Kumkum Bhagya 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Tanu asks Nikhil to kill Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that the needle is shivering. Pragya says not needle, but you are shivering as you couldn’t do. Abhi says no and says it is matter of your respect. Pragya says I will do. Abhi says when the matter is about respect then it becomes big important. Pragya says I will do. Abhi says I will do. The needle pierced in her finger. He sucks the wrong finger. Pragya shows him the injured finger. He sucks it. Abhi says she will stitch and asks her to turn. Chachi is stressed thinking about king and Aaliya’s hugging each other. Dadi tells that time is changing fast, we don’t know who will with whom in the future. She says damad shall be like King and bahu shall be like Pragya. She says Pragya and Abhi look best. She says King and Aaliya look together. Chachi is shocked and asks what did she say? Dasi makes excuses and says what we see is not real. Chachi excuses herself and thinks they are mad people. He thinks may be King likes Aaliya and that’s why Pragya has chosen Abhi. She thinks Kalyug started from this house. Dasi says you always traps me and I always save you. They laugh.
Nikhil calls Tanu. Tanu asks why did you call me and says you have already ruined my life and asks if he will waste her time. Nikhil says when you start respecting me then you will know what I can give you. He says he came to know about the report and asks her to come back side of the house. Abhi stitches her dress and rests on her shoulder, feeling sleepy. Pragya gets emotional. Tu hi pyaar nibhana yaara…..

Pragya asks when did he learn? Abhi says it was his first time. Pragya says you are an expert to make talks. She says she will come in 10 mins and asks him to be there. Abhi says we can make it 5 mins. King asks waiter about Abhi’s room. Waiter tells him. King looks at Aaliya and smiles. Aaliya thinks why is he smiling looking at me? king says I am talking to you and asks how she is now? Aaliya says you shall ask me how I am? King says you are like a child. Aaliya says I am a strong woman, whatever happened inside was a weak moment. King asks if she enjoy seeing her bad side. He says he saw weak Aaliya who needs a companion and she is a good girl. Aaliya says she don’t want his concern. King asks her to let inside Aaliya come out and says she might like concern. Aaliya hits on his foot. Dadi asks what happened? Aaliya says he is teasing me. Dadi says King is teasing Aaliya. King says I saw her in the room and stops saying further. He says I was teasing her. Aaliya says nobody can tease me. king asks shall I tell that I hugged you. Dadi and dasi laugh. Aaliya says he was teasing and goes. Dadi says whatever happened was good and says she likes King for Aaliya.

Tanu comes to meet Nikhil. Nikhil asks her to come with him and holds her hand. Tanu slaps him. He holds her hand and asks her to raise to hug him. He says you have nobody with you, not even Aaliya. Tanu says you called me to say this. Nikhil tells that Abhi is getting is DNA matched with Kiara.

Pragya brings lemon water and asks him to drink. Abhi says it is a poison and refuses to drink. Abhi says I am in my senses. Pragya emotionally blackmails him and pretends to cry. Abhi says I didn’t mean to hurt you. He drinks it. Abhi says I was drunk, but I was sensible. I didn’t do any tamasha, misbehave or anything. I can handle my drinks. He asks if he behaved well. Pragya says yes. Abhi says lets play now. Pragya says lets wait for 15 mins. Abhi asks her to come. Tanu tells Nikhil that she thought that Pragya wants to snatch Abhi from her, but it was Abhi who wants to get Pragya back in his life. He says Abhi will prove first that Kiara is his daughter and then will bring them both home. She says nobody can stop him as Pragya is not married to King. She says until now I have stopped Abhi, but where will I go if everyone comes to know this. Nikhil asks her to come with him as she has promised. Tanu agrees to go with him on a condition. Nikhil asks what? Tanu asks him to kill Pragya and says she can’t let Abhi get Pragya. Nikhil says if you will really come. Tanu says yes. Nikhil asks her to get her stuff ready and he will make arrangements to kill Pragya.

King and Abhi argue with each other over some issue. Abhi says girl’s family stand with their head high.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. WOW…what a new idea!! Kill Pragya….how did they come up with that plot…again??? LOL… sorry can’t help myself. I am surprised (well not really) that after being fooled by Tanu so many times Nikil doesn’t finally kill Tanu and then kill himself??? That’s a scenario this serial hasn’t done yet. Not that I would wish that on anybody but it sure would get rid of 2 evil people in this story at once. Then they can annoy each other where ever they end up and leave these people alone for good.

    1. Leisa s morris

      I was now gonna say dat nikhil takes the cake from abhi. Everytime tanu needs him she calls and he comes running like her hero committing murders,abduction, theft and threatening ppl and as soon as she gets wat she wants hes back to being useless yet he still believes dat she will b his smh. She keeps stringing him along and he keeps buying it. Does he really believe if he kills pragya tani would leave abho alone smh?

