Pyaar Ke Kuch Rang Aise Bhi – RagSan FF – Episode 1

Hi This is RSL aka Sangeetha.I’m new to this page.I’m here to write a story on RagSan couple.I hope you all will like this story.It’s completely a different love story.There will be lot of emotions like Love,Hate,Want,Jealous… Please read it and leave your views.

Pyaar Ke Kuch Rang Aise Bhi…

Episode 1

___Bose Sweet Home

Ragini is a Nutrionist…Dr.Ragini Bose… “Ragu”…She belongs to a middle class Bengali family…

Sharmistha “Ragu beta you are getting late to your work place”

Ragini “I’m coming maa”

Ragini kissed her mother on forehead and wished her good morning.

Sharmistha “Good morning…Aaj bohat khush lag rahi ho…Any good news…”

Ragini “Yes…Today i’m super happy because Mr.Angry going to Mumbai for business deal”

Sharmistha “Oh so today no Tom & Jerry fight…”

Ragini “Maa…”

Sharmistha “Shekhar…”

Ragini “Papa…I told you not to eat sweets know?”

Shekhar “Only one sweet beta”

Ragini “No ways…Aap diabetic patient hai…Aap ko zyada sweets khana allowed nahi hai…”

Shekhar “You are my daughter Ragini Bose or Dr.Bose?Atleast i want one sweet for today…Because you said you are happy that Mr.Maheshwari went some where?”

Sharmistha “Shekhar…This is not fair”

Shekhar “Ragu please…”

Ragini “Maa…Papa itna request kar raha hai toh ek sweet bantha hai”

Shekhar jumps in happiness and hugs his daughter.

Ragini “Ok abh khush…”

Shekhar “Mein toh bohat khush hoon”

Sharmistha “Tum dono baap beti meri samaj se bahar hai…”

Ragini,Shekhar “So toh hai”

Ragini “Ok Maa,Papa…I’m getting late…Bye…”

Sharmistha,Shekhar “Bye Beta…”


___Maheshwari Mansion

Sanskar is a successful business tycoon who lives with his mother,Whom he’s devoted to and his sisters…

(In my FF Sujatha character will be played by Prachee Shah Paandya)

Sanskar “Maa…Aap kitchen me kya kar rahi hai…Ms.Bose kaha hai?”

Sujatha “Sanskar mein theek hoon beta…Woh ajayegi…”

Sanskar “Today i won’t leave her…Usko aane do…”

Sujatha “Beta…Tumhe aaj Mumbai jana tha naa?”

Sanskar “Maa actually woh business deal cancel hogaya…”

Ragini entered inside after parking her scooty.

Sanskar “Ms.Bose!!!”

Ragini in mind “OMG…What he’s doing here?I’m out…”

Sanskar “Ms.Bose!!!”

Ragini “Yes Mr.Maheshwari…You no need to shout i’m not deaf…”

Sanskar “You are 1 minute 50 seconds late…”

Ragini in mind “What he is thinking about himself huh?I’m just 1 min 50 sec late so what?”

Sanskar “Answer me?”

Ragini “Traffic problem…”

Sanskar “Ms.Bose…I appointed you as permanent Nutritionist to my mother… You must be on time to take care of my mother…Don’t repeat this again?”

Sujatha “Sanskar…”

Sanskar “I’m talking to Ms.Bose Maa…”

Ragini “Mr.Maheshwari…I won’t repeat this again…”

Ragini straightly went to kitchen.

Sujatha “Sanskar tum aisa baath nahi karna chahiye tha beta…”

Sanskar “Maa…You leave all these things and take care of yourself”

Sujatha “Ok…”

Sanskar “Ok maa…I’m getting late…Bye…”

Sujatha “Bye beta…”

Sanskar turned back and was about to go towards Ragini to say sorry.Meanwhile he gets a call from Office.So he left for office.

Ragini in mind “For a second,i thought he will say sorry…But no…How happy i’m from morning?But this man spoiled my mood completely.How can i expect sorry from this Khadwa Karela(Bitter gourd)?Ok Ragu…Relax…”

Ragini “Auntyji…This is for you…”

Sujatha “Beta…I’m so sorry on behalf of Sanskar…”

Ragini “It’s ok Auntyji…”

To be continued…

I will introduce some more new characters in next episode…So please do vote if you like my episode…Please don’t forget to post your opinions…I will reply to you as early as possible…If you are getting bored do let me know…Next episode will post when the response is satisfactory…

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