I need you only you..A raglak era (Part-9) last part…

Hi guys after a long long time……This is my first ever ff so thought to finish it… Hope you guys remember this ff alright……Let’s START and yeah this is the final part of my first ff…

Laksh and Ragini lived separately and Ragini is working in parth’s office as gm…As she resign her job from college….Laksh memories taunt her when ever she enter in the college…..Ragini is pregnant with laksh child she is in her 8th month….

BBC news:
So now the election results are out as expected all India students party wins most of the district in Tamil nadu……So the party gets charge under the leadership of young leader laksh Krishnan….Who is a doctor by profession….
Party hall:
Guys guys listen this is our surya’s dream so this victory is dedicated to his sacrifice and every single drop of his blood he shed on that day(saying this his eyes full of tears)
One boy from group said no cheif please don’t be upset our Surya is always here and there watching our success……

Lucky said yes….
All said cheif minister laksh…….He said thanks guys….
Ok all will get go by our plan and other schedule like cleaning the rivers and lakes….All get in to their works…
His eyes fell on photo frame of surya I know buddy you are watching and I know that you are in my life’s womb can’t wait come soon ….
Kavitha and KKR are in jail for surya’s murder…Laksh proves that…….And Ragini didn’t know this as he is busy in his election work…

Here at office:
Congrats laksh….Said and she caressed her belly said congrats to you too bhai……
Here Uttara married adhitya surya’s brother……
Uttadi said Ragini just think of your baby ragu he need a father just forgive him….
Like this two months passed….
Media gathered cheif said laksh pa to him….
Yeah guys I am resigning my position as everyone and everything is set and here after sakthi will be the cheif minister and I will be secaratery of our party…..
Rep:why this sudden decision sir..

Sometimes we need to think.of ourselves mam and I am all set to have baby soon my wife didn’t want me to be a full time politician….I will be there whenever there is a mistake against law and order…..
Rep:it seems selfish
If I am selfish I will wind-up the party wheny Surya dead it is my and my party’s dream to see uncorrupted politics in our state and we did it when one state awake all India will get correct path…
Rep: Asusual you made us speechless….
Everyone leaves…
Uttara calls laksh said ragu is getting labour pain….
He rushed to ragu…Holds her hand

she in pain said this is all because of you…
He wide his eyes said….You are impossible…
In delivery room Ragini shouts and deliver a boy….
Laksh holds him……Kiss him in happy all the family members are happy as laksh explain everything mohan hugs him said you are my grown up I know you will definitely have reason behind your action…
Ragini opens her eyes and said in news you said that you left the position she asked like she is uninterested…..He chuckled said Haan Baba because my angry bird hate that na…
But you never met me during these days why not every night I was visiting you without your knowledge…..

Doc enters said And your from your first checkup to last check up he is the one who guide us the exercise and diet he always behind you like a shadow….
Ragini teary eyes said why didn’t you come in my front….Laksh whispers I will lost myself if I was with you those days….
She blush he pushed her and kiss her said I love you bacha……..

All smiles and wish them…
After five year:

All children playing in the garden uttadi and raglak are watching them one boy hit uttadi’s son I mean uttsurya son…Raglak son push the boy and beat him blue and black said don’t dare to touch him again….
Uttara slaps her forehead said oh my god Ragini we have to tolerate another laksh Surya………
Family burst out…
Laksh looks at the sky said thank you buddy….In sky Surya get vanished with tears said I miss you buddy….
Ragini looks teary eyes ….
Ragini hugged laksh said need you only you don’t be away from me……..Both hugged each other…..
Happy family

Guys as I told you it is a friend ship story….I finally finished it….
Surya-barun Sobti
Uttara-helly shah
Aditya-mudit Narayan
Ignore spelling mistakes


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    Thnks for the wonderful story if possible give us an epilogue..!!tc dear..!!

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