet but it was too heavy. There must be some proof in it. Sunita says they’re weird. Suresh calls. Nima says don’t tell him anything.

Scene 2
Sujata gets ready. Sujata sees the box moved. She says how did it move? Did Nima see it? Sujata opens it. Manav asks what’s in it? She says nothing. Sujata sees the calculation for the day. She says 500 rupees are left. You didn’t ask fare from a passenger? Manav says I didn’t take it. I knew the person. Sujata says who was it? Manav says Nima. Sujata says what? That woman is a curse. We should’ve left her there. Why did you care about her? Manav says she’s our neighbor. She says you left 500 with her. I will ask for it.

Nima cooks food. Door knocks. Sujata says what you’re doing Nima isn’t right. You took our food. Nima says what? Sujata says we shouldn’t have helped you. You’re hitting on my husband? Manav comes there. He says Sujata, please.. Sujata says I understand everything. Don’t act smart. Manav says I asked her not to pay. Nima says I asked ot pay. Sujata says don’t act cute. Manav says let’s go. Nima gives her the money and says why are you acting so much. Manav says sorry to Nima. Sujata says we’re not sorry. You don’t work hard to drop people for free. You must be a woman who asks for favors for free. Manav says shut up. Stop this nonsense. Sujata says you learned English from movies right? Let’s go. She takes him home.

Sujata says to sarita Manav is mad at me. What wrong did I do? It was his hard-earned money. That Nima is hitting on him. Manav was speaking english. Nima says to Sunita he was speaking like Virat ji. Sunita says Sujata looked scared. Nima says I know what to do now.

Nima speaks to a doctor. She says people lose their memories in accidents. They forget some part of their memory. You should remind him of the old things and feelings. Nima says we will do that. Thank you.

Episode endss

Update Credit to: Atiba

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