Ek Taraf Pyaar Ek Taraf Nafrat Ban Gayi Ae Rishta -Episode 2

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Hola guys
I am back with the second episode of Ek Taraf Pyaar Ek Taraf Nafrat Ban Gayi Ae Rishta
This is the link to the previous episode

Episode 1

Omru were smirking at the door

Shivaay pov
Now I am completed, I know the way they tease me will make me go mad. Shivaay singh oberoi blushes because of these two dancing monkeys!!! Lol, they really make fun of me. Control shivaay!! Control!! Or else u r dead now.

Shivaay: why r u guys smiling like mad fellas huh? What had happened?

Om: what did u do to annika huh? She came and directly sat beside u? Didn’t about when u held her strong? The emotionally weak annika even talked to u with great sarcasm

Shivaay: what do u mean by what I did huh! I did nothing. I just made her accept that she is mine

Rudra:did u tell that u will put her in crocodile room that she accepted

Shivom: shut up rudra!!

Rudra: what did i do?

Om put his hand on shivaay’s shoulder and asked him to tell the reason

Shivaay: om!! Is it required to be told!

Om nodded giving him no chance to escape

Shivaay: I cut my wrist om!

Omru were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect this from him. They saw the white bandage cloth on his hand.

Shivaay: u r so engrossed in discussing about ur would be bhabhi that u forgot about your brother

Rudra hugged shivaay tightly while om joined a few seconds later wiping his tears. Shivaay reciprocated with full zeal

Rudra: we r sorry bhayya, we never thought u could go to such an extent. What if anything happened to u

Om: that’s the reason she accepted u, u r so stubborn! And she won’t accept that easily. but u risked ur life shivaay!!

Shivaay: I know she won’t let me die. And enough of ur tears. Nothing happened to me, so stop crying!! Let’s think about What we should say to our family now.

Om: I won’t help in this

Rudra: me too

Shivaay: but why

Om : we have helped u to convince her to come to our mansion

Rudra: so it’s ur duty to convince the family.

Shivaay: u wanted her to come to the oberoi mansion.

Rudra: u didn’t want to huh?

Shivaay:ok fine I will do it

Shivaay pov
They giggled and went away. Even I want her badly in my house so that I can spend some quality time with her. He presence is greatly intoxicating,must be accepted from shivaay singh oberoi’s side. First I went to dadi’s room. I knew she would accept it without any objection. When I entered I saw her smiling.

Shivaay: dadi!!..

Dadi: tell it shivaay

Shivaay: woh!!….actually dadi…..

Dadi: actually shivaay, are u ready to marry, I brought a marriage proposal for u. She is looking very beautiful, she is very cultured and well mannered.

Shivaay: dadi!!! No, I cant yet marry her

Dadi: oh! So u r not get ready for marriage

Shivaay: yes dadi, I mean no,i dint say I am not yet ready to marry. I said I don’t want to marry that girl

Dadi: are u sure!! Ok fi e I will tell their parents that u have rejected the proposal. Well! Don’t u like to see her at least. Just check her photo once. If u see her, u wont miss the chance.

Shivaay: it is not required to see her dadi, I don’t want to marry her that’s all.

Dadi: just see her photo once. U will not say no.

Shivaay: fine I will see her photo, then also my answer would be no

Dadi showed him the photo, he was speechless. He donno what to answer. He was shocked at her beauty!! He is dead!!

Shivaay: dadi!! It is annika, y didnt u say before huh? U know na. U made me shocked.

Dadi: so the answer is no right!!

Shivaay: dadi no, I mean yes, if u bring her then that’s ok. I will never say no to u dadi. I will always obey

Dadi: shut up! Enough now. When did u learn to do this much of over action. Omru told us everything.

The family came behing smiling and omru were giggling trying hard to control.

Pinky: oh my mata shivaay, u fell in love!! My god, this is a big things!!

