Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Nishi threatens Naren

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The Episode starts with Sonakshi going to the camp. Suman cries and hugs Sumit. She says they took away my Sona. Rohit is shocked. Some time back, Rohit is tensed and looks at the reports. Tulsi asks him to read it. He asks her to read it. She checks and says report is positive, Sonakshi’s blood has super virus. He asks what. Jag soona….plays….. He cries. Sumit says this is nonsense, nothing will happen to Sona, I have to save her, I will go to her. Doctor says we got a notice from the govt, we will take the patients to the camp outside the city, you all will be taken care of, don’t worry, just hurry up and go, bus is waiting outside. Nurse asks Sonakshi to come. Suman stops them. Nurse says don’t make us force you. Suman asks Sumit to do something. Sonakshi says no one can do anything. Sumit asks can you give me some time, I will just come. Suman scolds the doctor.

Rohit asks what, how can they take her to that camp. Sumit says you can do something, health ministry sent this order, she can be treated in your hospital. Suman says Sona, you won’t go please. Sonakshi asks her to just go. Rohit and Sumit are on the way. Sumit says we will go by longer route to reach soon, else we will be stuck here. Sonakshi is taken to the car instead the bus. Suman is locked and shouts for help. Nishi asks what, Sonakshi left for the camp, great. She sees some reports, with result Negative. Sumit and Rohit come. Nurse says we had to take all patients to camp. Suman comes. Sumit asks what happened. Suman cries and hugs him. She says my Sona went, they took her. Rohit says not possible. Sumit asks how did they take her. Suman says I don’t know, they have locked me. Rohit asks incharge about Sonakshi. The man says let us do our work, we don’t have time, go there and find out. Nishi says Sonakshi, you had simple flu, now you will get the infection staying there with virus patients, Rohit can’t save you. Rohit worries. Sonakshi is on the way. Veena cries and says I don’t know how to manage Tanya, please get fine Naren, its been 4 months, handle everything, Rohan and Rohit’s marriages are breaking, no one is happy.

Nishi looks on. Naren tries to hold Veena. Nishi doesn’t see this. Naren hears Ajit calling her name and stops. Ajit asks Nishi to go in. Nishi says I have seen Veena talking to Naren. Veena asks her to come in. Ajit hugs Naren and asks him to be careful of Nishi, she is dangerous. Nishi says I had come to talk about Rohit’s marriage. Veena says there is no option now, if he gets married, maybe we will get happiness in the house again. Nishi asks her for ginger tea. She asks Ajit to go to the hospital and take his work seriously. Veena says Ajit, you must help her. Veena and Ajit leave.

Nishi says congrats, I heard you held Sonakshi’s hand, is this true, tell me. She threatens him by a knife. She says you are motivated by Sonakshi, right. She hurts his hand. She says Sonakshi wasn’t infected, but I have sent her with the super virus patients at the camp, now she will die, once Sonakshi dies, your motivation will get over, your state won’t get fine. His hand gets hurt by the knife. She leaves his bleeding hand and smiles. She says Naren isn’t getting fine, or that nurse gave me wrong info. Naren bears the pain.

Sumit says no Pari, don’t come here, Sumit and Rohit went to get Sonakshi, don’t let anyone come home. Sumit and Rohit come. Suman says you went to get Sona, where is she. Sumit says she didn’t reach the camp. Ajit asks how did you get hurt, I felt strange and didn’t go, Nishi did this right, write it and tell me, please try. Naren writes S with difficulty. Ajit asks S means Sonakshi? Naren blinks. Ajit asks what, please try. Naren writes D. Ajit asks danger, is Sonakshi is danger. Naren blinks. Suman says I was told that she is taken to the camp, where is she.

Rohit asks Nishi where is Sonakshi. Nishi says I have removed her from my life, now she will die there at the camp.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. so i was right. Sonakshi is in fact fine but Nishi changed the reports to make sure she gets sent to the camp. I wish rohit was cunning enough to have ‘precautionary’ test for all his family members and then falsely send Nishi away. But everyone doesn’t have a criminal mind like Nishi. wonder where Sona actually went.


      But the very surprised to admit that Sona was taken to Government Hospital, the tests were conducted at Government Hospital, then how Nishi has managed to change the report at Government Hospital. She can change the report that will shown to Rohit but how she has done at Govt Hospital. Too many contacts she has…, Really!!!!!!!

    2. Sir, If Nishi has the contacts and access of Naren’s heart- changing report is simple for her. She is lucky ( thanks to stupid,brainless and illogical writers) that she will reach the spot right time every to plan her next evil plan.

      Not to forget , the fact is there are only two hospitals in Mumbai in these days for this serial – one is City Hospital and other is Sippys and both are connected. Blood can be taken fron City while Sippy does the test and give report.

      one can wear and remove masks at their convenience to deliver a powerful dialogue.

      Now don’t you think the channel has a taken right decison to end this stupidity – how a good serial can be killed by their writers – This is serial is a classic example. People loved it much as it is diffrent from rest so do I and unfortunately it has to rest its case as worst! Harsh words ! But as admirer of previous early episodes I am feeling this pain.

    3. Sona was admitted in City Hospital, but her blood samples were sent to Sippy hospital for testing by Sumit as ordered by Rohit.

    4. I was going to write exactly what Naina23 wrote, Sippy hospital has the facilities so Rohit wanted it processed there as City hospital don’t have the facilities so it goes to another clinic

  2. Sona is kidnapped by Mahesh . He is back -this time with much vengeance.

    1. Mehesh thinks that Sonakshi is dead

    2. If she was dead it would be all over media so he would know that she didn’t die

    3. SerialLover

      @NNS, reply to your other comment:
      I think this serial is ending not because of its stupidity, but because it was not gaining trp when it was showing realistic plots. I think the channel started interfering since the wedding drama, and finally planned to end when nothing seemed to work. Then as they had to tie all the loose ends, they are turning too much illogical.

  3. Its either all a dream, or it is a soap within a soap !!!

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