You and me : thahaan part 8

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Hlo everyone so m back with another epi. First of all mani is back so congo to everyone an love u all. Guyzz m not getting much cmnts so if u r liking it plz do cmnt if u want me to continue. Silent readers do cmnt nd ty to all who r cmnting.
Here we go,

As thapki reached pn she froze at the doorstep at the sight of white enviournment b4 her eyes, everything colourless ppl gathered in the hall all wearing white. Women wearing white sarees or suits and men white kurta pajama they were dressed as if someone died. Then her gaze fell in centre where dheuv was standing with kosi and sahir they were too in white? but, she didnt

Cared abt that , what she cared abt was frame kept on small table beside dhruv with garland on it she was not able to look at it properly coz of crowd somehow she managed to walk inside the hall. She didn’t knew y but ahe felt her body trembling with fear?. As soon as she reached near the table her world turned upside down ? on seeing kabir’s photo in the frame but that didmt bothered her what bothered her was the garland.? she broke down but this time she felt her tears uncontrollable and she screamed aloud : kabiiiiiir….
She laid down on floor with her body shaking as she let out her tears and pain.
Sahir cried seeing thapki’s condition. Dhruv and kosi smirked.
Now, dhruv played his masterstroke.

Dhruv whispered in thapki’s ears bending down.
Dhruv: thapki uk kabir was a b*stard he had illicit affairs with c*ll girls, m happy he died. (Laughed devilishly? in her ears). Thapki was not able to controll her anger as dhruv spoke these words . She stood up and her head bumped with dhruv’s chin and he groaned in pain. Thapki slapped him so hard that his cheeks became red her fingerprints were visible on his cheeks thapki pushed him hard. Everyone was astonished at sudden behaviour of thapki especially sahir. Thapki kicked dhruv while he laid on floor shouting. She holded his collars and once agin slapped him.
Dhruv by now became a furnace in anger ? his blood boiled.
Thapki while holding his collars spoke.
Thapki : no no nooo hhe didn’t die u blo*dy devil

He was brutally slaughtered. U dirty man killed him. (Slapping) i wont leave u today u r such a shameless creature u butchered him and then also u have guts to speak rubbish abt him abt my kabir. (Angry so less stammering) i blo*dy waited for my kabir 3 yrs though i hated him bbut still i waited that mmayb he will come and proove me wrong abt him and we will get along bbut u ba*tard killed him u k…killed him.
She was shouting and screaming on dhruv& thapki beated his a*s out of him. All the ladies holded thapki by her arms and a lady doctor came and gave her a injection while thapki kept on shouting to leave her and suddenly she felt everything blur and she fainted. Ladies laid her down on the matress kept on floor. Dhruv went near her and kissed her tmpl gently. He smirked seeing her face and then pretended to cry.?

Dhruv (sobbing) : ilu thapki. Ilu (i love u) alot that ‘s y m marrying u. Knowing ur condition that u have losted ur mental balance . I still love u thapki even , after knwing that u love my late brother kabir.
Sahir was confused ? & was trying to figure out dhruv’s intentions that what his blo*dy man is trying to do.
Dhruv stood up and faced the guests.

Dhruv with fame tears ? : m so sorry for all this. Today i called u all so that we cud do a havan for the peace of my beloved brother but, u all saw with ur own eyes that my to be wife is not in her senses so u may kindly leave . I just want to say that i love her alot even after knwing that she has lost her sainity nd she is mentally retarded now, i still love her alot nd she do not want to marry me. See my destiny the girl whom i love alot slept with me but next day she forgot that she slept with me may b she forgets our marriage too.

Sahir was burning in anger now?? he wanted to kick dhruv’s a*s hard but, he cudnt.
Dhruv : m marrying her only bcz i love her and want her to b happy so i beg u all if thapki ever tries to run from this marriage or blame me for my brother’s death just simply ignore her as she is still in the grief of my brother’s death her x nd bcz of that she is stressed nd has become mentally retarded kindly help me plz i want to save my thapki now u all may go i wanna b alone for sometime nd ty for ur kind visit. As soon as ppl left kosi took thapki to her room while dhruv sat on floor crying. All of sudden ge started laughing evily?. Sahir was still amazed ? with what all happemed right now in front of his eyes .
Sahir turned to go to thapki’s room when he saw some bottle lying on floor & the empty syringe . He took hild of bottle and read its label “rat kill” he panicked ?? and ran to thapki ‘s room.