Shakti: I am happy for u beta, I hope u took a great decision

Tej… great that u both are completing ur master of business administration this year itself. It will be easy for u both

Gauri: bhaiya I want to see her soon. I told omkaraji that I want to see her

Om: she is coming today gauri, I have told her about u

Gauri: that’s great. Thanks a lot bhaiya

Om: I have done the request and u r thanking ur bhaiya. That’s not fair gauri kumari sarma

Gauri: everything is fair in love and war omkaraji

Om: wow u r learning fast. Is the tutor good……

Rudra: u have ur room for ur special conversation. U can go there. This is a family meeting

Gauri: that’s ok devar ji. I know ur feeling jealous seeing me with om na

Rudra: bhabhi u r speaking too much huh? I know om put a tutor for u to complete ur graduation but ur thinking too much. Please don’t learn psychology too. Otherwise u will become like om!!

Gauri: don’t say anything against my pati ji

Om: that’s gauri rudra, don’t argue with her. She can do anything for omkaraji and shankar ji.

Dadi: that’s enough three of u. Today annika is coming to our mansion and if she sees u three like this, she will go mad

Rudra: ok dadi. But on one condition. I want to spend time with my bhabhi

Gauri: u can meet her in ur university. But what about me, I want to spend time with her

Pinky: ha gauri myself and u will meets her and talks more to her today. Since they all can meet in their university

Shivaay pov
I am bringing her so that I can spend some time with her and these guys want to spend their time. What to do!! They r having their own shares. Huh

Dadi: jhanvi why are you so silent.

Just then jhanvi comes into her sense and composes herself.

Jhanvi: I am fine mummi ji.even I am interested to talk to her

Shivaay: ok fine if u had stopped taking ur sharss of spending time with her, I will get ready to get her.

Everyone disperse to their rooms and are excited for the arrival of annika except jhanvi.

Annika’s house

Annika pov
I got ready. I know a simple top and a jean is enough but since shivaay’s dadi has contacted my mom and my parents got to know about our relationship, my mom made me wear my new anarkali. I never thought within two hours of acceptance, this much would have happened. I came down and glanced at my watch , still 20 mins are left. I thought to munch something but if I am going to oberoi’s, I am done. They will surely feed me tons of food, I had experienced it when I went to Sid’s house. Just being a friend, his mom made me eat nearly amount of food which I can eat in a whole day without a gap. I dont want to risk. What if I grow fat. And my diet would be more disturbed. So i kept the plate of bread rolls aside. It was ten minutes more. My mom came and sat beside giving me all tips to be a prospective bahu over there. Should we do these many things to marry a person. I know these happen. That’s why I hate love and relationship. Only compromising and adjustment, yuck!! What about my freedom and independence. And what about my dream of setting up a business. Will shivaay and his family permit me to fulfil my dream, achieve my goal!! All these thoughts are interrupted by a car horn. I saw the time. It was exact 6. I must say he is quite punctual. He never missed a class unlike me,qho frequently miss my morning class putting up some excuse. But frankly speaking, I am dedicated and determined to achieve my goal. Another time I heard the car horn, I know if I don’t go, he is gonna come and take me, before he step out, I started walking towards his car. I sat inside. But to my surprise, he came out of the car and went to my mother. He touched my mom’s feet and took her blessings. They had a very light talk. and all the time my mom was heartily smiling, it has been a long time since I have seen her like that. I think I like him. Wait wait!! Annika what r u thinking. Enough! Control now!

Shivaay pov
I came back and sat in the car. Her mom was very much polite and kind. She saw me like her son and treated very good thought it is very much minor talk. Then I saw her mom waving hands to annika and I smiled while annika waved her hands too. I dont like to talk during car journeys, since they give us a pleasant feeling. Let this ride be silent. She was looking damn gorgeous, since her mother was present, I couldn’t go close to her. But I never thought she will come in anarkali as she really don’t like all these formalities. I thought she would pop out with her casual jeans, but she is looking spellbound in ethnic. I wish to see her in saree too!! The weather was quite, after a terrific scorching afternoon, the weather became very cool. The aura of the fresh shower could be felt.i know through the window she is enjoying the weather. And with all the thoughts in my head, we reached the oberoi mansion.

Shivaay took annika’s hand and brought her to the gate.

Shivaay: u are looking damn gorgeous u know.

Annika: I already know that. Well! Where is ur family

Dadi: if u r that much eager to meet us, ask ur boyfriend to leave ur hand annika puttar.

