Bigg Boss 12 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Red Team Wins

Bigg Boss 12 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 66
Inmates wake up to song ‘Mann Doley Mera Tann Doley’. They all dance and enjoy.

Rohit says to Megha that Sree sent me inside. Megha says he trusted you, you promised us but you are a traitor. Rohit says he never trusted me.

Deepak comments on Jasleen eating Bigg Boss food. Jasleen shouts why he is commenting on her habits? get lost.

Romil says to Somi that you must have a gameplan, talk to me. Somi ignores him. Romil says you want me to say sorry? I wont.
Bigg Boss asks inmates to get ready. Four contestants pounce on the lever as all get aggressive. Srishty scolds them, asking them not to break property. Jasleen says Rohit is scratching me. Megha says he is pushing me away. Sristy asks them to move back. Surbhi asks them to play peacefully. Sreesanth talks against Rohit and taunts at Surbhi, who defends herself. Surbhi says you put allegations on others but cant do the task. Sristy asks inmates to play in limits. Deepak says Megha is making me uncomfortable. Sristy says she is not doing anything. Megha gets shampoo and throws on other contestants to loosen their grip
Srishty gets angry at the unruly behaviour of contestants.
KV says to Somi that Megha is getting aggressive in task.

KV says from outside that its three 3 people against one in blue. Dipika says to Sree that you can change the game by going inside but dont do anything drastic.
Megha have cramps in her hands. Rohit says you are master.
Sree says to Dipika that dont worry, I will teach him a lesson.
Rohit says to Megha that Cherry master cant do anything, Megha asks who? Rohit says Flipsanth. Megha says you are a fool. Sristy asks them to be careful. Rohit asks Jasleen to move back, you cant do anything. Rohit says lever is breaking. Sristy says you people are breaking it, leave it.

Bigg Boss says this is not the first time that property is damaged, we told you to not be agressive with lever, we are discarding task for a time being.

Later, task starts again. Four of them run to it and lever breaks again. Deepak says I am asking them to be careful. Megha says he is hitting his elbow on my face. Rohit says it was not intentional.

The snake makes a hiss sound and eyes are blue. Sreesanth enters the snake’s belly. Jasleen says hi. He sits with them. Megha pulls the lever towards red and sits on the dial with Jasleen. Deepak says you both will fall down. Megha says if we get hurt then.. Sree gives them blanket and stands infront of lever. Jasleen asks Deepak to not touch them. Deepak says lever is broken. Sristy says they will try, you people get down. Sree gets angry.

KV says to Surbhi that Megha have saved herself by performing in task. Surbhi says Rohit is the star for changing the task. KV says Sree and Dipika will fall in eyes now.
Sree says to Sristy that they are using power so we can do it. Deepak says we are not. Sree says enjoy the task but dont be aggressive.

he snake makes a hiss sound. The lever is turned to blue at the last minute by Deepak and Rohit. Dipika enters the snake’s belly. The red team wins the task and enters the race for this week’s captaincy. Megha taunts that I had such a good team with me. Bigg Boss congrats red team for winning the task, they become contender for captaincy. Rohit comes out and smiles.
Rohit says they can call me traitor but I played for my friends.

Sristy says to Somi that Deepak and Rohit played well.
Megha cries after the task. Dipika, Sreesanth tell her that she played well against two men. Dipika requests her to stay calm as fights are bound to crop up in the house about this task.

Megha says it was horrible, he threw shoe at me. Sree says he is cheap.
Rohit says to Romil that I dont like Sree and Megha. Romil says you could have become contender for captaincy. Rohit says it doesnt matter.

Surbhi says to KV that Deepak and Romil are always exchanging hints. KV says Romil didnt cry for his kid and wife but cried for Somi. Surbhi says I got a bump in my game because of it.

Jasleen says to Sree that he called you Flipsanth. Sree says he cant make fun of my father’s name, I am going to hit him. Dipika asks him to calm down. Sree says I want to go in confession room now.
Sristy says to Deepak why Sree keeps making issues? Deepak says he wants to be seen in camera.

