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Hey guys I’m back with a character sketch. I tnk now u guys can understand the story line completely.

Anika n Family

Anika Joshi – She is a cute, lovely n chirpy girl.
She loves her family a lot. Her bestie is Mallika
N she develops an unknown crush on Shivaay who is her childhood frnd. Her age is 14 yrs (teenage) n her dream is to become a surgeon.
She also loves n treats omru as her own bros.

Gauri Joshi aka Chutki – Anika’s lovely ,naugthy & talkative younger sis but just one year gap. She is probably in 8 th n the main thing she n om r classmates. She too loves her family a lot.

Maalik Joshi – Anika n Gauri’s father loves his daughters more than anything. Also love his wife so much. He a businessman n a well-known partner of the Oberoi industries.

Ishika Joshi – She is a very lovely n caring mother of Ani n chutki. Her world is her husband n daughters. She is also a good businesswoman,but not a well know figure in media.

Shivaay n Family

Shivaay Singh Oberoi – As of now he is well known Studious , smart n dashing guy in their shcll. All the girls have a cursh on him. But he declined it as he was focused on his career. He too was developing a crush on Anika his childhood sweetheart. He loves his family a lot. His bros r his love of the life. N his bestie is Siddharth or better to say as Sid .He is also 14 yrs old

Omkara Singh Oberoi – The old Om.. He is just one yr younger than shiv.(13 yrs )Even though younger than shiv he is like a mentor for Shiv as he only shares his feelings with Om. The rest like in the serial.

Rudra Singh Oberoi – The youngest bro. Studying in 6 th. (11 yrs old). He is now itself expert in flirting. Then the other same in the serial.

Priyanka Singh Oberoi – She is now just 4 th (9 yrs ). The rest same as in the serial ,but here she gets panic attacks from her childhood.

Sakthi n Pinky – Same as in the serial.

Tej n Janvi – Same as in the serial.

Note – Here Oberoi’s n Joshi ‘s r just business partners n good frnds,but they r not family frnds. Hence only omru n prinku knw abt Anika as Shiv ‘s frnd n the same only Gauri knw abt Shiv. One thing I forgot to mention Shiv n Gauri share a nice sis-bro bond.

There 2 more Important thing is that omru – Ani bond N shiv -Gauri bond.. I will now clearly say how that knew abt each other.

1. Ani – Omru Bond

Ani n ru r basketball players,as Ani is senior n RU is junior she helps him as mentor. Hence ru loves his ani didi so much. As the these coaching r extra hours than the school our Mr.artist (om) come to pick up RU after his arts n craft class hence they all became frnds n omru loves their Anika didi..N eventually they came to knw abt shiv-Ani ‘s frndship.

2. Shiv-Gauri Bond

Shivaay n Gauri r swimmers. That’s the same thing here .Hence they share a bro -sis relationship .

Then there is another note guys sry plz bear with it. Now the o’bros knew the r Joshi ‘s,but don’t knw abt their partnership or something,becoz they r too small to knw abt the business yaar.

Now the frnds character sketch .

Mallika Batra – She is a fun loving , carefree girl to her family n close frnds. Bestie of Anika N she hates boys ( actually she is afraid of them ).
Don’t believe in love n stuffs like crush. She thinks all the boys r the same like chepda type. Our Anika trys to change her thinking but all goes in vain.

Author’s Note – Guys U all might be thinking why I gave so much importance to Mallika’s character,this is becoz she is gonna play an important role in influencing Anika’s mind.

Tia Kapoor – She is actually a good hearted person frm inside, but her habits n characteristics r a bit irritating. She to have a huge crush on Shivaay.,but he rejected her.

Note – She is just a passer by character in this ff.

Siddharth Vikram Rana – He is the Bestie of Shivaay. He is a flirt type guy n hates nerds,but he himself is studious guy n he likes irritating Mallika.

So that’s all guys if any new character is introduced then I will the sketch then n there. These r the characters till now in tis ff .I hope u enoj this ff n next epi will be of Shivaay’s Pov . So catch u guys next time until then bye.

With love

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    1. Haridhra

      Tnq so much..

  2. Great one dr..waiting for first epi

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq Niriha, but u mistook yaar. Actually the intro n 2 epis r completed dr.. If u want u can check it in my posts..

  3. Somya


  4. Superb dr and waiting for the first part post soon dr..

    1. Haridhra

      Actually guys I tnk u misunderstood it .. This the continuation of my ff I wish u to be mine.. So already the first part is over ..

  5. Nice one dear

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq so much Niki di ..

  6. RainRose6263

    So good Haridha. Keep it up. Wating desperately for episode 3

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq so much … I will try to post it today..

  7. Intersting one dear…..

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq Banita..

  8. Awesome

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      Tnq so.. ?

  9. nice!! but where is Suomya’s character??

    1. Haridhra

      Hmm .. Sry guys I forgot to say .. She will sure be in future epis .. Where they r fully grown ones … Plz don’t bash at me.

      1. Haridhra

        Tnq for commenting…

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