Retrospective of life…(KKB) Intro

A bunch of girls and guys were having fun at restaurant.

One of the girl: So after this is, we are going to club right?

Guy 1: Not again! It’s so boring and she would not come!

He said looking at Pragya.

Pragya: Why not to my Dad’s sucess party?

Girl 2: Sucess party? On what?

Pragya: As u all know he is a psychatrist and also  running a business on textiles. It’s a sucess party for the business being a sucess in indonesia!

Guy: Hmm…actually I can save up a meal for today if I come to the party.

Girl 3: You always talk about saving up!

Guy: Of course I have to as still we didn’t get a job after 6 months of graduation! And living with parents money is very troublesome. At least during college days I could ask more money saying its for project etc!!! Now it’s impossible!!

He complained as others to agree with his situation.

Pragya: And everyone should dress neatly as my dad is a neatness freak!

They agreed to her by yelling OKAY!!!

At the sucess party,

Pragya was gorgeously dressed up in a black saree with her make up making her look very pleasant and lovely.

Pragya saw her friends and invited them to an area that had dinner for them.

Pragya: Guys! Have fun here! I will be back in a while.

She said by attending to other guests and her friends were discussing that the place looks huge and decorated grandly.

Guy 1: Actually I feel she should get married.
Girl 2: Who? You mean Pragya?
Guy 1: Yes don’t u all feel she looks somone to be a housewife? Like the way she behaves and looks after us.

Girl 3: Agree! But she doesn’t likes love. She said once that she will marry by the man her dad finds for her.

As her friends were discussing about this, a man wearing a black suit was coming in with a sling bag around his shoulder.

He was looking as if for finding for a person.

He asked one of the waiter where is Pragya.

The waiter pointed at a direction and he walked eagerly to her.

“Pragya!” He called as she turned back to see him.

Pragya: Yes! How may I help you?

” You are Pragya?” He asked looking confused.

Pragya: Yes sir, I am Pragya and Dr Patel’s daughter.

” You can’t be Pragya!” He said loudly making others look at him.

Pragya: Sir…I am Pragya…

” No! You are not Pragya!! I have seen her!” He said firmly and looked away.

He was filled with frustration and hit the plate that was carried by a waiter who passed by.

Pragya was taken aback and looked helpless on how to deal with him.

One of her friends came and asked what was the problem.

He looked at the person straining himself and was about to go towards Pragya.

Pragya looked scared as he walked towards him and in the nick of time the friend blocked his way and made him calmed down by saying something.

After a while,

Friend: Pragya…Nothing to worry he is looking for someone called Pragya. But u are not her so he got agitated. By the way his name is Abhi!

Pragya sighed in relief as she looked at him coming disappointed.

Pragya walking towards him: I am sorry…
Abhi looked up in surprise and asked: Why are u sorry?

Pragya: You got sad that I am not the Pragya u are looking for na…
Abhi smiled as he said: It’s okay!
Pragya: So Pragya is your relative?
Abhi: No!
Pragya: Friend?
Abhi: No!
Pragya: Hmm…colleague?
Abhi: No!
Pragya: Oh…then confirm she is your enemy!
Abhi laughed and said: No!

Pragya: Then who is she?
Abhi: I don’t know!
Pragya was curious by looking at him.

Abhi: I just want to see whether she is save now.
Pragya: I am abit confused sir but I am damn sure u have some feelings for her.

Abhi smiled pleasantly thinking of Pragya.

Pragya: There u go! How pleasantly u are smiling!

Abhi: Thanks and Sorry for my behaviour just now.

Pragya: It’s okay sir. Why not u tell me where u saw her last time and her photo or adderess. I can try to find her too.

Abhi: I don’t know. I can’t remember when I saw her last time too. The last time I saw her is at Kalimantan.

Pragya: Kalimantan? U mean Indonesia?

Abhi: Yes…I can’t remember why I went there too.

He looked distressed and Pragya felt bad for him.

Pragya: No problem sir, my friends are very good at finding things! All of us will definitely find your Pragya!

Abhi in excitement: Really?
Pragya: Really sir!
Abhi: Then call me Abhi! I want to be friends with u all too!

Pragya smiled as she signalled her friends to come and join them.

Abhi looked at her friends and told about Pragya non stop which made them look lost as they were wondering how to find Pragya with his description which was very vague.

Abhi: Do u know? She gets scared seeing me! Like this she will hide behind the pillar.

He said by hiding behind Pragya and seeing as if looking nervous.

Abhi: Then she will run always when I call her.
Like this she will run!

He said and begin to run and then stopped as he collided with Dr Patel.

Abhi: Who are u?
Dr Patel: Who am I? I am Dr Patel who is throwing this party for u!
Abhi: Party? I am here to see Pragya!

Pragya quickly came in front and said: Daddy! He is my friend and was looking for him.

Dr Patel: But u never even tell about him to me! That’s bad my child.

One of his friend manage to pull Abhi away from there as Pragya was talking to her dad.

Abhi: Who is he? Does he drink a lot of coconut milk?

Guy 1: Cocount milk?

Abhi: He looks so tall na like a coconut tree!
He laughed at his own joke making others to laugh too.

Pragya came back and assured Abhi that they will help him but ask him not to talk to his dad like that.

Abhi: Like what?
Pragya: Leave it Abhi! Now u go home and very soon we will meet up to talk about your Pragya.
Abhi: When? Tommorow?
Pragya: Give me your number. I will call u!

Abhi smiled like a child and happily passed his number to her.

To be continued….

This came into my mind after being reminded of a movie. Let’s see how it goes or when I have time to type this. And most importantly depending on all your interest to read.

  1. yeah…its vijay and shalini movie na…….anyways this is awesome.

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  3. Nice but soo sweet of abhi.

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