Megha says to Somi that Rohit threw shoe on me. Somi says this is bad. Sreesanth is called to the confession room. Rohit says to Somi that she commented on my mom so I threw her slipper away but not on her.
Sree says to Bigg Boss that I did not like the way Rohit behaved. Bigg Boss asks him to clarify it with Rohit, he might not know that first name is connected with father’s name in South India. Sreesanth goes and talks to him, he asks if he commented on his father? Rohit says he would never comment on his father’s name. Sree says okay.

Megha says to Rohit that you threw shoe on me. Rohit says you called me *******. Megha says you are *****, I will call you that everytime. Surbhi says Megha you are wrong. Rohit says to Sree that I would never make fun of your father’s name. Sristy says to Sree that you cant abuse my friend like this. Deepak asks Megha where Rohit threw a shoe. Srishty fights with Megha and says he said sorry to you. Megha apologises for cursing, but says that is not what she meant.

Bigg Boss asks the housemates who doesn’t deserve to be the next captain from the Team Red. Deepak says I feel Romil, KV and Somi was not involved a lot. Surbhi says Somi, KV, Romil for not maintaining energy level. Romil says Surbhi, KV and Somi, I was always near inmates performing. Somi takes Romil, Surbhi and KV’s name, there were small groups in team. Sristy says KV, Somi and Romil. Megha says they played using some other man from other team, she takes Romil, Somi and KV’s name, Jasleen and Dipika takes same names. Sree takes Somi, KV and Surbhi’s name. He says Romil was making strategy. Surbhi says he was sleeping all time. Romil, Karanvir and Somi will not compete for captaincy. Deepak and Surbhi qualify for captaincy task as inmates mutually decide it. Bigg Boss says Deepak and Surbhi becomes contender for captaincy.

Surbhi says to Romil that you were lost in task. Romil says you dont want me to become captain. Surbhi says I deserve captaincy too.
Megha says Surbhi was performing in task and Romil was very bad captain.
Surbhi and Romil argue over who performed in task. Surbhi says you three are one side and I am on other side, she says to Deepak that Romil made you take my name.
Somi says to Jasleen that dont say Romil was pathetic in captaincy.
Somi says to Surbhi that dont talk to me. Surbhi says dont show attitude. Somi says I am out of this, you torture me. Romil says why you are tortured? Somi says you people dont even talk and then just fight.

Romil says to Surbhi that I have something thats why they brought me back. Surbhi says I am here too because I have something too.
Megha says to Jasleen that Bigg Boss asked who performed well so I explained it.
Romil says to Surbhi that we handled you otherwise you would have been out till now, we are seeing how well you are playing now. Jasleen and Megha comes there to enjoy the show. Megha says continue your fight.

Surbhi cries and says to KV that I am not a bad person, I regret my words.
Romil says to Deepak that Surbhi is always fighting with us, she is wrong in anger.
KV says destroying relations are easy here.

Surbhi says to Romil that we should talk, I am sorry for my statements, I am a good person. Romil says I cant go to your level in arguments. Surbhi says dont say all that if you want to clear things. Romil says we cant walk together so leave. Surbhi says you make people look bad. Romil says thank you for making me winner. Surbhi says your attitude is bad, I rectified my mistakes, I am trying to change myself but you cannot grow.

Surbhi cries behind sofa.

KV says to Rohit that this is a time to make our group, Surbhi is alone, she is playing game too. Sristy says we should wait.

Somi says to Romil that you can try to rectify things with Surbhi, Romil says she calls me egoistic. Somi says talk and realize your mistakes.

Deepak says to KV that Sree used everyone in this house for game, Sree is playing with Dipika too because he knows that Dipika thinks negative of him so he is using siblings bond so someone would stop him when he tries to beat someone so he wont break rules too.

PRECAP- Shweta will give breaking news from house. Sree tells Surbhi that I was over aggressive in cricket days, I did not slap my co-player. Megha throws slipper on Deepak and spits near him. Deepak says this is her reality.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I was literally like slapping rohit, srisrty and deepak for their badtameezi..
    And today iam regretting to support sristy in saba-sristy fight..

    Do girls ki f8ght ko sristy handle nhi kar payi aur aaj usi ka so called attention dene wala bnda jb do girls k sarh itni badtameezo kar raha tha tph srisrty ko koi problem nhi hui infact she was enjoying the fight..

