Ishqbaaz 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye gets saved

Ishqbaaz 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye shouts Anika and pulls her back. Rudra says I told you, you will always remember this party, I have waited for this moment since long. Shivaye asks what are you going to do. Rudra says sorry and pushes Shivaye in the pool. They laugh. They see the live wire hanging down in the waters. Anika shouts Shivaye. She stops Om.

Om shouts to Khanna to switch off power. Omru get Shivaye out of pool. Doctor treats Shivaye. Omru ask is he fine. Doctor says he got saved, don’t worry, he will be fine. Rudra cries. Om says I don’t know how did a live wire end up in the pool. Khanna says Rudra has checked the lighting, I asked him, he told me not to tell anyone about the spark. They get shocked.

Rudra asks why are you looking at me, its not like that. Anika slaps him. She says I thought you

have realized your mistake and became old Rudra, I was wrong, your hatred is so strong, you tried to kill Shivaye. Roop says I didn’t expect this from you, what’s happening here, a brother is killing another one. Rudra says I didn’t do anything. She says don’t lie, I know that you are after Shivaye from a long time, you tried to prove him liar and mad, I have seen you scaring him, your madness, I saw you scaring him by mimicking Tej, he must have been terrified, you have put the ashes in Shivaye’s shoes, didn’t you, I thought you will understand gradually, I didn’t know you will fall so low. Om asks is this true Rudra. Rudra says yes, I made a mistake Om, I even apologized to Shivaye in front of you, I can never do this, I didn’t know about the live wire. She says how do we believe you. He says I don’t know how to prove you. He asks Anika to trust him. Anika pushes him. Nani says what have you done. Rudra asks Nani and Bhavya to believe him. They get away and cry.

Rudra says Om you know me since childhood, you think I can try to kill Shivaye. Om shouts enough. Rudra says I don’t care if you don’t trust me, Shivaye trusts me, he knows that I can’t do this. He goes to Shivaye and says I did many stupid things, I tried to prove you mad, I didn’t do this today, get up and tell them that I didn’t do this. He cries. Shivaye gets up. He says Rudy, don’t be a cry baby. Everyone rushes to him. Anika asks are you fine. Shivaye says yes, I m alright. Rudra says sorry for pushing you in the pool, I didn’t know the water has a live wire in it, I m ashamed for my mistakes, you know I can never do this, tell them I didn’t do anything.

Shivaye says you didn’t do anything, I know what you did today, I know you did this being childish, what you did before was because of justified anger, lets forget it, whatever happened with me was an accident, Rudy wasn’t involved. Om asks but why did that happen. Shivaye says lets move on. Nani says forget the past. Roop says yes, I will just come. Shivaye says Bua you know, this has happened because of you. Anika says she wasn’t even there. Roop says yes, how am I related to this. Shivaye goes to her. He says you know why this happened to me, because you didn’t attend our party, you are the one with us, whom we consider dear, we didn’t get your blessing. Roop says my blessings are always with you. He says I m getting married, you have to manage everything now. She says yes. He hugs her.

She thinks I will play such a game that everyone will be shocked this time. Its morning, Nani greets Shivaye and asks him to go and have breakfast. He asks where is Anika. She says she is at poolside, she looked worried, I told her to take rest, I will get breakfast for you. He goes to Anika. Gauri sees Anika and says come, we need to see the fitting of wedding outfit. Anika refuses. Shivaye signs Gauri. Gauri goes. Shivaye holds Anika and jokes you also give current jolt, it was a joke, what happened, are you worried. She says stop this marriage, there are so many bad omens, Bua is right, we should postpone this marriage. He says this can’t happen. She says something or the other is going wrong, your life fell in danger, I m scared. He says okay fine, if something goes wrong in puja today, we will postpone the marriage. He hugs her. Roop looks on and thinks he made my work easy, this puja will be last one for Shivaye. She goes.

Shivaye gets some almonds near the poolside. Anika asks what is it. He says nothing, come. Roop asks someone to send the parcel on Rudra’s name. Shivaye checks arrangements with Khanna. Servant says this parcel has come for Rudra. Shivaye receives it. Om says Nani, pandit is coming in 10 mins. Nani asks Anika to get ready for puja. Anika says I will make arrangements first. Nani says we will manage, go and get ready. Anika says nothing should go wrong in this puja. Nani asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. Rudra asks for his parcel. Nani asks him to ask Shivaye. He says Shivaye said its kept in hall. Priyanka sneezes. She asks Rudra to spread the holy smoke in all corners of the house, she is allergic to it. He goes. Roop asks where did you send the parcel. She sees some box and says I got it, thanks. Rudra says its my parcel, Shivaye said its addressed to me. She says its mine. Dadi comes and jokes. Rudra rushes to hug her.

