I NEED U-Few shots on Kaira by Dramalover (shot 1)

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HI guys ,this is Harsha aka dramalover.This is my 1st attempt at writing.So please support my story.The story is purely based on my imagination,so details may differ from the actual show.Dedicated to all my friends at TU.I will be writing the story with the girl’s p.o.v.

It was night time,the building was fully decorated with led lights and the building somehow looked familiar.Then I realised it was my school campus.I was standing outside and it was a bit cold.Out of nowhere HE came forward and went on his knees.HE took out a rose that he was hiding behind his back.
What the heck?Is HE going to.. before I could complete my train of thought HE

“Nairrra’’ my bestie Adi(Aditi)called out and I woke up.yeah, that was a dream but at the same time it happended.Its been3 years now,3 very long years.Why was I thinking about it now?That incident happened eons ago.Why today out of any other day?Is something goining to happen today?
“sleeping beauty woke up “that woke me up from my oodling.
That comment was from my other bestie Elii(Elena).confused,so let me introduce myself.
Hi, I am Naira Singhania

2nd year fashion technology student.
I live with my frnds Adi and Eli in a rented apartment near the college campus.Eventhough we are different majors ,we go to the same college.

“Nairaa” Oops I am running late for my class .So I got ready in my fav pair of jeans n tank top along with ballet shoes.Eventhough I am a fashion major comfort is my top priority.”NAIRRA”again the exasperated warning bell from Adi. I took my bag and met my frnds downstairs and we started the walk towards college.It was a 5 min walk from our home towards the college.At the college entrance we were met by our other frnd Gayu(Gayathri) and she started commentary of the new college gossips and she is the official bak bak of our grp.

Gayu lived with her parents nearby.This time her college gossip was about a new guy who transffered to our college.Gayu was saying that he was hot,like I give a damn. Gayu was especially boy crazy ,she went out with a new guy every week .Adi N Eli ,both had a steady boyfriend, while my dating history seemed zero.But I did turn to look who it was when Gayu said”There he is”When I saw who that was,I froze.

****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************So this is the into.Let me know if I should countinue this through your valuable comments.

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  1. Nice

  2. Shivaya khanna

    Nice intro ff seems interesting

    1. Dramalover

      thank u shivaya

  3. Fenil

    I loved it.
    Fantabulous work Dear !!:)
    U came here for rock this page great !!:P
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. Dramalover

      thank u Fenu

  4. Lasyashree.10

    wowowowow!!! nice one Harsha!!! i loved it a lot!! the way you portrayed everything was simply superb!!!

    marvelous one!!! splendid job!!

    looking forward for the next shot!!!


    1. Dramalover

      thank uuuuuuu

  5. Vinni05

    Amazing one
    Waiting for next

    1. Dramalover

      thank u ,will post it soon

  6. oh its awesome di , i just loved the way u told the story in naira’s pov , so somebody proposed her in her school time and he his back . awesome and lovely start . eagerly waiting for the next epi

    1. Dramalover

      thank u,will post it soon

  7. Elezabeth

    beautiful my best friend…you can keep going…

    1. Dramalover

      arrey ,eli tum hai, understood and will post the next one soon

  8. I liked this story
    I think u should continue

    1. Dramalover

      ok i will, thank u mahima

  9. Soumya85

    Omg it was just amazing loved it pls pls continue this waiting for next egarly post asp

    1. Dramalover

      will post the next one soon somu,

  10. U should be continue with this
    It is marvellous

    1. Dramalover

      thank u yukti

  11. AditiB

    Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry Yaar I was sleeping tab aa gaya…..dus baar sorry iss liye k dus jan k baad comment kiya mne…..you know what tumne Likha isliye mne padha h Kaira ka pehla ff pad rahi hu aaj….Tumne to shuru hi I love you se kiya but I loved it baby…..Kya Interesting story h my girl…..keep this up….
    p.s. Aditi naam k dost mai hu kyaa????? If yes then I Love You double triple k mujhe Naira k dost bna diya…..Vaise naira ko narrate tum kr rhi ho…toh Naira tum huyi….HEhehe…MUAAAHHH….

    1. Dramalover

      hah tum hai.apology accepted,aakir tum mere TU bestie hai

  12. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow intro was amazing sooo good

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