New antagonist to enter Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya is one of the oldest and most loved shows on Indian telly. Abhi and Pragya have become an integral part of people’s lives and their ups and downs are lived by the fans too. The show has great TRPs and owing to the same, the makers keep bringing in the charm every now and then.

According to a little birdie informing a leading entertainment portal, it has been revealed that the makers are roping in a new entry for the show and it will bring in some unexpected twists and turns. As per the reports, Kundali Bhagya fame actor Ravi Chhabra, who was last seen in Star Plus’ mythological show Namah has been roped in to play a negative character in the show.

The buzz is that he will play the role of a kidnapper named Mahendra. Grapevines are abuzz that his entry will make the leads land in some big time trouble and it will strengthen the narrative even more. What awaits if quiet interesting, are you looking forward to this track?

  1. Aren’t there already enough dumb and insane men in this SERIAL, ABHI, PURAB,VIKRAM, RANBIR, SANJU so and so forth??? that they are adding one more KIDNAPPER, ???
    The funniest part is tat KIDNAPPING has become a CELEBRITY PROFESSION of BALAJI PRODUCTIONS OF ZEE kkb &kd.???
    One in a forwhile, someone or the other has to get kidnapped and then that drama will continue on that for around a trimestre??? so that the stupid twist goes on to FOOL the AUDIENCE.
    If any EVIL member of family like Aliyah or Rhea is involved it is shushed off??? never to be unfolded by anyone of the SERIAL again???.
    With the introdn of Prachi-Ranbir love track, this show has pissed off the audience?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, as the actors and their ACTING are no match to Abhi-Pragya nor Purab-Bulbul (Arjit-Mrunal).?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    The two good ones are ARYAN-SHAHANA??? but they are never given any PROPER screen space.???
    If the makers really want to introduce someone and entertain the viewers, then
    SUNNY-KIARA with some GOOD ACTORS should be introduced???, rather introducing some a*sh*le KIDNAPPERS, SMUGGLERS, TERRORISTS???, Court and Police station???
    All those USED TO BECOME a hit once.???
    But now the viewers ALREADY ARE AWARE of the SO MANY NEGATIVITIES,???
    That the SHIT FROM these shows and their ACTORS are giving more treat of that!!!???
    Pls stop this unwanted kidnapping, terrorism and stupidity, it is really DISGUSTING!!!???

    1. I love prachi n ranbir.
      Their acting is superb unlike dumb abhi n pragya.

    2. Oh really ???, this Prachi-Ranbir are the worst a*sh*les of this show, who just show CRAP all the time.???
      They have no CHEMISTRY ☹️? at all betw them, coz there fights are just useless and senseless and waste of time ?? ?? in this show.
      This show ran for so many years, only coz of DUMB Pragya-abhi coz they good looking as partners ???and also good actors but if they are replaced completely by Prachi-Ranbir then I bet the show won’t run longer than a month.????

  2. ooooh…a kidnapper. How creative. Kidnaping never happens on this show…..HAHAHAHAHAHA
    How did they come up with that new, imaginative idea?….HAHAHAHAHAHA.
    Maybe the writers think if they use a new actor to play this part, the gullible viewers with be SO surprised……HAHAHAHA
    It’s like a parent playing hide and seek with their child by holding up a blanket front of there face and asking “where are you???…………Silly writers. Use your adult brain.

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