Roop goes with the parcel. Om and everyone hug Dadi. Dadi blesses Shivaye and Anika. Rudra says they are marrying again. Dadi says Aruna has told me, that’s why I have come. Roop checks the parcel. She gets some liquid in a bowl. She says when this will be poured in havan kund instead oil, there will be a big explosion, Shivaye will burn to ashes, Rudra will be blamed, because this bottle will be found here. Shivaye sees Anika coming. O jaana…plays…. pandit asks Shivaye, shall we start the puja. Shivaye looks at Anika. Pandit asks again. Shivaye says yes, I m ready, where is Bua. Roop comes and adds the liquid in havan kund. She says begin now. Pandit asks Shivaye to light the havan kund. Havan kund doesn’t light up. Roop asks what happened, I have put the oil, there isn’t any explosion. Shivaye asks explosion. Roop says I mean, fire isn’t lit. He says Anika, this isn’t any bad omen. Roop goes to get oil. She looks for bottle. Shivaye asks are you finding this.

Roop asks what is it. Shivaye says you will know it now. Roop asks him did he go mad, don’t do it. She shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone how are you all guys…
    Today both nox bhaiyya and anika di were looking awesome…

    Guys, keep aside all your pain and sadness and enjoy the episodes at least till our shivika’s story ends….
    Plzzz for the sake of shivika so that we can remember these scenes forever…

  2. Appy

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals…..

    Well today I will not comment anything about episode..

    As we all know that SC is leaving WELL.STILL WAITING FOR SOME MIRACLE…..
    But In the last day of Annika in Ishqbaaaz..
    Since our friendship love everything was started from here …
    So everybody had to come here ..
    You can welcome them with rotten tomatoes…( BECAUSE THEY LEAVE US IN MIDDLE)
    all are coming on that day.
    So guys spread the news and tell them to come on last day of SC…on ishqbaaaz


    Spread the news who are not here

    And silent readers you also have to come on that day….

    1. Sindhudi

      When is the last day of Surbi Arpu?

    2. NSK

      Its sad + 💔 but in shall ah will come 😊

  3. Appy

    And @LUTHFA my dear…
    I am extremely sorry ….
    I also wanted to celebrate our Shivika’s SR and Anniversary but the news broke us…
    Still we will do something….
    Don’t mind my dear..
    Lots of love for you….

    @Bunny be here .

  4. ShivikaSCNM

    Nice episode but going to miss ishqbaaz after SC’s exit I mean I’m going to stop watching the show.

    1. Sindhudi

      Shivika I have sent you a Friend request. Please accept it. Thanks my dear

      1. Yes dear I have accepted did u check

  5. Sindhudi

    I hope Roop is killed in the explosion.Please oust her out of the house. I have enough of Roop and her white teeth. We do not want too many elder ones. Just Dadi and Nani are good enough. Today I see a little bit of the old Rudra.

    Today’s episode is pretty much serious. Well next week we will know the finalisation of the generation leap according to the mad Gul. She will officially give more details about the leap. I really hope SC is retained.

    My love to all on this telly site. Good night. I am off to sleep.

  6. ShivikaSCNM

    From yesterday no mood to watch ishqbaaz 😰

  7. So on 26th June I started watching ishqbaaz where I saw a bold girl which was so happy living in her small but beautiful house. She met a very angry young men who doesn’t believe in love, who always lives in his own taxi. She was not afraid of that boy even though he was the king of business, she always believes that everyone was equal. On the day when shivaay humiliated her by saying low class, she didn’t cry in front of him not because she didn’t feel to but because such people think that people who cry are weak and Anika is not weak. She made a tadibaaz bagal billa fall in love with her but our dear producer think that her character didn’t fetch trp, maybe her character didn’t give trp but that character had given morals to young her

    She taught us to be bold, blunt, confident, don’t be afraid of anything and taught everyone that girl are not weak, they are strongest human being on earth

    Makers first break isbkara, I was OK because it was not much developed
    They brought rikara but they didn’t show it as they feel they don’t fetch trp then they even break rumya, I was silent but that does it mean that I ever accepted ruvya. Shivika was my favorite through I don’t hate any but u know personal favorite

    If shivomru were heart of ib then Shivika were its soul. I never say anything about ib but now without surbhi I can’t say anything
    Ishqbaaz is nothing without its soul, it’s Shivika without surbhi didi
    In her video it was clearly seen that she was on verge of crying. I wish she gain more and more happiness, more than that she got from ishqbaaz
    We surbhi fans are always with her, stay strong, u are everything of ib, ib will be remembered for Shivika for u surbhi, we will always love u

    Now I really don’t know which trp ib will gain if surbhi leave the show as the show was Majotly watch by Shivika fans and now idk who will watch ib

    Sorry for being so rude but u makers deserve it, I am sorry if I hurt any pkj but no soory to makers

    Surbhi considered Gul as her friend, her mentor. Is that a friend or mentor do??

