Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibha Cancels Her Engagement

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 26th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhash reaches school where his classmates bully him. They push him down and recite a poem taunting him. Subhash gets up and repeating the poem says he is one among them. Students are amazed to see his intelligence. Hindi teacher walks in and scolds students for writing wrong essays on a horse. He scolds Subhash for his wrong Hindi and asks him to extend his hand. Subhash stands up. Teacher continues scolding and asks fellow student to recite Hindi poem. Student recites poem. Teacher praises student and asks Subhash if he can recite poem fluently like this. Bell rings and teacher leaves. Subhash praises fellow student and hopes he also recites poem fluently like him.

Vibha’s engagement ceremony starts. Lalitha tells she is happy to get Vibha as bahu and asks Manmath to exchange rings. Manmath holding engagement ring asks Vibha to extend her hand. Vibha pulls her hand back saying she is a simple Indian girl and cannot accustom to his foreign values, so she cannot marry him. Lalitha walks with Manmath saying if they had to insult them, why did they call them then. Vibha’s mother stands speechless in shock. After some time, Ajith takes Vibha to temple market and buys her a towel. Vibha stops seeing Sharath and Satish passing him. Ajith calls Satish and asks if they are going to temple. Satish says yes. Ajith asks they are all going to temple and will accompany them. Satish says that would be fine and asks Sarath. Ajith informs that Vibha backed off before her engagement with Manmath. Sarath says he is going home and walks away. Satish jokes with Ajith they both will perform their duty and reunite Vibha and Sarath. Sarath returns home and hears Akshay and Janaki chatting. Akshay says Sarath and Vibha must have met by now. Janaki asks how is bhabhi’s condition. Akshay says she is silent now in shock and he will speak to her once she calms down, asks how will he convince his wife. Janaki says he is worried about that and invites him home.

Subhi gets ready for school in dhoti kurta again. Maid says he is looking good in fitting dhoti kurta. Pramila says she didn’t like it and he looks better in shirt and half pant, how will baba react seeing him in dhoti kurta. Prabha asks him to go in before his father comes and he should explain his father as promised. Janaki enters and stands amazed him dhoti kurta. Subhash says his school students wear dhoti kurta and he wants to one among them and not look like a foreigner. Janaki says his friends would be more impressed if he students well and comes first in class and his clothes don’t matter. Sarath says Subhash will gain respect if he gets good marks, but he will not get good friends, so he should what he feels good. Janaki says clothes are personal preference, he just wants Subhash to study well and make him feel proud. Subhash leaves. Taiji says Subhash is thinking independently likes adults. Janaki says he is worried for Subhash.

Precap: Subhash asks his classmate if he is not looking like Sahab wearing dhoti kurta. Classmate says he cannot write better Hindi than Charu though. Students bully him. Headmaster Beni Madhav seeing that stops Subhash.

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