Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra’s soul gets released

Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi asking Dadi why is she packing her bags. Dadi says you are going to meet Madhav, you will be going alone with Narayan. Vaidehi asks really, Madhav and I will meet and have fun. Dadi says I m not coming along. Vaidehi says you will be missing me. Dadi says you have to leave. Madhav says you are around, people are around by this feeling. Nilambari and everyone see him talking to Chitra. Madhav says I m not doing this ashes immersion for some reason, for the sake of our love, I can never make you away from me. He goes with the family. Vaidehi refuses to go. Dadi and Narayan try to convince her and say how sad is Madhav.

Vaidehi asks the reason. Narayan asks her to come and see, Madhav stays lonely and sad, she can manage him, will you help him. She agrees and says everything will get fine, Dadi can manage herself for some days, I will manage Madhav. Anuradha thinks I have really seen something in that room. She goes to tell Sangram. He talks to some goon and asks him to do his work. He scolds Anuradha. Dadi gives Ganpati idol to Vaidehi and bids her farewell. Madhav does the puja and gets sad recalling Chitra. Narayan and Vaidehi are on the way. He tells her about Madhav and Chitra.

Madhav completes the puja. Sangram says I will kill you, I will prove to mum that I m much clever than you. Goon prepares to shoot Madhav. Vaidehi says take me to Madhav, I won’t let him worry more. Pandit guides Madhav to do rituals. Vaidehi says I know he won’t take care of him, he would be living with Chitra’s ashes, as he used to keep my things safe in childhood. Narayan gets a call and learns about Chitra’s ashes immersion. Narayan says Vaidehi, Madhav is at the temple. Vaidehi says he knows I m coming, I like to go to temple. Nilambari is glad. She goes after Madhav. Vaidehi reaches the temple. She shouts Madhav. Sangram sees his hired shooter aiming at Madhav. Vaidehi comes there and runs to Madhav. Madhav recalls his moments with Chitra. Nilambari falls aside. The ashes pot falls down. Chitra’s soul gets out of the kalash. Madhav and Vaidehi fall down. He sees the ashes spread out and scolds Vaidehi. Vaidehi smiles seeing him.

She says sorry friend, but help me. She recalls their childhood moment. He goes to pick the ashes. Nilambari says let it be, no need to touch kalash, pandit will do the necessary puja, we shall go home, don’t know how did this girl come here. Madhav says I will come. They all leave. Narayan cares for Vaidehi. He introduces Vaidehi to Madhav. Madhav recalls Vaidehi. She talks nonstop. Madhav goes. She says he is so sad. Narayan asks her to come. She says I will go when Madhav calls me to come. Madhav turns and asks her to come. Chitra follows Vaidehi.

Chitra enters the home along with Vaidehi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Summer

    Hmm, i wonder if Madhav step mother is responsible for Chitra’s death of some kind of conspiracy? Perhaps Chitra’s soul is looking to seek justice…time will tell i guess. Looks interesting so far!

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Amena.

    1. Summer

      Hi Ooshi, how are you ? Hope you are well and studies are going well too! 🙂

    2. Ooshi

      Fine waiting for the result. How’s all going there hope all to be well.

    3. Ooshi

      Very happy to have U here. After a long time going we r going to be on a same forum. Take Care.

  3. Hi Summer,

    My thoughts exactly! I think the mother in law is involved in her death if not the sly son and dumb son in law.

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara, yes, i think so too. The father overheard her conversation regarding gaining full possession of the property. At the moment Madhav have full blind faith and trust his mother-in-law. It will be interesting to see how the story develops. 🙂

  4. Saniya fathima

    Even i want 2 be a member in this forum wil u allow?

    1. Summer

      Hi Saniya, the forum is open to everyone to share their view and thoughts of the show.
      Sometimes we vent, when the show is going a little bit pants, we rant lol! 🙂 I believe everyone is welcome to share… just post like everyone else. 🙂 Happy posting. 🙂

  5. Saniya fathima

    I luv sharing my thoughts 2 others

  6. Summer

    Hi Ooshi, very good to hear you are well. All the best with your results, i’m sure you will do well! 🙂 Likewise you take good care too! 🙂

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