Nazar 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mohona make Vedashri stone

Nazar 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohona try to convince ansh to have kheer made by her. At dining table vedashri purposefully drop kheer bowl🥣 and chaitali say sorry it was by mistake, vedashree shall make kheer again

Mohona calmly say no problem, I kept kheer aside for him. Everyone panic and Mohona bring and try to feed ansh but vedashree stop her saying he already eat much, his stmoch will get upset, but mohona say it was made by mother love ansh see vedashri, mohona feee kheer. Mohona and Ruby smile🙂 and rest in shocked😨. Mohona say in bengali that ansh is my son and he shall become davansh😈..

Vedshree is shown ploughing some banyan tree🌳 and flashback shows how vedashri and chaitali listened mohona and ruby saying that tomorrow i shall makd kheer for ansh and shall feed him, so that he become most powerful.

She further says that if kheer is dropped at root of that banayan tree🌳, kheer will not work. In present vedashri is doing same thing and again flashback is shown where she tell chaitali that she shall do it. Chaitali say that mohona is more smart, be careful as you are unwell too. But vedashree say its mother power more than dayan.

Ansh is shown driving and he get restless, when he come out he start to grow and grow in size more than building and wonder whats happening? Ruby and mohona watch him and get happy. On other side vedashree drop kheer and bowl inside root of that tree and start covering it with goddess prayer in background. Ansh size get normal and he wonder what happened to him suddenly. Ansh get call from vedashree and say i shall come there soon.

Ruby and mohona wonder how it happened as only two of us knew that if kheer is dropped at root of that tree🌳, impact will not work, untill vedashri heard our talk and see chaitali talking to vedashri. Chaitali happily tell how they heard Mohona and Ruby talk and saved ansh. Ruby and Mohona interupt her and ask her to give their hair back. She try to act innocent but Mohona slap her using her hair and Chaitali give their hair back and get terified.

Vedashri see tree🌳 going underground and try to relex but it again start growing and she get terrified and see mohona behind her. Mohona say to her, you are so much scared of me, than why do you try to fight with me. Mohona you always get jealous of as I was first child of our dayan😈 mother with powers and you are just normal human being without powers thats why you never told anyone that we are sisters. I always forgive you as you are my sister but not today and say we use to play statue statue, so statue and leaves. Vedashri start to turn into stone and ansh arrives as she called him. Ansh reach to her and she say bring devik and turn into stone completely. Ansh shout maa and main kabhi tujgko batlata nhi.. play in background..🎼

At home shehkar and Avinash take box of stone but box fall from their hand and they pick stone using handkercheif and Rishi, Neha, kajal is about to come back home shehkar and avinash get shocked seeing them but they cook up story and leave. Rishi, Neha, Kajal get confused over family member weird behaviour.

Piya see her parents photo and cry saying I am a loser, who isn’t able to find mother and even unable to tell father sushant that I am his gudiya piya. She touch guru maa head and even was not able to take care of her and her devik nishan glow.

Precap: Ruby is taking bath and ansh ask ruby that you are devik, so lets go and save vedashri maa. Ruby innocently ask what happened to Mom? Ansh ask her to get ready, i shall tell in you on way. Ruby devik slip stick on ansh hand and he see it and ask her you are not devik, are you dayan?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I love this show a lot and want that Priya and Ansh together 💟💞💗💖

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Me tooo… As show is different from daily bakwas soaps…

  2. 😍this serial amazin story and PiAnsh are💕

  3. Bring piya and ansh back together

  4. So it could be like ansh will get to know that ruby is dayan but he wont find out about mohana. Soon gurumaa will become good but namab will force pia for marriage then gurumaa may tell ansh about thid and thats why ansh went to get pia back and thats why the goons were there already to fight.

    So next thing will be ansh bringing pia to save vedashri and then at his place to stay and protect her from naman. And then ansh pia will start to get close but mohana will be there to keep them away🤔🤔

    1. But guru Maa is no more. Right?

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      It may be true…
      Guru maa is shown faint

  5. Waiting for the moment when ansh will bring Piya back after a fight with goons 😍

  6. Like dis episode….eagerly waiting for next episode…

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