    I really dont like sree for his give up attitude.. He have fanbase. Agar perform nhi karega tb bhichalega. Butwhat about his team mates.

    I was really feeing bad for megha and jas.. Sree k ane se pehle kitna mehnat ki dono ne.
    Aur sree k atwy hi dpk amd rohit k liye task aur zyada easy bn gaya..

    Today surbhi said the right thing.. Surbhi k ane k baad grp form hua usse pehle romil khin dikhta bhi nhi tha..
    Ek side sristy bolti h hum. Log bahar kaise lsgte honge and on the second hand. Attention razz k enjoy kr rahi h. I was hating her when she wS shouting at megha for using gaali.. Kisichudail se km nhi lag rahi thi sristy aaj..
    Kisi ne sahi hi bola h.. Insan agar accha kaam kare but looks m accha ma ho. Stil wo insan accha lagta h.. Koi insan kitna bhi dikhne m accha ho but bura kaam kare wo bnda dikhne m bhi bura hi lagne lag jatah like sristy.

    I was hating kv too when megha was telling the name and he was arguing with her.. Matlab aap jisko suna sakte ho uske peeche zabardasti ka pad jao. And thefunny part was.. Surbhi and kv was calling megha dumb..
    Dumb ka khitab toh waise rohit kv and sristy ko mila hua h already.. And megha is much more intelligent than kv..

    I hope kv ko samajh aye bewakoofon k sath mil k team banane se kuch nhi hona.. Jo fanbase h na kv ka wo bhi khatam ho jayega

    For me jas was the best in this week..
    I am really liking her.. I wish ye week aur ruk jaye..

    1. I saw diehard sree fans appealing their followers to vote for Megha and jasleen on twitter so maybe jass doesn’t go and get more votes than roshit however I don’t think votes matter anymore considering bb obviously has been manipulating the result(everything actualky) this season soooo her chances are scarce

  2. And i was really enjoying when somi was geting irritate by jas’s antics.. ?
    Somi n team bhi toh yahin karte they na pehle…

  3. And i was really enjoying when somi was geting irritate by jas’s antics.. ?
    Somi n team bhi toh yahin karte they na pehle…

    1. XYZ and ABC are you the same person

  4. Its my birthday so I wanted blue team to win but anyways……..I think kV n rohit r competing against each other not in this game but in “sabse stupid kaun”…….seriously yr in the nomination task he didn’t even try to convince dipika once…….he was just sitting in a corner……come on yr…….
    N rohit is worse than surbhi…….in talk…….
    Romil is the worst……he did absolutely nothing except sleeping n snoring n he wanted to be the captain……r u serious……disgusting lazy uncle……
    After the end of this task I have got to know that srishty is completely involved in rohit although not trying to show……..moreover rohit is doing this just to remain in this show……srishty have lost respect at least in my heart…….
    Deepak is the cha hi of this house not kV…….whenever I see him he is mocking or misbehaving or b*t*hing about people……..he is a chugalkhor aunty…
    Someone here is obsessed with romil I guess……..his/her comments r most of the times hilarious……lol.

  5. TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL cares for surbhi and made her a captaincy contender with deepak ‘s help good to see somi defending GEM ROMIL # captaincy between deepak and surbhi # tough choice for GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # fans hoping he favours the deserving candidate meanwhile surbhi is melodramatic towards TRUE SOUL ROMIL # glad that he stood on his point # keep playing well romil we are with you # love to you from fans across the globe keep entertaining # GOLDEN HEARTED romil fans vote for him with utmost intensity and love he will never disappoint a single fan ever # LOVE TO OJA !!!!

    1. The name Gold hearted Romil sounds sooooooo stupid…

    2. ye aiplanes wla romil k ghar hi koi hai 🙂

    3. @sakshi n @jigar.. his comments are at least sarcastic n funny ! I don’t watch the show anymore . I come here for the comments . His comments are a mood booster unless he goes personal on taking our names.