    We will always love u di and Anika can never be forgetten, no character can take its place, she will be always alive in our heart and soul

    And thank you maker’s for stretching my favorite character of my favorite show
    Slow claps👏👏👏

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      Gul is nor a friend nor a mentor she uses actors for her benefit she s money minded hope few agree with me.

  8. ShivikaSCNM

    I don’t see any of her co star is feeling sad for her or no comments for her I feel pity .
    I see only banyan,chachi and Janavi commenting

  9. Surbhi Sharma

    Hey pkj wasiyon !
    How are you all doing ? How was today’s epi ?

    Take care all of you . Love you all so much . Good night ❤

  10. Yo i will be there on last day

  11. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    @Arpu I m here only… Just don’t feel like commenting…
    As U said about d plan ,
    It’s my request to all PKJian nd all IBian (silent reader of this page) plzzzz come here on d last day before leap.…
    Nd our frnd @Manaya already post about it on TU activity page , nd other members also post it in insta nd twitter…
    In this way our some old members will know about it…
    Nd if anyone of U have contact with any other lost PKJian then do infrom them…
    We all will try to come on that day nd make d comment cross 1K+
    Nd at last @Amena diii ,
    I dont know U r reading my comment or not , but it’s my request plzzz try to join us on that day…
    We will be waiting 4 all of ur comments guys…

    1. NSK


  12. Surbhi Sharma

    May be , today’s the last chance we’ll all come here … as may be many of us will be leaving this show …. just as sc did . I just so glad ishqbaaz started , i met a family here . A family whom I love with all my heart . Even though what gul did , i want to thank her . Coz it’s because of her , i met you all . I love you all so much . Shivay and anika aren’t just some fictional characters , but now have become a peice of our heart . Even if sc is leaving the show , she’ll always stay in our heart . After all , how can one forget our bold khidkitodh anika . She is my inspiration . She is a queen . Still hoping , she’ll come back and this is just some nightmare . But i know , that’s not true . This is awful reality . All I hope now is sc gets all the success in the world and the happiness . She deserves it and so much more .

    And I love you all , take care pkj wasiyon . Stay happy always . ❤

  13. Luthfa

    An Open Letter To My PKJ Family,

    Today I want to tell you all something.A part,about a crucial journey of my life.My journey of watching serial started officially with IPKKND 1 in 2011,18 May.Back then I was going through acute depression stage.IPKKND 1 came into my life being the biggest boon and it eradicated all my inner suffering in no time.I used to think about it all the time and that kept me smiling forgetting everything.It was a pure bliss watching Arshi on screen-my first favourite couple.Everything was going good but my happiness got snatched from me.The fretful day was 28 November,2012.How I felt because of it,only I could tell.Even now when I remember myself those days after IPKKND 1’s closure,it make me shiver.My state was very,very bad.I had no other option but to put fake mask in front of my parents that I was all right.I can recall my sleepless,crying nights and continuous praying to God to return my happiness back.I was a teenager that’s why my emotions got the best of me and I felt like it was a betrayal in love.My prayer got answered.Next year in 2013,in same November,the Bengali remake of IPKKND 1 started on Star Jalsha,from 4 November.I was happy like anything to watch my favourite show in my own language.I expected a lot and it did full justice to my expectations.The name of the remake is Bojhena Se Bojhena-BSB.Cvs changed dynamics of the remake serial to an extent while they followed the original story till Arnav’s kidnapping.Then for its longer running makers change the story and introduced many new characters and twist.It turned out to be one of the biggest hits in the history of Bengali serial.Then in 2016,on 18 June show got pulled off as hero got the offer of film and makers complied the decision!But,I was not worried at all that I was losing my happiness because my biggest,beautiful surprise was awaiting me.And it was Ishqbaaaz,my Ishqbaaz which was going to telecast from 27 June,2016.Rest is history if to tell the truth.I became a regular reader of TU,PKJ from November 2016 and here November 21,2018 I am still continuing being active member.Now what I am going to say is very important.When IPKKND 1 ended,I suffered emotionally and mentally like anything.I let my emotions,situation to control my happiness and it was nothing but a shadow suicidal attempt!My inner peace was ruined and regular life halted.I committed grave mistake by mingling reel and real.We all aware of what is going on regarding IB and we,as a fan are getting emotional and becoming sad thinking about upcoming.My dearest PKJ,don’t,just don’t be sad or upset no matter what happens though we have all the reason to be.Don’t repeat the mistake which I committed during IPKKND 1.My experience with Arshi taught me a very valuable lesson and that is-may what come,don’t let anyone,anything,I repeat-anyone or anything to become the reason of your tears and broken heart.It’s not just worth doing so.Our love is pure,100%.We will get justice in this or that way if anyone does anything wrong intentionally while playing with our emotions for his/her own purpose.So,promise me that YOU all will be strong and won’t bother about future which is always unknown.Live in the present and enjoy the moment.If it’s gone,you won’t have it back again which I regret now.Have faith in GOD an remember this sentence-“When You are going through something hard,unbearable and you start wondering where GOD is,just remember,the Teacher is always quiet during a Test”.
    Be positive,stay happy,always.Impossible is very much possible only if you believe in it to happen.Have trust in the power of True Love and if anything seems beyond your reach,leave it to GOD.HE will take care of it.I Love You All With All My Love.
    Yours ever,

