New Swasan ff {chapter 10}

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Hey guys
SammieR here
Guys I am very disappointed seeing the comments that’s why I thought to end the ff in few episodes….. Because it is just like I am wasting my time and energy…. I’m not saying that just praise my story in one word nice or awesome…. If you feel that I am writing something wrong and what you think should be happen in story….. And your views regarding the story…. But you guys only comment when I say that I will end this story that too saying please don’t end this…. Guys if you want me to write further then please at least give your reviews…..
How will I understand what you guys want if you will keep silent….. I can understand many of you have the exams….. But still what about those who are just free but still don’t comment….. Guys this time I am very serious…. If I get less than 20 comments then I will end this ff at that very day only….. And ya Now I will post this ff only not any other till it ends….. If you guys will cooperate with me then I will end this in next 14 chapters otherwise I will end it in the very next update…..


Swara unwillingly gives her hands and starts dancing on a romantic song…..
After it sanskar and Swara goes to their seats…. That time ap comes and took Swara aside and says : Swara…. Thanks for accepting my son….. You have not only filled his life with happiness but also ours….. We would have lost our son if you had not accepted him…. Only we know how he became he was just living a lifeless person…. I was so scared seeing him… I know Swara that you’re a modern girl but beta please try to be a traditional bahu in our family…. Always remember one thing that only boys can live peacefully here…. Not girls… Here all male members consider girls as their slaves…. I know sanskar loves you and he will treat you as a princess but I am scared of Dp Ji he’s a person who thinks girls as a burden…. He may say anything don’t take it in your heart….
Swara faintly smiles and assures ap : Don’t worry aunty I will manage….
Ap : Call me Mom….
Swara : Yes Mom…..
Ap : Always be like this beta….

Leap of one month…..
In this one month many things happened…
Sanskar slowly slowly started accepting Emith he also realised his mistakes of not giving Shruti father’s love without her fault…. Swara also came close with ap and Uttara…. But still Swara had a fear regarding emith that whether sanskar will accept them or not…. Will she be seperated from her kids?? This tension was eating swara day and night….
In this one month Swara came to know sanskar love for his sister and mother… Also she came to know that sanskar didn’t knew anything about dp’s threatening….
One day swara called sanskar and asked him to meet as she wants to talk to him…


Swara : Sanskar I wanna talk something important to you….
Sanskar : Yes Swara say what happened….
Swara : Woh I wanna say that ki….ki…. Do you have any problems with Emith…. I mean will you accept them…..
Sanskar (angrily) : No never I will never accept them….
Swara : Please sanskar please…
Sanskar : No means no swara……
Swara : I promise sanskar if you accept them then I will forget Sahil and also take my relationship ahead with you…..
Sanskar thinks for sometime and then agrees and says : Okay swara if you want they can live with you in our house but I will do just formality with them…. I will never accept them….
Swara nodes with teary eyes and then she sees sharmistha is shaking her…. She got confused that how her mother came here….. And then she realises that

It’s just a dream (Yup it was just a dream)…….

Precap : Based on comments

Sorry guys but battery is low 9% so ending here….

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  1. Wow loved it plz dont end it
    Sorry i couldn’t read all epi cause i live in Switzerland and we have different timings but i will try to read all youre epis

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  2. nice, pls continue

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  3. Nice but short one,

  4. Nice….

  5. Soujanya


  6. awesome dear,

  7. Sus


  8. Phoniex

    Hey nice

  9. Nyc epi bt i want sanŕkar to b a loving father for trio plz

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya sanskar will love trio equally

  10. awesome show sanskaar loving childrens and accepting hole hartedly in this ff

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya surely will show

  11. Nice dear I like it

  12. come on move some fast

  13. I want sanskar to realise what he is doing with swara. And also he should know abt dp treating swara.swara should make them ( sanky & dp) realised women are not slaves they have respect and freedom same like men.
    After marriage after seeing swara love towards all 3 kids sanskr should also love them.that all is my POV.
    Plz post the next part soon.

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and it will only happen….

  14. pls make sanskar realise his mistakes…i’m hating him

    1. SammieR

      Don’t worry you will not hate him

  15. Gayathri.visu

    Nice. But I want to see Sanskaar as loving n caring father. Also Maheshwari men’s must realise women are not slave, they are also human being n they have their own feelings. Please don’t make Sanskaar as a bad father.

    1. SammieR

      Don’t worry sanskar is not bad nor he is forcing swara….. And ya he will love trio kids as his own

  16. Nice….

  17. Loved it dear
    plz continue

  18. Sweeta

    Awesome dear…..vvv nyc

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  19. Kakali

    Is that Sanskar? Like seriously? Oh God! Sam don’t portray someone that much urghh that at last we can’t accept them.! Make him realise his mistake soon.!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. SammieR

      It was just a dream…. Don’t worry sanskar will accept trio whole heartedly…. And moreover dp is the villain…. Sanskar even don’t know that dp blackmailed Swara….

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  20. Meera_s

    hating sanskar soo much…

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