  6. Kudos to u megha……..she played like a true winner……tigress……
    Jasleen also did well but megha stole the show……..last today’s episode was all about Megjha dhade#fighter……loved her spirit,self-confidence n energy……

  7. This is called great editing they made it look like sree will turn everything around in promo and what we got was so disappointing and unsatisfying 🙁 and why srisjty stopped the task when jasleen and Megha have already dragged that lever in red? and why was she so shouty over the one who were being dealt with force and disrespect is she blind? It’s time salman pass on most biased sanchalak badge to her she annoyed me more than those two cheapars, Sree wasn’t totally wrong in saying bigg boss played a game by placing rohit in their team idk why deepika sushed him up like he said something really vulgar it’s the most obvious thing people have been noticing and saying since yesterday bb teams planning is always in happy clubs favour what I hated the most sree proved chuchanti right instead of doing the task he made other two gave up too regardless if it was useless at that point but he should have tried at least take a stand for Megha and jasleen even though both that chichora and cheapar started to act all nic and innocent and blaming Megha jasleen for everything in front of him, Megha RN is personification of every single person out there frustrated by that cheapar I hate that guy even more than I hated akash and puneesh last season.I just don’t get nice vibes from kV maybe cause he’s trying to form a group with people that are on my shitlist RN or his way of laagai bujhai is too repulsive and it does not really go by his image that he has tried to portray all season long idk I just can’t get behind him and it annoys me that shiv put differences among happy club but some people are giving its credit to kV besides surbhi maybe is listening to him cause maybe she wants her own group and she is not at all getting manipulated by him but manipulating him instead ..if salman doesn’t take cehapak and chichora class this wkw and give some justice to Megha jasleen then I will stop watching this crppy show and that too with a video clip of what has happened inside HMS need to know what happened with her there

    1. Very well said……..kV has been a disappointment from the start of this week……

    2. What you said about deepika stopping sree from saying bb planned it all by putting rohit with them is so is true I don’t understand why she acts like a mother figure to him it’s annoying and sometimes it even make him look wrong where he isn’t saying the wrong thing…besides if sree look her up as elder sister then why he keep calling her babe?

    3. biggboss toh chahte h ki ghar par ladai ho lekin contestant hi itne worst hai bahar nikl kar rohit se koi lada hi nhi is bat par … bigg boss ki galti nikalne se phele blue team ki galti hai jb unhe pta tha rohit nhi khel rh hai toh bhejna hi nhi chaiye tha task rok dete

    4. Why Shiv trying to break happy club is a game for you but KV trying to dissolve Wolf pack is wrong given that wolf pack has no unity it is all about one pair- Bhai bahen. Baki to bechari do team members ki mehnat barbad aaj ki do din pehle unke save hone ka chance

    5. It’s not kV dissolving happy club that I’m a little miffed about it’s the fact that his fans are crediting him for whatever happened to HC to only him which isn’t true shiv put the first doubt kV is just taking advantage and moving forward with it

    6. (Ignore my other comment I misunderstood something)I didn’t say anything about not liking kV cause he’s trying to target wolf pack cause wolf pack was already done when he left as he was one of its core member besides as I said in my initial comment I myself don’t know why I get negative vibes from kV then I reasoned later with myself that maybe it’s cause he’s playing along people who right now have very negative image(srishty & rohit) besides his way of playing is shady and he’s taking a path of backstabbing and betrayal instead of forming a group and saying so and playing on forefront he’s still stuck in shady alley trying to be a chinnichor that targets heroins at night in films instead he’s doing what deepak was doing at start that is being a double dholki and a turncoat while shiv entangled happy club in their own words and broke their bond he didn’t lie he said what they each were dealing with him

  8. Why was sree treating Megha like his mother lol when they were discussing weakest performer and megha started speaking he gave her same look teenagers give to their mothers when they open their mouth in front of their cool friends and say something really embarrassing… But honestly I would rather watch megha-sree team up than deepika-sree drama duo

  9. Sree again proved his flip side and washed off hard work of two girls. Why these girls never yell at him for promising more and performing zero.
    I would pity these two women if they would not bad mouth. They angle and mom thing. Why to give advantage of being woman once you are in the game you are human and not women. So demand respect as human not female.
    Ek ladki ko khane p comment nai pasand and that is personal for her. But she talks about love angle jab khud jhutha love angle lekar enter Hui. When jas was exposed on camera last week Ander HMs k pass aakar phir jhooth. First she must be disqualified for lying to get in the show. That’s biggest ulanghan. Megha well played but she needs to control her words too. Rohit was wrong too. But jasleen existence in the show for me is question mark and on top of that her comment on others love angle. Uskly koi point out karea to personal attack and when she does it???
    Megha questioned rohit’s loyalty how about she questions Sree’s flip side. She won’t as she is scared of Sree. Jasleen is flirting with Rohit in pool what does she think about that angle.

