Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli and Kunal together for Aashthami

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal and Nandini fell asleep while still on phone call. The next morning, Mauli finds Kunal’s head drool over the rocker he slept in. She corrects his posture carefully, but backs up when she watch Nandini’s call still on after 7 hours.

Kunal comes to meet Nandini with a rose and apologizes for not being able to come in last two days. Nandini understands that Dadi is his responsibility and she needs him for now. Kunal says tomorrow is Aashthmi. He promises Nandini to be there. They will celebrate their first Yashtmi together.
The next day, Mauli serves the kids with meal. She gets a call from Jyoti who was relieved that Kunal returned home. Mauli cuts her call as she is busy now. Kunal hurries inside and hits Mauli, her cell phone fell down. Both bend to pick it up,

their heads bang. Dida watch this and asks them to bang their heads again, else it’s a bad omen. Mauli shuts her eyes, Kunal reluctantly bangs his head with Mauli. Dida laughs that she had fun making fool of them both, its not a bad omen but a symbol of love.
There, Nandini was cooking. Pandits arrive for Pooja.
Mauli serves the kids with full fervor. A girl asks for Channa. Mauli calls Kunal as Jaana, and asks him to pass the Channa. She feels awkward at once, then goes to get the Channa herself.
Pramilla shares with Dida that she always pray to God that Kunal and Mauli’s couple stay together. Dida says sometimes prayers are answered, she must continue to pray for them.
Mauli and Kunal distribute gifts among the kids. One of the girl demand a kiss on her cheek from both of them together. Mauli and Kunal were nervous, the kid jokes and bends down as they move forward. They clap and enjoy dodging them. Mauli asks Mamma to drop the kids outside.
Kunal gets a call from Nandini. Dida hear Kunal speak to Nandini that he is finished here, he will be there in ten minutes. Nandini was worried what if she left something. Kunal assures everything will be fine and heads to leave the house. Dida fumes in anger. She thinks she can’t let that other woman cast a shadow over Kunal, she must stop him. She looks towards the temple, apologizes the Goddess as she can do anything to save this house.
Nandini asks the Pandit to wait for a while, he left there and will soon be home. The Pandits go to prepare for Pooja. Nandini goes calling Kunal.
Kunal was leaving home and tells Dida he is going to hospital. Dida says its hot outside and offers him a glass of juice. Kunal gulps the juice from the glass. He turns to leave home when at once he feels dizzy. Dida says she already told him its too hot, he just had juice and must take rest for five minutes. He has been working since morning and had to fell weak. Kunal lay on the couch and fell asleep. Dida thinks she is sorry, but it was important. He can’t now go to meet Nandini. Nandini continue calling Kunal, upset. Dida thinks this is about her household, she will do anything to save this house. Pandits were annoyed and decides to leave. Nandini continue requesting the Pandits, but Pandit ji says he might be busy with something important. They weren’t ready to do the Pooja without her companion as such Pooja is meaningless.

PRECAP: Mamma asks Dida if she gave some medicine to Kunal. Dida asks Mamma to help her. Mauli stood at the door. Both ladies were shocked to see her there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mauli mauli love u yaar, she doesn’t deserve all this shit, pls move her out from Kunal life, we want maulis independent journey, not this crap romance, it’s so annoying

  2. Wish to see a new character who loves mauli truely and care 4 her…and whether kunal will feel jealous or disturbed by that..

  3. Can someone else’s husband sit with Nandini in puja? The pundits are also accepting companions? Dont know… What is the point of all this? Mouli is getting hurt every day. Nandini also cries. Kunal isnt happy either. Dadi should stop with all these tricks. How will Mauli feel to know that Dadi tricked them with false heart attack? First Kunal hurt Mauli, and now Dadi. And this Kunal also… instead of thinking about first asthami with Nandni, he could have thought of respecting last asthami with Mauli? This is the time to think of attending functions with Nandini? After one month, he is free to do whatever he wants. But Kunal has no notion of self-control
    Just skip all this and show Mauli’s journey. Can’t see Mauli suffering because of cheaters anymore