Scene shifts to bihaan.
Bihaan reaches his home ? piu’s mansion. He was lost in his thoughts as, he throwed keys of his mursdees on the guard and the guard went out to park the car in the parking lot. Bihaan smiled to himself and talked to himself.☺
Bihaan (mind) : whats happening to me ? Why do u feel special around thapki? Why, when i look at her lips all i feel is just to feel them on my lips i want to taste them &never want to leave them ? and why was i scared ? But, i hate her.
Bihaan’s hrt laughed ❤? on his mind’s statement “but, i hate her” his hrt rpld ❤ “srsly?? Stop fooling me mr fat headed.? ” he was lost in thapki’s thoughts when his gaze fell on a btfl toyal lady standing in front of him in the hall wearing a pink and gree saree which suited her very well. Her back faced bihaan. Bihaan’s joy knew no bounds and he jumped with ecxitement ? nd hugged her from back.
Bihaan : ma, i missed u so much love u alot ma…?
(She was vasundhra pandey bihaan’s mother ).
Vasu (pushing bihaan on the floor) : u ra*cal how u dared to touch me ? Tell me ha ? ? u shud never forget i wont forgive u . Mr bihaan pandey u r a blo*dy murderar .? today idlf ur mother is a widow that’s only bcz of u . U killed ur father nd not only him u killed kabir and yes how can i forgwt my proncess piu.if she is not with me that’s bcz of u only. U r the resn for my sadness nd not only that u ruined everything in my life. My life is barraned and dark. M abondoned bcz of u.??
Get lost.
She left from there leaving bihaan broken.
Bihaan sat down on floor broken.
Unknowingly his cheeks became wet ? he touched the floor where vasu was standing and then he touched his forehead in order to take blessings. He stood up and went out of the house.
Virhaan’s paradise
Secret room,

Bihaan entered secret room nd he walked over tp giant wall which was decorated by all the sketches. Bihaan kept hand on sketch of his kabir and sahir ‘s and pressed it and the wall parted leading to a narrow passage to a room. Bihaan entered inside and the wall closed behind . He opened the door of the room. A small statured woman came to bihaan and greeted him she was wearing nutse’s uniform.
Nurse : sir,u here at this time so early u always come on night ?
Bihaan : how’s he?
Nurse : sir r u alright?? ur eyes r swollen as if u were crying.
Bihaan : m not paying u to see my eyes just ans me how’s he?
Nurse: he’s fine.
Bihaan : any improovement today?
Nurse: no sir. Sir actually…..i wanted to ask u something?
Bihaan : ask.
Nurse : u r coming here since 3 yrs u see him from outside but never meet him. Y? Sir i wanted to suggest that once u shud see him may he feel better seeing u & talk to him plz sir its for his sake only.
Bihaan : fine, if that’s so today i will meet him.?
Bihaan goes inside the room with nurse with shaking legs.
A man is shown on strecher his eyes closed. He was thin and his half body was burnt. His half face was covered and bihaan felt like crying on seeing condition of his beloved from near he only saw him through window but today he wanted to talk to him.