    1. You’re so blind in sree’s hatred that you are unable to see who was wrong and right in that snake task

    2. I am not. I am just a viewer. When he played a bit I appreciated that too. My views are according to daily episode.

    3. I agreeeeeee. A woman and A man must be considered equal if they are inside a game. Things may hurt a woman but it won’t hurt a man – this theory is completely wrong. Totally wrong. Treat a man no less than a woman.
      I am loving Surbhi right now. Really I m loving her. Her words, her actions , her every little thing in her heart comes out straight.
      I m not liking KV nowadays, but kya kaare… dipika has the same drama of bhai behen to play ! They are all scared of Shree. Shree uses these women time to time and still they don’t take a stand ! Dipika is a hopeless case. Dipika leaving KV. KV left out. Empty mind in devil’s workshop ! Ho gaya khel.

  10. lol this respect saga for megha and jasleen if they are that much fragile then biggboss should give those two bimbos a kitchen task # that ghost jasleen lol who knows nothing about other than makeup in the show and second is megha who only make noises like thunderstorms but not rains # if boys allow them to pull the lever as per as their wish lol no it was a task and in task all are competitors be it a girls or boys if girls can’t take it they backoff and if they can then play it like a sportsperson as rohit and deepak are not any criminals one is sony channel reknowned actor after pehredarr show and other has sung a song with evergreen manoj bajpayee # touch me not girls oh baby got a nail scratch in tha task # crybabies of respect # loser descriminators here # its a task not a third class script show # in task compete by the rules and try to win it by hook or by crook # at end result matters
    if all knew from blue team that rohit betrayed them then they should have not sent good for nothing lady jasleen she is just in the show to be a model nothing else her iq seems to be in negative in tasks # better stop crying if there are 150 cameras if anything bad happens then channel will take action on any such bad touch or pull #just playing sympathy saga of girls card lol is not fair at all as all can’t be decent as our TRUESOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL# no offence to any female but yet having a personified stand on the happenings in the house # i imagine if SIMAR was in place of megha then task should have been over in 1second lol hahahhaa # to all who are crying over respect maggie # eat halwa or i should say SIMAR KA HALWA with TRUE SOUL ROMIL KA JALWA # take the game sportingly # girls have to show it to the boys thy are not weak inspite of complaining it to refree # give your best and let audience voteds do the taking

    1. I agree to your view point. There is no point playing girl card. Megha is good player but is irritating too. Bahar aakar she conviently lied ki ushe jutta feka aur khud ki gali ki baat aayi to defensive ho gayi and yet again in promo she is spitting and doing whatever gawarpana. No one here started throwing shoes except her. Ye koi ladka karea to weekend Tak let jayegi.
      Only her this gawar behaviour takes away her charm of being good player.

    2. Trueeee. Why are women playing victim card.. ? I don’t get that ! U want equal respect . Equal means both are equal. No man is less. No man is more. Still, these girls favour Shree for being “Chivalrous”?! Lol ? Chivalrous never means giving up for a girl. It means playing it at the best so that even if the girl wins , she deserve to win ! And Rohit was wrong for abusing Megha… he wasn’t wrong for betraying his team. Because in his team only Jasleen and Megha participated . Bhai Behen kya ghaas kaat rahi thi ??? Disgusting ! Even when Shree came, he left playing . Srishti was right. Do ghante chup tha, firse uaad agaya camera hain. ?

