Chandrakanta (Colors) 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Colors) 2nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Girls run behind Krur Singh and beat him. He runs to save himself. A cheetah comes and they all run away. Chandrakantha sees tiger heading towards a boy playing with mud and runs to save him at lightning speed. She save boy at a nick of time. Cheetah runs towards them again. Veer lights fire on arrows and shoots on the way of Cheetah. Cheetah runs away seeing fire. Veer scolds Chandrakantha that she forgot what he taught just now. She says she saved boy and asks boy if she ran with lightning speed. Boy says yes. Chandrakantha says Veer that she can learn again tomorrow, let us go home as baba/father must be waiting for them. He taunts that she is afraid of cheetah and says enemy should not be attacked only once, it will reattack gain with full power, so they should finish enemy totally. Chandrakantha finds Veer’s magical ring and takes it back. Veer fumes that ring was in front of him and he did not see it.

Iravati goes to mahamantri and says she wants to attack Suryagarh. He asks her to free him first and then make him raja if she wins. She orders guards to free him. He says he will take sme warriors via secret door and they can kill Maharaj Avantimala in sleep. They pass by palace. Veer sees intruders ring to enter palace and killing soldiers, and informs Chandrakantha. They both fight with intruders. Chandrakantha magical are tweaked and she fights with them bravely. Veer sees intruders are from Vijaygarh and acts as losing. Intruders surround Chandrakantha and one among them misbehaves with Chandrakantha and says he will take her as reward. Other intruders injure Veer and he falls unconscious. Chandrakantha’s talismi tattoo glows and she gains immense power and with her touch a big tree falls down. She defeats all warriors and warns the man who taunted her to run away. Enemies disappears. She regains her senses and rushes to Veer and wakes him up. She asks if he is fine and hugs him. He asks if she knows they hug lovers. She says she just hugged him in a worry and angrily fumes. Guards find Krur under pillar and rescue him. He shouts his body below waist is gone. Guards think Veer defeated enemies and take him to maharaj. Krur says Chandrakantha that he saw how bravely she defeated enemies and was so powerful that a tree fell down with her attack, so she is the real winner and Veer is taking her credit instead. He taught fighting to Veer and Veer taught her,so he made a big warrior in 1 day. Maharaj praises Veer for his bravery. Veer says Chandrakantha also fought bravely. Krur enters with Chandrakantha and says Chandrakantha fought with enemies alone and defeated them. Maharaj says only an ayyara can have such powers, but Chandrakantha is a fisher woman. Mayavi woman says some people ayyari in their deed and some have it in blood, maybe Chandrakantha’s forefathers were ayyars. Maharaj says mayavi should teach ayyari to Chandrakantha and make her best ayyara to protect their kingdom.

Mahamantri asks Iravati if her warriors returned after killing Avantimala. She sees warriors returning defeated and asks what happened. One of them says a fisherwoman defeated them all and she had a most powerful warrior with her, one Iravathi made warrior, her son. Iravathi angrily pushes him saying Veer must be planning something else. Her magical aide taunts her/

Chandrakantha walks towards home fuming that she fought and won, but Veer took credit. Veer reaches and she argues that he took her credit. Their nok jhok starts as usual. She angrily leaves. Veer finds his ring on ground and hides it. Chandrakantha realizes she lost her ring and worriedly walks back searching it, she asks Veer if he saw ring, it was the only evidence to find Bhola chacha’s murderer. He says no, then tries to return, but Champa stops him. Chandrakantha leaves crying. Champa scolds Veer that his motto was to lure Chandrakantha in his fake love and get ring, now that he got ring, he should stop worrying for her. He praises Chandrakantha’s nature and leaves. Champa fumes that she will not let Chandrakantha take over her. She reaches Chandrakantha’s home and provokes her parents that Chandrakantha defeated enemies today and son will become ayyara, they know what happens to ayyars. Chandrakantha returns. Parents say they are worried for her life and she will not become ayyara as it is very risky, she should get married and live a peaceful life.

Iravati orders Ratnaprabha’s loyal ministers to chant rani Iravathi ki jai ho. They chant Rani Ratnaprabha ki jai ho. Iravathi forces them and the don’t budge. Iravathi kills them.

Next morning, Chandrakantha walks into jungle for her work. Umang comes and excitedly says he heard she defeated enemies and showed magic, if she can show it again. Chandrakantha tries but fails. She sits sadly. Iravati orders Ratnaprabha’s loyal ministers to chant rani Iravathi ki jai ho. They chant Rani Ratnaprabha ki jai ho. Iravathi forces them and the don’t budge. Iravathi kills them. Veer comes and sits next to her. She scolds he took all credit in front of maharaj. He says he tried to speak, but could not. She need not worry as she is becoming ayyara soon. She says her parents wants her to marry and not become ayyara. He holds her tightly. Her agicla powers retweak and she pushes him hard. He is shocked and says ayyari is I her blood and asks her to try again. She tries, but cannot. Their argument ensues and she leaves. At home, parents discuss how that boy’s family want to come and see Chandrakantha, but she does not want to. Champa says she will convince Chandrakantha, they can call boy’s family.

Chandrakantha goes near sea and sadly speaks to dolphin Rimjhim that her parents does not want her to become ayyara and want her to marry, but she wants to become ayyara. Rimjhim says ayyari is in her blood. Chandrakantha surprisingly asks if she can speak. Rimjhim says once in 20 years. A masked woman hiding behind speaks as Rimjhim and says Chandrakantha is biggest ayyara Ratnaprabha’s daughter and has ayyari in her blood, her powers revive when she gets angry. She further say that she is Ratnaprabha’s sister. If she meets Chandrakantha, Iravathi will easily reach her, so she is around Chandrakantha protecting her. Soon Chandrakantha will reach her parent’s home Vijaygarh and rule over it defeating Iravathi. She continues opening up secret. Chandrakantha thanks Rimjhim with closes eyes.

Precap: Chandrakantha’s father fixes her wedding. Iravathi thinks she wants to see fisherwoman dead today and orders warriors to kill fisherwoman. Chandrakantha thinks why she is not happy with her wedding, if she loves Veer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Good episode

  2. VINAL

    Good going chandrakanta crew u are making this show interesting hope u keep it up & entertain us like this ony

  3. It’s Funny in 7/2/17 episode.when they show jellyfish flying back.
    Its looks over graphic design may graphic team need to improve better and looks nature and real back graphic. it’s so so funny…. OK TV has a batter background graphic team.

  4. Ok this story is so exciting, my mom told me she used to watch chandrakanta on an old tv show and she loved it so I guess this gonna be good too

  5. thank you,, same here, this story is so exciting, watching chandrakanta I guess this gonna be good too

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