  2. Sure, Abhi’s finger sucking was cute. Not really. Chachi and the Dasi’s? Chachi is plugged into reality and the Dasi’s are plugged into the dreams of Disha. And when I saw Tuna, I was sure that I was in the KKB world. Her skillful portrayal of herself (questionable acting skills) clearly reminded me about what I was watching. “I’m a strong girl” says Aliyah. SHE IS NOT A GIRL. SHE STOPPED BEING A GIRL DECADES AGO. SHE IS A WOMAN WHO IS A PSYCHOPATH. For gawds sake she is gaining the weight that a woman gains, not a girl. PSYCHOPATHS DON’T CHANGE. SHE IS A PSYCHOPATH CRIMINAL. Can’t have Purab? Oh well, there are a lot of lambs (King) around for her to kill. Naz said it well yesterday. Which woman is so stupid that she would go back to a manboy like Abhi. No real woman would go near the brute. No real woman is that stupid, especially with rescuer King, still taking care of her and her daughter. This show is like some Indian homes. The criminal actions are forgotten so that everyone has a clean slate, so the criminal elder, with their ‘clean slate’ can begin their victimization again. and the victim? Who cares? They are a victim. That’s their karma!! No wonder India is a cesspool of corruption. This program helps to keep India’s current criminal culture alive and well. Keep teaching those young women and men that corruption is acceptable…. it’s loving behaviour that requires a celebration. Just think…. Indian marriage is the celebration that insures that victimhood persists. Pragya is a heroine, not a victim who has totally lost all sense of self and now enjoys the whip and the lash. Make the victim love their life. One of Ekta’s more profound teachings. Ekta, just like Aliyah has enough money to stay safely single. Or is the truth that no one wants Aliyah/Ekta because they are worse criminal types than any man alive, in India?

  3. It only happen in indian series, even children know better, if it were to be other series, the guy would have force her to go with him, because he would have run out of patient since, there series is too annoying, they just keep stretching series more than is necessary and turn it, into child’s play

  4. Tanu wants to go with nikhil leaving abhi if nikhil kills pragya. What the hell is this. Nikhil fool is believing her. Hope both will get caught or both should die. Waiting anxiously to see it.

  5. I’d like to think that it’s official, that Aliya found herself a man…at last!! Very soon Tanu will be all alone in her deep depressing world because Aliya would be busy seducing King in their bedroom…and it looks like Abhi and Pragya has become a couple once more.. And this means that King will be occupied with the horse Aliya and not have time to be a bad hombre… Once Aliya marries King, this serial should terminate itself because Abhi and Pragya and their daughter would live happily ever after and Tanu will end up in a mental hospital…her husband would have left her and her friend in crime would have found love after all and has left her to wallow in self-pity.. And of course Purab and his wife and son would have moved out and into their own house because Pragya and Abhi would be together and that means they won’t have anything important to do again in the Mehra’s house!! The end..

    1. Oh Naz, I dread poor King being subjected to… well, she is a human… but something like Aliyah. And The tuna fish. this is an enterprising aaah version of a human. All the ‘enterprising’ could be turned to something productive. How about ‘Miss Criminal Whore India’, after all even her attempt at Mrs. India was a fraud. She was never married. Nikhil’s a businessman. he could ponsor the contest. then Tuna fish can remain a shameless drunk. Just lie Abhi. As Pragya will understand if she is dumb enough to go back for more abuse and have her daughter learn that abuse is n act of love not hate. Otherwise how are you Naz? The weather must be lovely and little cooler than normal? When do the nasberries come into season?

      1. I’m doing good Akituster… Busy during the daytime… I have a wedding to attend this Saturday so I’ll be dressed up, I really don’t like makeup so this is the rare occasion where I get it professionally done because I’m no good at applying it. The weather is lovely these days, sunny during the day but very cool at night but this is only going to be so until a couple months from now, that’s when I hibernate a bit, venturing out only when necessary because the sun becomes enemy #1 for me ..just reminding you that I’m from the Caribbean.. Well..we don’t cultivate the raspberry and it’s relatives here, a few people have been on pilot projects here, cultivating the grape, strawberry and date palm plants but I don’t know of its outcome…..some of the fruits here are indigenous to the tropical region and many have been brought here by our ancestors when they came to work here on the sugar plantations in the year 1845…from India…and of course the merchants who traded here since the time of Christopher Columbus.. Mangoes, pineapple, citrus, coconuts, star apples, pommeracs etc are our staples..and there are others too numerous to mention…we import apples, grapes, pears, apricots, peaches, kiwis, strawberries and family and plums from North America and Chile.. Anyways, I know you are adverse to my mention of Aliya and King together but if this is what will keep her ass quiet then so be it…although I cringed to type that part up.. This would be Aliya’s distraction and Tanu will have to work alone as a hitman and hopefully she’ll slip up somewhere and get caught in her criminal activities. Nikhil is a dunderhead, as much as he portrays himself as a mercenary, he’s really ineffective in carrying out something successfully… He’s the type of man who relies on women to tell him what to do, how to jump and when to do so.. my day has started, gonna get a haircut ,prepare lunch, do the laundry and in between, watch CNN, I enjoy the debacle that is the White House, American politics has never been this interesting…and entertaining!! Later..

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