    3. log yaha bahut badi badi baatein karte hain practical nahi…… equal equal karne se equal nahi ho jata …. touching man’s chest by a female and vice versa in a task is not at all equal whether its appropriately or inappropriately….nd sabse pehla differentiating comment toh rohit ne hi diya tha jazz ko mat bhejo ye kuch nhi karegi….andar ek ladke ki jarurat hai…. tab kaha thi aap logo ki equality ki theories…. 2 girls vs 1 boy toh chal jata bt 2 girls vs 2 boys…no logic….task toh tabhi khtm tha…so in case of physical tasks like dis the competition should be boys vs boys or vice versa…..leave dat gaali galauch side bcoz we as a viewr only got the edited version to see bt the way medha n jazz were manhandled was really bad…. n thnx to sree ki usne jaake kuch bhi nhi kiya kyuki task another worst level pe jaata…red team to waise hi jeet raha tha…..

    4. @123 toh Shree ko veja kyun nahi ? Veja toh Shree ne khela kyun nahi? That’s so Dumb. Shree was equal to both the boys. Why did Jasleen go ? And Romil, Surbhi, KV, Somi toh ayaa hi nahi. It was teamwork. Rohit betrayed. Shree betrayed too ! Ask Bigg Boss why they give these tasks.. Deepak mustn’t quit like Shree saying “they are girls. They are weak. Give them charity” He played his part. Those two women played their part. And I respect their hard work. They really did well. But what was Shree n Dipika doing? Why couldn’t Dipika butter Rohit just like she butters Shree? Aur agar unintentionally Megha got hurt, that was wrong. But I don’t feel Rohit or Deepak will use force to have fun. It was a task and even Rohit, Srishti and KV could have supported wolf pack if and only if – Dipika’s concern wasn’t only about Shree. They felt left out. Empty minds made a new team. I see Dipika as the main villain here for all these things happening .

    5. Megha instigated Rohit on love track, brought his mother into it, abused, spat and did some of the violent things. If Rohit defends himself , why is he the culprit ?
      Secondly , none in his team would’ve given support to him, then why should he stay there? I m sorry for Jasleen only. Dipika was the root for all this team differentiation .

    6. Whether its frm shree or rohit….cheating ur team is a sinful act… its like agar team me ek bande ne match fix kara toh sabko match fixer ho jana chahiye…plz dnt defend rohit….cheating in individual game is ok bt on team level nt at all appreciating… nd i just hate dis brother sister n friendships wala angle… agar relationship banani h toh baahar banao… big boss house ko chhod do…
      Nd last thing cricket match bhi poori team win karti h…bt man of d match ek hi hota h so captain ek hi banega poori team nhi dat doesnt mean u should cheat on ur grp…

    7. Big boss team is at fault for watever happening in d house…. from choosing contestants, selecting teams , giving tasks or evicting them …big boss is d culprit…. dis one is d worst n most boring season .. i loved the manveer n hina wala season… kya contestants the… dis time i didnt lyk a single one… is season ka koi winner nhi hona chahiye…. romil is d andhon me kaana raja… koi kuch kar nhi raha toh wo mastermind dikh rha h bt mastermind was alwayz vikas gupta

    8. 123 if Megha was hurt in chest wo dur feke shoe ka badha chadha k issue banayi. In this case to molestation ka charge laga chuki hoti. More known celeb ladki ko middle finger dikha sakte hai during argument in the house but ek non celeb ya less known celeb task m ladki ko hara de to manhandling and unfair so hypocritical? Jin women ki ladkiyon ko aise potray karna hai better they should not play.

    9. this is the every first time I’m loving ye comment aeroplane. ???? n hallwa jalwa line made me lol ??? itna hi gal gal krna h to show me Anna ho Ku??? task hi Ku krna.

  11. I want to know why rohit chuchanti and cheapak become ugly little angels when sree entered the snake?why they stopped the third class teasing? Why were they not being roadside mawalis and manhandled Megha and jasleen anymore I definitely was disappointed that it all went totally different way than the promo and those two getting quiet and blaming jasleen and Megha instead, of force was even more annoying it shows they’re afraid of sree and they tried to manipulate him into thinking his team members were ruining the task and later srishty tried to blame jass/Megha in front of other HMS as well for this very reason I want a full video clip of whole task to be shown to all HMS and how ugly it all looked and to see the real culprit instead of blaming Megha or jass…I swear no other season has people cheating and sanchalaks being partial to this level even sworn enemies in previous season used to maintain neutrality