Bihaan sat on the sidechair and grabbed the hand of the lifeless man lying before him. His tear felt on his hand & he opened his eyes and saw bihaan with his one eye. The person’s lips carved a smile ☺ and the nurse jumped in joy as in these 3 yrs for the first time her patient smiled. It was a inproovement she patted her shoulder in order to praise herself.
Bihaan lifted his head up to see him.
Bihaan’s joy now knew no bounds when he saw him smiling and conscious.
Bihaan somehow managed to speak in his excited voice.
Bihaan: k….kabir r u alright?
Kabir: gajab!!
Bihaan laughed as a fresh set of tears rolled down his cheeks.?
Kabir : bihaan thapki??
Bihaan didnt knw y he felt a sudden anger on hearing her name from his mouth. He felt some jlsy inside him deep down in his hrt. However, he knew the fact they both leave each other .?
Bihaan noded and assured him with his eyes and then spoke.
Bihaan : yes…
Kabir holding bihaan’s hand : u fulfilled ur promise brada u didnt show me ur face these 3 yrs bcz u promised me that u will come only when u will find thapki.
Bihaan : how did u knw she is alive?
Kabir : bcz m alive my hrt is connected to her’s.
Bihaan wanted to punch him but he calmed himself as he loved this man more than anything in this planet.
Bihaan sobbing : kabir everyone thinks i killed u ? but u knw na how much i love u brdr trust me i didnt knw anything.
Kabir : ik bihaan that’s y u kept me here and treated me. Ik very well y u kept me here. U wanted to save me from dhruv na ?

Bihaan : yes , but still u and sahir only understand me.? m all alone now.
Kabir : bihaan leave all this how is my thapki? She still loves me na ?
Bihaan : vvo
Kabir: kya vo speak na..
Bihaan : she is getting married to dhruv…
Kabir felt numb for a moment he composed himself letting out a sigh. Tears rolled down his cheek.
Kabir : bihaan u love me na ?
Bihaan : ofc, yes nd dnt wry i will take ur revenge from dhruv and thapki.
He assured him.
Kabir : bihaan u need to knw the truth..?
Bihaan : truth??
Kabir : she is innocent i lied
Bihaan : wat the ….but y ? R u mad or what ?
Kabir tells everything to bihaan.
Bihaan : god, i was thinking so wrong abt her but she is getting married that to with dhruv . Y ??
Kabir : save her bihaan she needs u help her. M damn sure dhruv is doing something bad with her.
Bihaan : but..y did u lied?
Kabir : bcz i didnt wanted to tell truth to anyone.
Bihaan : but…well, leave it nd tell me now what to do ?
Kabir felt uncmfrtbl & his vision blurred.
Kabir : m feeling sleepy ttyl. U may leave bihaan.
Bihaan : but…
Kabir closes his eyes and pretends to sleep.
Bihaan leaves.

Bihaan in his mind : i will hlp u thapki m coming to save u. Now , nobody can harm u. U suffered alot now u will only get happiness i vow to myself today that i will save u from every pain and its my ultimate goal.
Scene shifts to pn.
Sahir runs to thapki’s room he sprinkles water on her face to make her conscious. Thapki gained her senses. She sees sahir’s concerned look and then recaptulates what all happened and she hugged sahir and cried her hrt out. Sahir gently caressed her hair.
They both hrd someone’s clapping sound. They both broke the hug and turned towards the sound and they saw dhruv standing their smirking….

Plz plz do cmnt good or bad love u all nd just wait to see mani guyzzz…..??

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      Tysm raihaneh m glad u r loving it nd it means alot to me that u wait for my ff actually babe due to my studies i dnt get much time its my 12 so need to devote more time to it babe but for sure i will try to update soon keep cmntng nd reading darl stay blessed?? tc

      1. Oh thankew so much i love love love ur ff so much never stop it n i love thahaan

  3. Holaaaa simi so sorry for late commenting , the episode was amazing like always my dear waiting for next part ❤??

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  4. SUPERB, MINDBLOWING, DASOO… Episode tha didiii..
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    1. Simrank

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    Ofcse di,
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    1. Simrank

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      1. O !!!
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  6. Juveria.ghalib

    U know simi I read ur update on wattpad n also here again im just loving ur ff update u tc

    1. KUDRAT

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      How r u nd ur studies…
      Plz take care di…
      Love u..

    2. Simrank

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    1. Simrank

      Hello di u need to tc of urself nd its my order nd plz dnt b sry gws ?? nd di i guess u shud too watch tpk for mani coz he’s looking super cute being aryan khanna nd we shud support him nd his character nd di plz do take care of urself nd ty di for reading once again di gws??

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      Tysm sadia darl m glad u liked it nd to knw the truth u need to knw read further parts nd keep cmntng deary nd plz dnt b sry ♡♡

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