Nazar 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update

Nazar 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu says I lost all my powers to stop this wedding yet it happened. How could I fail in stopping Appu’s wedding? Punema is tonight. I will get my powers back tonight only. I will see how this girl enters our house and Appu’s life. I will get my powers tonight only.

Palak and Appu enter the house. Palak’s greh parvesh is done.

Madhu gets fits. She says no not right now. The moon hides in the clouds. Madhu says I won’t get my powers back until the moon shows up. She came to this house. But I can always separate them.

Urushi says I won’t keep anyone in dark. I want to tell you all about my son. Hema and Malani say we are decorating your room for Bhabhi. He says her name is Bhabhi? She says no idiot. She is your wife. He says if our dadi and ma are some. Our Bhabhi is same too.

Urushi says to Palak did you know about Appu’s condition before marrying right? We know it happened in a hurry. We can’t give you answers right now. We did it for Appu’s life. Sarika did you tell everything to Palak? Urusshi says let us take you to your room.

She says yes we told her everything. Kavita says yes she has no issues with it. Right, Palak? Urushi says okay then. Urusshi says let us take you to your room. Madhu says wait. I have to see my Bhabhi, I couldn’t be there at the wedding but it’s my right to give you a gift. She gives Palak a bangle and says wear it. Uncle takes it and says I will keep it safe. Urushi says no it’s her shagun. Madhu says my brother is lucky that he married you. Did you talk to hum? Do you like him? I will tell you all about Appu. He is a very nice guy. His condition isn’t normal. Your family must have told you. Did you marry even after knowing everything? Palak says every family faces problems. But if your love for family is strong you can face everything. Mami told me you’re all very nice. We will all face everything together. Madhu says in heart I think she doesn’t know about Appu’s condition.

Madhu comes to Appu. He says where you? She says you married without me? He says a witch came to kill me. So mummy said I need to marry otherwise the witch would kill me. But I would always be in your room. She would be my friend if I become a good boy. MAdhu says true friendships are not based on the conditions. If she likes you for who you are only then she is your friend. He says should I change? These clothes are irritating. Madhu says yes wear something fun.

Urushi brings Palak to the room. Madhu says this would be fun. Palak comes inside the room. Appu is there in a suit. He walks towards her. He says I had been waiting for you. Finally you are here. Palak says I was downstairs. He says don’t say anything. I know everything about you. Palak says what? He says why are you doing all this. Palak says it’s not what you think. My sister.. He says don’t say anything. Nothing is hidden from me. He laughs and says I scared you yayyy.

Precap-Palak leaves the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    I feel story will be almost same but more dump as leads are stupid as same other tv serials… Expect dayan new look, i feel rest is boring

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