  12. on behalf of TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL FANS wishing # NANDINI a HAPPY D ‘DAY #congrats to u as u are one more year ,older hahaaha just kidding # enjoy and do vote for TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # stay healthy and keep loving GEM HEARTED ROMIL :))-# choco cake to you with vanilla essence # admin will bear the bill hahahahha lol lol lol

    1. This guy is soooo funny !???

  13. Salman will take Megha/jasleen/deepika/sree class instead on wkw and praise romil for his masterstroke of encouraging rohit to be a traitor and rohit and deepak for their good performance srishty for fair sanchalan LOL I’ve lost all faith in this show

    1. Forget to add that Salman will not even acknowledge that it was kV who encouraged rohit to be a traitor at first sorry he has to follow the script where romil do every plot turnaround thing so

    2. Or if he does acknowledge everything rohit did in a bad way and then ask for kV comment then as usual he will betray rohit & blame him like he did with shiv srishty and deepika he’s a traitor himself who first instigate then if things go awry he ditches the person he just encouraged to dig their own grave

  14. Since game was already out of blue team hands If only sree had gone inside snake and hit rohit and deepak he would’ve come out as a hero but no he wasted it by channeling his name meaning, I don’t get it did he not do as such cause deepika insisted that he shouldn’t or it’s his personality of being a phuski bomb at its finest? Besides I hate to say this but now I agree with deepak onthis ONE thing that kV is a pure chachi the way he’s acting isn’t him being a mastermind it’s saas bahu mental game at best people said why sree/deepika or Megha didnt involve him in nomination task but how could they when he has already made a mindset to target them by doing backstabbing at least sree say and do in front of everyone whether people hate it or like it it’s up to them while kV is playing in shadow with other idiotic characters in that house who have missed a life lesson on conveying their side respectfully and not being biased imbecile, like seriously what happened to srishty?I never thought she will turned into mini surbhi and has worse ear shattering shouting voice than her…jasleen may’ve come off as fake with whole anup thing and the way she acted infront of hms last week however today she seemed very much real her reactions and actions all were justified maybe she has finally decided to shed on the fake persona and be whatever she really is I don’t know at start I liked her and I saw same fierce attitude from her today maybe the fact fact her & anup are exposed or he lied on her made her pretend or she was just anxious all this time don’t know however I’m not counting on her to remain this way cause usually this season’s contestants change every epi but i loved the way she left somi fuming that girl deserves that….surbhi wasn’t really wrong in saying she made romil but to me producers made both & happy club if it wasn’t for their support all of them would’ve been out every week in a beeline…*women card* isn’t really a bad thing to pull out when the women involved have all the right to pull it, if someone is really has been targeted beyond certain level and the women involved didn’t actually did it until they were verbally harassed and mocked and physically tackled inappropriately,would deepak and rohit have dared hold hands like the way they did if it was a male contestant there? It was a power show, would they’ve blew kisses vulgarly and tried to dance with a male contestant like rohit mockingly did with Megha only thing they had to do was keep the lever in its place and not indulge in the crassness and obscene behavior they did but why they did that?cause they were enjoying the power play….I miss neha she would’ve proved to be more beneficial than both spineless brainless srishty and deepika both of them are pretty useless I don’t want none of these contestant to win idk they should give the trophy to random person from crew or public but to none of these undeserving bunch…

    1. I read through your ~essay~ and come out alive lol but I agree with every single point even though you were a little harsh on sree but at this point I do agree he needs to take actions and not be all about words…

  15. It was deepika who ruined the game yesterday sree was ready to go inside he was in fact stubborn about it then she started her mahanta act number 1826289917 by convincing him that “Megha needs jasleen ” as she was shouting, yes it was sree mistake to trust on rohit but it coulve been easily rectified if he has gone in earlier but jaaleen & deepika didn’t let him

    1. Yeah I noticed it even though Megha was asking for him, she took decisions like any other sanskari bahu in any TV soaps take it was like a dramatic overemotional scene going on there “”nai Bhai tumhe meri kasam Megha ko jasleen ki zarurat hai bhaiiiiiiii” ugh and jasleen forced both of them to send her in cause she wants to be seen she wasn’t thinking from game point of view whatsoever but biggest mistake here was that sree put faith in rohit he shouldn’t have