As a tradition or a symbol of respect, annika went to dadi bent down to take her blessings and folded her hands

Dadi: live a happy life. Shivaay u have brought us a sanskari bahu

Annika pov
Everyone were so kind and together. I loved the family. Shivaay’s mom, wait is she shivaay’s mom, not her. I have been greatly mistaken. What have I done that day. Oh my god, how can I mistake jhanvi aunty for pinky aunty. Then rudra came and hugged me tight calling me bhabhi. Though I felt uncomfortable with the word bhabhi , I have to adjust, maa’s words are ringing in my mind. Then came om, with his usual style of calling me annika. Then I was desperately searching for his wife, I am very much excited to see his wife. There came gauri who hugged me didi, for the first time I wish to have a sister. Soumya also lives in this house, I just donno, maybe since rudra and soumya are in arts, I think they are grouped in a programme.then dadi told me that how soumya is related to the oberois and that rudra and sowmya’s accidental marriage. Well except the big brother seems like everyone is married. Even rudra didn’t tell me that he has a wife while om confessed. Rudra doesn’t want to tell it to anyone since he don’t want to miss a chance to flirt girls. Of course even he wanted to marry after his big bro. I saw priyanka, I hugged her. Thank God, she isn’t married.

Pinky: annika beta, since it is the first time u r coming to our house after ur acceptance of the relationship, I would like to give u these

Seeing a saree, golden jewellery, diamond necklace, some rubies and Jades and also some chocolates

Annika:no aunty, I just came since shivaay wished me to meet u all. I don’t want all these aunty, I will accept these chocolates if u want.

Pinky: shivaay said u like chocolates a lot so I brought them for u, it is not a part of tradition. But these gifts are a part of tradition.it is that after ur marriage, u should wear this for ur pehli rasoi. U have to accept it as a tradition

Annika: ok aunty

she took the plate full of extra valuable stuff with extra carefulness while shivaay told some maid servants to put them in the car

Gauri: didi, come to my room, we will talk….

Before shivaay could speak anything,gauri dragged her to her room.

Gauri and annika had a good talk. Gauri was all the time narrating her adventures in bareilly but didn’t open up how omkara married her. Annika was very much sure that she is somewhat related to her seeing her language and speaking skills… They had a very long talk

Meanwhile shivaay in his room was busy controlling himself. He is not able to talk to annika, everybody are taking their chances to meet her. And rudra, he’s gone mad, totally mad. They both are playing hide and seek. And pinky and gauri too joined them. I thought om was sensible, he will give some time for me to spend with her but om too is busy along with them. Sowmya, too joined them, making me completely annoyed. Let her step out of the mansion, I will see who will make their breakfast tomorrow. I wish her to stay here for some more time. I wonder except bade maa, she met everyone, even bade maa was so tensed when I said about our relationship. Just then khanna came running…..

Shivaay: what happened khanna

Khanna: sir, the rain is worse. It has flooded the whole mumbai. Maybe it will take the whole night to drain the water from the roads. Traffic is worse. Everywhere is water sir. Our employees are safely taken to the top flores and they are arranged with some comfortable cots to spend their nights as it is impossible to go to their house in this situation

Shivaay: that’s great khanna, good job!! Make sure no one faces discomfort

Khanna: yes sir

Soon the most honorable employee of ahivaay singh oberoi left from there

Just then shivaays phone started ringing, name flashed, ANNIKA’S MOM
He lifted the call very next second

Shivaay: hello aunty

Annika’s mom: shivaay beta, in this downpour, it will be risky to bring annika back home. I talked to dadi, she agreed that annika will saty in your house. Is that ok for u

Shivaay: that’s my pleasure aunty. Don’t worry aunty we will take good care of her. I will convey her ur message aunty

Annika’s mom: Shivaay beta , make sure she has dinner on her right time, she didn’t even munch upon her snacks. Ok bye take care

Shivaay: take care aunty. Good night

He cut the call. He want to jump out of happiness with the thought that annika will stay here for the whole night..………

Please do read and comment. In the first episode I told that I will start with flashback but I will start the flashback after marriage.

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