    1. Banita

      @Lu , i m very happy that U wrote down ur exprience…
      It’s nycc to read ur letter… I don’t know what to say more…
      Lotsss Of Love yrrr…

      1. Luthfa

        Loveeeeeee….You sooooooo…much Bani😊😊😊

    2. Zaveesha

      Hey Luthfa.
      How are you?.
      Thanks for sharing your experience here.
      Lots of Love.

      1. Luthfa

        I am good dear.Thank you so very much.Hope you are doing great😊
        Love you too dear.Love you a lot😊😊😊

  14. Luthfa

    Dearest PKJ,as you all know tomorrow is 22 November and last year on that very day our SHIVIKA got united in the bond of love,once and for all and Narbhi created history on screen through famous Laal Ishq.In between all the tension and to shoo away those 2 rupee tensions,we need to celebrate SHIVIKA’S Laal Ishq.We can’t lose the opportunity.It will make us feel better if we open our hearts on SHIVIKA’S Laal Ishq and its cute,funny,awkward,blushing experiences.So,here we go-
    All will use #1YearOfLaalIshq tag while writing anything.
    1.Those members who commented on last year on the Laal Ishq episode in PKJ will rewrite their comments.New PKJians will write their new ones.
    2.Everyone’s experience regarding LI,how they experienced it.The different angles.
    3.Rating of Laal Ishq as a PKJ member out of 10.
    4.Final one-What Laal Ishq symbolized or meant to everyone when watching it on screen-The visual experience.
    5.All the pre excitement before watching it.
    These are few things to write.And most importantly,while writing write in different Five separate comment.Don’t finish writing everything in one comment.All must include #1YearOfLaalIshq or #1yearoflaalishq tag.Hoping to have a good laugh and blush when I and everyone will read and share each one’s experience.Will be waiting PKJ.Get ready for tomorrow irrespective of anything.Love you all.
    #Out of five above mentioned points,if anyone wants then they can share it too.Would love to know and read.Thank you so much.Looking forward to,Do participate guys.It’s a personal request.

  15. Guys do have any idea about other couples role i know even rikara and ruvya will exit the show i mean will character be still alive or even will they die with shivika because there is no news of any bros to shivaansh i think the makers might even kill there characters too but why there is no news i dont want shivaansh to hate rikara or ruvya

  16. I’m a silent reader wanna join ur group who did i join

    1. Banita

      Hlo Sharon…
      WELCOME TO PKJ dr…

  17. Okay. I am already very upset with Anika leaving and now they are using body doubles for Shivika scenes? Really? For the first time in Ishqbaaz I experienced this strange feeling that they were using a body double for Anika during Shivika’ conversation at the pool and even for their hug. 😒

    1. Yes even I observed that pool side scene u are right. I couldn’t see someone hugging shivay just imagine new pairing how can we accept.
      Pls change the show name but not ishqbaaz. Ishqbaaz means shivika,rikara and ruvya.
      They should end ishqbaaz…….with happy ending.
      Gul and har……Pls stop ur leap generation and end ishqbaa.
      U guys make an new serial and give new name but not ishqbaaz.

  18. Anyone knows who will play the next female lead?? I hope Gul didn’t make any of her older show heroines as the lead like sanaya or drashti….

  19. Well I must say Lal ishq is the most beautifully pictured consummation scene ever.Whenever I happen to listen this song I could remember only the beautiful shivika.It was not only the consummation of two people it was the scene where two souls become one. IN IB november is the most important month.Shivikas marriage consummation and ironically SC’s exit everything happened this month.Lets cherish those beautiful moments guys.Lal ishq I can never forget you My love.❤❤❤

  20. Hiii guys I heard that sonal vengulrekar will be the nxt female lead.
    I’m already missing old ib😭😭

  21. Nikita_jai29

    Very sad #nosurbhinoishqbaaz

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