    1. Exactly Dhara
      I think kunal wants to keep both of them. He wants to enjoy his new toy nandini while maintaining his marital status with mauli so she keep taking care of his family and responsibilities. He can be with nandini as much he wants, looks like bechari is gonna die if she doesn’t see or hear or touch him for a second, never seen anyone so despo and obsessed over someone else’s husband. But he must free mauli from all this obligations, his dadi is forcing her to keep going like nothing happened. Instead of being a spineless coward he should speak up to dadi and mumma, free mauli from his family’s expectations.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1.Dida have gone mad… I understand that she want his grand son and daughter in law to stay to stay together but her way giving mouli pain only… At her age they don’t think about other pain, but consider herself right… She is giving life long pain to mouli this way as if she can’t see mouli pain just want her happiness….😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 she did same thing when she asked nandini to give rajdeep a chance even after knowing he is abusive, and she is repeating same mistake as kunal and nandini affair mentally giving pain to mouli..

    2. After show started and nandini had miscarrage, nandini was shown strong but now a days she behave most weekest person😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 what a sudden change😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  5. Y does this nandini spare this lovely couple atleast for a month …yuck sultry lady jus behind of Kunal ..she had no second thoughts jus for her selfish happiness…. And the makers enhancing the point of 497 decriminalization!!!!

    1. From when God’s started supporting illicit relations and breaking families … And 497 does not support cheating or any illicit relations…

  6. Preethika

    What????? Sindoor sharing between mauli and nandini? Disgusting yar plz stop diz blo*dy stupid series now. Have some common sense b4 writing this type of seens to actor’s.

  7. Preethika

    Rajdeep was far better than this kunal whatever he did, he did it openly. This stupid kunal totally behaving like a “small kid who needs mom’s love totally for himself” he need mauli(pain) and Nandini physic. In between this stupid dida and her conditions to not meet Nandini, give full-time to mauli bla bla bla…… disgusting yar.

  8. poor mauli, can’t see her like this, kunal and nandini are getting worse, both are only worried about nandini, can’t even see anything else. non sense, dida your grandson has gone mad, so please stop hurting mauli, poor thing, without any mistake she bearing all the pain.

  9. Aradhana

    I just dont understand why the makers never think about emotions of a girl while scripting such stories..
    1. Kunal in never a stable guy..oscillating bw mauli and nandini..Dare he gets near my mauli..
    2. Just because you are married doesnt mean mauli should adjust,accept & reconcile with kunal..Will kunal do the same if mauli commited such a betrayal?
    3. DIda ..Oh my god ..does she ever think about how mauli feels?? Thinking as if she’s doing for well-being of her…but on a whole she’s hurting mauli’s confidence..and emotions..
    4. I adore mauli for her strong willed heart but why is dida forcing her into a betrayed relation which mauli hates..I want mauli to divorce kunal and live her life in peace…He’s just one big cheater!!
    5. I neither want nandini to get along with kunal..for he doesnt deserve a girl in his life..
    6. I firmly beleive nandini will realise her fault..and I want her to leave kunal..before he abandons her for mauli..Nandini wasnt negative from start..she still has some goodness..I want nandini to prove the society a woman isnt dependant on men.
    7.Ahhh..Im missing the blissful friendship of nandini-mauli….I want them back..
    8. Mauli must get to know he has got physically intimate with nandini..and just slap him hard and slam the divorce papers on his face…

  10. I have not seen such a disgusting show on television like silsila….as per the spoilers mauli accepts nandini and shares sindoor. It’s so cheap story. I don’t understand why this show is still running?makers don’t want to show good story. I thought once they start journey of mauli will start watching again but here they show mauli will accept. Can’t watch this..

  11. Wow… They wrapped up Dil Se Dil Tak only to promote extra marital love and polygamy through this? Well at least there was a reason (baby) to connect them both (only if we take story writer’s excuse).
    Though I understand that one can always fall out of love with spouse and fall in love with some other person, why can’t Kunal give divorce and marry Nandini? What is Mauli’s fault in this? And stupid Dida.. Is she a woman? Why should Mauli compromise? Mauli should’ve dumped Kunal. Anyway she’s career woman. Give Kunal divorce and move ahead.
    Also, don’t abuse Bengali rituals for your shitty purposes. Mauli name might sound Bengali.. But nowhere they showed her as a Bengali character…

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