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Abhishek Prem Mehra : a handball player and college second year student, school mates of all
Pragya Arora: college student,topper and a writer,school mates of all

Tanushree Mehta: Abhi’s school friend and first love but diff college.school mates of all

Bulbul: student from the same college of pragya and abhi. Best frnd of pragya.school mates of all

Purab Khanna: Same college student.Abhi’s best friend.school mates of all

The story starts with pragya’s hostel room.She was writing a story.And the story read out this.

Hello readers this is Pragya Arora. I am a dull topper who is a book worm as well as a boring person. I know it will be so hard for me to find love. But to be frank I had no interest in love or maybe I never knew wat love is. Yet there was some one who loved this boring person too or to be more specific pretended to love me. Colleges are famous for notes and that too torturing a girl before exam for notes should be a crime. I entered this fate of love because of this bulbul. She knew him from her school days and it was him who asked her for notes.

One fine day I and bulbul went to meet him to handover some of bulbul’s notes to him.It was the first time I met him after so long. I never knew him in school although he was the head boy of our batch. He looked like a kind person. We went to canteen to munch some snacks as taking xerox of half a semester portion is not a minute work to do. We were in our casual talks like school college etc. I didnt know that I was also talking. He suddenly asked me if I was in facebook. I nodded yes and we became friends there.

It all started there. Social media helps in patch ups as well as in break ups.We started chatting daily and at first 11 in the night was our limit. We always stayed in our limits. He was a science student yet joined an arts college. He never knew the spelling of accountancy or tax. I was always good at these subjects. One day he called me asked me to teach those. So bulbul and I went and met him and his friend purab at the usual place. I thought him as much as I know. And we enjoyed studying together. One day he told me about his first love. Her name is tanu and shes my friend but I never knew that they loved each other. But he told me that it was the worst mistake of his life and he said he never loved her and it was his friends who made him propose her. I didnt think anything I just nodded to watever he said.

Then the exam results came. He called me and asked me to come alone to meet him to show his exam papers. I felt so weird as he never behaves like that. Our chatting time slowly extended to 12 in the night. It was time for his intercollege handball tournament. He wouldnt be using his iphone instead he had a small nokia touch phone. He texts me through facebook whenever he wins a game. I realised I missed him so much. DISTANCE BRINGS SOULS TOGETHER. After he returned winning the match I couldnt control my tears. I cried to him like a child and said I missed him. He calls me panda and I call him teddy bear. He said UR TEDDY BEAR IS HERE AND MY PANDA IS CRYING THEN UR TEDDY WILL ALSO CRY. I laughed and he suddenly said I LOVE YOU. I couldnt control myself and hugged him and said I love you too. Then our conversations extended to 4 in the morning. He always wanted to take me to movies restaurents but I always refused as I was scard of my parents. We had little fights for that too.

One day while talking in phone I jokingly said to him I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU AND I HEARD MANY THINGS ABOUT YOU. He asked me wat. I said I wont tell and was repeating the same. He got angry and didnt reply to.any of my msg. Then he texted me and we talked very normally.I felt like he was talking to tanu again but I never had the guts to ask him.slowly he started avoiding my messages and ignored my eyes inside the college.

My heart felt so much. I cried almost every night.Bulbul one day came running to our room and said he bought an ear ring today.I couldnt believe. I was not happy though. It hurted me so much that he bought ear ring for her and not me. As expected tanu updated a status of the earring in watsapp with a big heart.I couldnt believe wat I saw. Tears started racing from my eyes.Bulbul tried consoling me but all I needed was to be alone for sometime. I cried thinking of our good times. Our late night chats our little romance. Our late night phone calls. The person who said I looked beautiful,the person who said I had cute cheeks,the person who saved all my profile pictures,the person who wanted to talk to me all night, the person who never loved chocolava wanted to taste it just for me,the person who wanted me to select clothes for him, the person who wanted me to decide his hair cut and his beard level,the person who finds excuses to meet me is now buying an ear ring for his ex love whom he said he never loved?? My heart ached as my brain smirked.

Each and every tear that fell from my eyes had so many stories to tell.And the most foolish part of me told me to let him be happy with her and let her be happy with him.I always checked his last seen that never failed to coincide with hers.I never wanted to disturb them and so I hurted myself. I try to heal myself.


This song topped my play list.I hear it ten times a day. I always cry seeing his pics. I wanted his hug so badly. Im waiting for a single text from him.I know I am such a fool to expect such things from a person who left you all alone. But my love for him never faded. I still continue to love him but I also know love is blind and I am not a big fool to accept him again. When love and trust are gone I think one should move on. It hurts but its still worth the hurt.Time heals everything.I hope one day I will go to sleep peacefully without checking his profile.I had that confidence.

With this pragya ended her story.She then took her phone and changed his number from teddy to Abhishek Prem Mehra.She had a confident smile on her face. Then she took her CA books to chase her dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Girls never put ur 100 percent on a guy. Own ur own self respect. Work hard to be dependent on you and not on anyone else. Keep ur career as ur first husband.Never give up on ur dreams. chase your passion. Go confidently in the direction of ur goals.

Thank you so much for the patience. I know this love story ended without a proper ending yet there came a beautiful beginning.every ending has a beginning. Thanks a lot for reading.#SPREAD LOVE!

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  1. Nice and valuable moral yaa you told to everyone.

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      Thanks. For reading

    1. Tess

      Thanks for reading.

  2. awesome thought…..

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  3. Sowji

    Good keep writing

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  4. interesting

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  5. Great…, You have worked hard for this… I will post marks in my wall after 5th May.. Best of Luck….Keep writing.. 🙂

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      Thanks a lot!

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