Nazar 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Fake Ansh out to kill Piya

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Nazar 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya and Ansh are sleeping in bed. Piya moves away from him. Snake inside Ansh wakes up and comes out. He smirks and thinks that I got snake powers but I need nitin mani powers which Piya have. Flashback shows how it was used to wake up Piya. He thinks that I have to go near Piya for it and I cant do it in Ansh’s avatar. He becomes fake Ansh and smirks. Real Ansh wakes up and turns but doesnt find anyone.

Priest and Nishant comes to witch room, he finds Mohana and Dola there in casket. Nishant says everything is fine here, he leaves. Ruby comes there and says I can wake up Mohana now.

Fake Ansh comes to kitchen and drinks whole milk bottle. Vedsheree and Shekhar comes there. Vedsheree asks if he is fine? you woke up as you wanted to go with me to Jagran? lets go. He starts leaving with them but see snake powder on door, he thinks I cant go out from here. Vedsheree says what happened? arent you coming?

Real Ansh wakes up and says I have to take Maa to Jagran.

Vedsheree says to fake Ansh that you can rest if you dont want to go. She leaves with Shekhar. Real Ansh comes there and stops Vedsheree. He says I will go with you, I am fine. He leaves with them.

Ruby comes to Mohana’s casket and takes powder she prepared, she throws it on Mohana. Mohana becomes alive again. Mohana says you came to help me, what you need? She says I need my braid back. Mohana says you have to free me for that. Ruby says I dont trust you, you have to tell me where my braid is, you dont have any other way out, once I have my powers back then I will free you. Mohana holds her hand and shows him that its hidden near witch tree.

Snake comes to Piya’s room and thinks that I have to kill her to get nitin mani. He comes near Piya. Piya wakes up. He becomes fake Ansh and says go back to sleep, I am here, he kisses her forehead.

Mohana asks Ruby to free her from casket. Ruby says I love Ansh and I know you are dangerous for him so I cant free you. Dola is stoned and thinks that my daughter fooled her well. Ruby says Mohana will soon become of stone again. She leaves. Mohana says I fooled Ruby. Flashback shows how she got some powder when she held Ruby’s hand. She throws it on casket and says now I will be free, I will become Dukayan and Dola cant stop it.

Nishant hears alarm and says I put alarm in Mohana’s casket. We have to go there. He comes in room and sees Mohana in casket. He sees cat there and says it must be because of casket. He throws patal liquid around her casket and says now she wont be able to get out.

Scene 2
Piya gets breakfast ready. Fake Ansh comes there and drinks all milk. All family members are coming there. He runs from there. All come there. Chitali says where is all milk? Vedsheree says cat must have drank it. Fake Ansh is under table. He sees some milk spilling from table and is thirsty for it. He make noise, all family members look down but there is no one there, fake Ansh has run away. Ansh comes there. Piya says when did you change? He says when I left. Ansh says when did you wake up? Piya thinks he woke me up and forgot it? Fake Ansh hides and looks on.

Piya is tensed. Fake Ansh follows her but Vedsheree stops him. She asks him to go and take rest.

Piya calls Nishant and says Ansh is behaving weirdly.

Vedsheree says you come with me, you are tired and need rest. She pulls him to Piya’s room. She knocks on Piya’s door. Piya ends call and sees Ansh sleeping in bed. She is about to open door.

PRECAP- Vedsheree asks Ansh why they should do pooja? Fake Ansh says Nishant said to do it, he gave me patal liquid to use it in pooja, he thinks that Ansh will be killed by this liquid, today a mother will kill her son.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba.

  2. Bad episode.

  3. Love this epi but don’t want fake Ansh to come close to Pia…..????????? Let’s see what will happen tomorrow…

  4. It’s not NITIN MANI it’s TRINETR MANI.. Please correct it… You have been consistently making this mistake

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