Nazar 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ansh makes Dilruba love him

Nazar 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohana throws Dilruba on car and glares at her. They both start fighting. Mohana jumps and stand on cr with her. Dilruba tries to attack her but Mohana punches her. Mohana keeps beating her and throws her on car. Mohana asks who gave her ring? Dilruba says Ansh gave it to me, he loves me. Mohana thinks that family is using Ansh to fool Dilruba so they can free Piya, this fool chudail doesnt know that.

Vedsheree asks Ansh to listen to Nishat. Dilruba comes there with Mohana. Mohana says to Ansh that you want to marry her? you didnt even ask me? She says to Vedsheree that you didnt stop Ansh? She says he was not listening to me. Mohana says you were against witch but you can make him marry a chudail? Shekhar says he was not listening to us. Mohana says you could have asked me, I would

have stopped Ansh. Nishat says how do you know she is a chudail? Mohana says I saw her going crazy over imli so I got to know, davansh is against chudail so she must have used evil powers to trap Ansh, I will finish her now. She grabs an arrow and is about to attack Dilruba but Ansh stops her and holds arrow. Mohana says let me finish her. Ansh recalls how Nishat said that Dilruba have to dance. Mohana says Dilruba is dangerous, we have to finish her. Dilruba says he is my lover. Mohana says to Ansh you will go against me? Ansh says I love her and will go against my mother, I will marry her at any cost, she will stay here with me. Dilruba says to Mohana that you lost, you are going to be my mother in law. Ansh asks Mohana to leave her.

Ansh is taking Dilruba from there. Dilruba says you have my heart, I will become anyone you want. Ansh says I love you so I dont want anyone else, not Piya.

Ansh comes to his room and finds Piya’s earrings, he says sorry and says just wait a little bit more. He cries.

Scene 2
Nishat says to Ansh that chudail is sure you love her now. Vedsheree says Mohana will try to finish chudail. Ansh says we can make Mohana part of our plan. Nishat says my thinking different, you know what to do next.

Family have to act like they are miffed with Ansh. Ansh and Dilruba comes in lounge dressed. Dilruba smiles at Ansh. Ansh says I want to celebrate Diwali with you. Dilruba says I like your style lover. Chitali says Dilruba should light diya as our daughter in law. Vedsheree says I dont accept her. Ansh says I wont hear a word against Dilruba, you people made me marry Ruby but now I will marry whom I like, its my life and nobody can stop me. Vedsheree says you will marry chudail? Ansh says nobody can stop me, you should be happy in my happiness. Vedsheree says we dont have a place for chudail. Ansh says I am leaving with her. Dilruba says you can leave your home for me? Ansh says those who dont respect you, I cant live with them. He starts leaving with Dilruba. Chitali asks Vedsheree to stop them.

PRECAP- Dilruba says to family that I think you people dont like me. Chitali says no we like you a lot, you can take anything from us. Dilruba looks at Vedsheree’s mangalsutra and says I like this, Vedsheree says I cant give this. Dilruba says what I like, I take it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today’s episode was nice.????
    *How can Ansh think that Mohona can help him to unite with Priya by fooling Dilruba.??
    *Will Priya be able to come out of Rack chakra?.

  2. Except for the fight sequence, nothing is interesting to watch. i suggest Cv’s to wrap this chudail track soon, i am not able to tolerate this family drama.

  3. How come Mohana’s feet are forward facing all of a sudden? Daayan’s feet are supposed to be backwards. All throughout the fight scenes with Dilruba when they show Mohana jumping on the car and kicking and punching Dilruba, her feet are normal ???

    1. Daayan can rotate their feet. Once it was shown when Mohona order Ruby to do this and Chaitali,Veedeshi saw that.May be present in the episode no.44 to 46.

  4. How come Mohana’s feet are forward facing all of a sudden? When she jumped on the car and then kicked and punched Dilruba in the fight sequence, her feet were shown normally. Daayan’s feet are supposed to be backwards ???

  5. Ooshi

    Everyone can and will fall for Davansh/our Ansh except Devik/Piya whom writers gave the character of dumb female lead.

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