Qurbaan Hua 27th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat tries to prove Bophandar’s innocence

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The police inquire about the kurta from Bopho, Neel thinks that if Bopho revealed the truth about Dr Baig then his plan would be ruined, the police do not believe him and are about to arrest him when Viyas jee stops them saying that they have caught the culprit before he was able to change the murti then they do not need to file the complaint as he has served them a lot in the past so they can forgive his one mistake, the police leave.
Viyas jee exclaims that he thought that Bopho was with them and when he thought that Neel had died he believed that Bopho was with them but now is relieved that he came to know about the truth of Bopho, Chahat tries to assure him that nothing wrong would happen as they would correct the misunderstanding.
Neel is really tensed in the room, Chahat comes asking how did he believe that Bopho stole the Murti when they have been friends for so long, Neel exclaims that it is not just that but the Murti has immense importance in their religion as their family has been serving the Mandir since generations, he exclaims that all the villagers has a lot of respect towards the murti and that Bopho tried to steal the same Murti, he mentions that his family showed a lot of love towards Bopho and Saraswati would also tie the Rakhi to Bopho but still he tried to steal the Murti which has made him realize that no one should be trusted.
Viyas jee is having the drink, Godamabri says that Baleq has blamed Bopho for his crime, she ignores how Neel would be able to not trust Bopho, Baleq explains that he had even left the fake murti as proof.
Chahat tries to question Neel about the jewellery which he had brought for Saraswati, Neel says that he is not able to believe what is happening with him, Chahat thinks of using reverse psychology, she mentions that this would mean he was the one to throw the molten liquid on him and might have also tried hurting him in the past, Neel gets up asking her to stop saying that she should not talk like this as Bopho is his best friend, Neel mentions that he is not able to believe what is right because on one side is his friendship with Bopho and the Mandir which their family has served since generations, Chahat takes a heart made on her hand then mentions that she has given him her heart so she would now prove the innocence of Bopho and that the person who blamed Bopho was also responsible for throwing the molten liquid on him she would have proven his innocence.
Neel realizes that Chahat has given him her heart, Jamuna calls Neel, he mentions that he was worried about him and where is he going, Neel explains that he is going to the Mandir as he is going to check if the other Murti are pure as he is the son of Viyas jee, Neel asks Jamuna to accompany him as he would bring his wallet. When Neel leaves Jamuna goes to Viyas jee mentioning that he knew Viyas jee would be really happy, Viyas jee mentions that he is really happy and feels that the sun has risen two times the same day. He asks Jamuna to make sure Neel doesnot face any problem.
Chahat standing out the house Chawla says that he would make sure he comes to know of the truth about the one who stole the Murti because she knows Bopho is innocent, she sees that Chawla’s wife is beating him for being involved with other girls in the hotel, Chahat enters the house mentioning that she should not beat him as he is doing a very virtious deed by making the murti for the Mandir, she explains that she is the daughter in law of Mant Viyas and was the girl he came to meet as she wanted to order the Murti. Chahat asks the wife to bring a glass of water.
Chahat turning to Chawal exclaims she is really the daughter in law of Mant Viyas, she forces him to tell her who hired him to make the Murti, Chawla explains that he was just ordered to take name of Bopho and has never even met him in person but refuses to take the name of the real culprit fearing that he might kill him, Chahat places her hand on him assuring that she would not take his name.
Chawla’s wife comes, seeing them both she pushes Chahat away who tries to explain that there has been a misunderstanding, she however refuses to listen and sends Chahat away who listens to the recording.
Neel is with the Pandit who assures that no mandir has been replaced and they have just gathered some blackness so he would have then corrected, Neel assures that he needs any help then should just ask them.
Neel gets a call from the doctor who says that there was no patient in the bakery, Neel realizes that Dr Baig might have been moved, he wonders how he would talk with Bopho then gets a location so thinks that how he knew about what he desires, he thinks why did he not give Bopho a chance to explain himself.
The wife of Chawla refuses to listen to anything that Chahat is trying to explain, she is about to throw her out of the house and even tries to slap her when Chahat holds her hand, she seeing the bangle realizes that it is the same as the one which she saw in the photo album that belonged to Saraswati.
Neel reaches the room where Dr Baig has been kept, he thinks that Bopho might have moved him here In order to save Neel and he refused to even listen to any explanation, he hits the cupboard, that creates dust so Dr Baig starts coughing. Neel helps him drink some water, he inquires if he is Neelkand, at first he refuses to accept it but Dr Baig exclaims that his face has recovered and this means that his surgery worked, Dr Baig praises Allah for making it happen.
Neel gets shocked thinking that Dr Baig saved his life, he inquires how did he save his life and performed the surgery as how can he save his life even when he is not able to stand, Dr Baig gets unconscious praising Allah.
Neel mentions that if he performed the surgery then would also know who threw the molten steel on his face so in order to know the truth, he would have to make sure that Dr Baig recovers.

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