  16. Deepak ne Sree ko sahi analyze Kiya.

  17. There’s no happy club. No wolf pack. All r stupid notions put in audience mind to fool dem. Megha respects
    Shiv and Neha ❤️

  18. Vikas Gupta’s boys are the worst characters in B town! Last year, there was Piyush Sharma and this year, it’s Rohit Suchanti. Like feathers flock together. I am 100 percent sure that Mr. Gupta is this way too. They all have zero respect for women who are of no use to them. And they have no qualms whatsoever to show it with total disregard for the audience. It’s as if our opinion doesn’t matter to them at all!!! Shrishty is such a shallow headed hypocrite. She became a worse sanchalak than even Dipika and I thought nobody could do that!
    This season, I genuinely can’t see anybody with winner like qualities. No, not even Sree, for a leader never ever quits and Sree has proved that he quits at the drop of a hat. What kind of a player is he that he made the 2 girls give up? How could he disregard the hardwork of Megha and Jas? He is a classic case of all brawn and no play! Very disappointed with Sreesanth.
    The surprise for me was KV’s devious planning and succeeding at it. Suchanti has become the villian, but whose idea was it? KV’s. I had never expected KV to turn the game so well. He is manipulating everyone in the Happy Club, and they haven’t even realised it! I am enjoying KV’s game. Lol!

    1. Priyank wasn’t badtammez tho he was aggressive but wasn’t piece of shit like this guy

    2. Sreesanth quits cause he thinks it’s all beneath him or a energy waste to do those task. By implying same logic in his actions he’s spoiling the best part of his personality for people, from his life journey & bits in bb house it’s obvious he’s a hard worker and could even win every single task but he’s repressing it all cause he doesn’t value this particular aspect of bigg boss enough to put an effort in them….KVs game is self sabotaging tbh he got nothing from encouraging rohit, still left being named as worst performer besides rohit will soon be evicted and I don’t think srishty will survive any longer then he’ll be left alone without any support to carry on his plan plus if salman exposed what he did then he couldn’t even form an alliances with celebs again either

  19. *Priyank Sharma not Piyush Sharma

  20. Really people really?task was to hold the lever down or come to a mutual understanding with other team member it wasn’t about blowing kisses and holding someone’s hands forcefully and dancing with them it wasn’t about singing suggestive songs or doing obscene gestures or commenting on someone’s eating habit or their face or makeup or bullying them with the unfair natural advantage, I’m not counting the times that rohut elbowed Megha or deepak dragged jasleen cause that could happen in task aggression however other things I mentioned were beyond disrespectful and demand “women card” to be pulled out cause it was a gender issue there they went beyond task rules or aggression it was ugly to watch and whomsoever denies this and trivialize it as people unnecessarily bringing gender inbetween need to reassimilate idea of equality besides let me tell you task was given keeping them in mind as equal they did it with an effort equally as well Megha jasleen didn’t bring up the aggression those two imbeciles showed what they brought up and were angry about was the behaviour those two idiots showed that could’ve been avoided and wasn’t needed….doing physical task doesn’t demand vulgarity you know and it annoys me how people are turning it against Megha/jass when they put double the hard work in there didn’t complained except for the behavior that doesn’t just need complaining but a good hard beating as well

    1. Agreed!

  21. @123 do you remember Megha used soap to loosen the grip of these two guys Bhai wo strategy hoti hai and a good strategy can make anyone win. You don’t need physical strength but mental sharpness in such case which Megha showed.

    1. Agreed dear…. my point was ki dat chichhora club was nt playing with dignity… big boss made the team of happy n wolf club…while megha gave her 100% …the two idiots also gave their 100% in physically manhandling dem…so in dat case manveer , manu ya other season type male contestants hone chahiye the…. jis tareeke se megha ko hataya ja rha tha…dat was wrong…dey both sat on dat machine bt still cant stop those idiots in terms of physical strength. .. i m myself a girl n i also hate if someone plays women card…bt in yesterday’s task it was nt abt women card bt tit for tat….n competing wid those idiots was nt easy…n it is reality dat dey won bcoz of d physical strength n cheating….

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