Naughty Ragini With Cute Sanskar(SS) Vol3 -Shot 3

Shot 2 Here

Sanskar was in hospital..he gets a call from ragini..sanskar ignored rings again..sanskar switched off his mbl..
After sometime..sanskar sees ragini who entering hid cabin..
He supposed to shout at her but stopped seeing shekhar who enters after ragini..
Sanskar:uncle aap..yaha..
Shekhar:sanskar can u check ragini once..(he said worried)
Sanskar(looks at ragini who is looking down as if he ask her looking straight into her eyes..he might catch her lie ) :kya hua
Shekhar:she said she getting pain in her heart..
Sanskar in mind did she call to tell this..i should have attend her call..
He feels bad..
Shekhar:it never happened before..
Sanskar:dont wry uncle..i will check her..
He held ragini hand..ragini heart beat rised..he made her sit in chair..nd checks her while ragini stares at him lovingly..
Sanskar found ,she is normal..
He looks at her ,Ragini looks here nd there..sanskar understand she lied..
Shekhar:kya hua sanskar..
Sanskar:vo..kuch nay uncle..i will give injection she will be fine..
Ragini widened her eyes hearing injection word..
Shekhar:nothing is serious naa..
Sanskar:aap tension mat lo uncle..bas ek injection..
Ragini(shouts loudly):no
Sanskar coveres his ears with his hands..
Ragini stood up nd hides behind shekhar..
Ragini:paa..i dont want injection.. here na dont scare
Sanskar:haan..u have pain will gone
Sanskar takes needle..
Ragini (starts cry like small kid):paa plzz..i dont want injection..plzz paa..
Sanskar could not able to stop his smile seeing her..
Shekhar (turns at her nd wipes her tears):stop crying bacha
Sanskar moves to her nd held her hand…
Ragini(complaining tone):paa
Sanskar:dont wry..i will not give injection..
Sanskar:haan..stop crying..
He makes her sit nd gives water..ragini drinks it..
Shekhar(gets a call):hello..i told naa cancel all meetings today..i will not come anywhere..
Saying he cuts the call..
Sanskar:uncle..she is fine..u can go for meeting…
Sanskar:u dont wry about telling u na nothing serious..u go..i will drop her home after giving medicine to her..
Ragini smies widely when he heard i will drop her to home..
Shekhar gives a thankful smile to him..he kissed ragini’s forehead nd leaves..
Ragini:really ,u will drop me..
Sanskar:do u really have pain
Ragini(she looks down):vo..vo..
Sanskar:y did u lie..u have seen ur dad,howmuch he worried for u..he canceled all his meeting bcz of ur lie..dont u think once before could do anything..
Ragini:vo..i also felt bad seeing paa..par mein kya karoo..i had to lie..
Ragini:bcz of u
Ragini:i wanted to see u..i wanted to talk with u..i called u but u didnt i decided to come here..but
(Ragini wants to meet sanskar,so she came to hospital ,shekhar who is passing though the way of hospital sees ragini at hospital..he comes to her..
Shekhar:raagu..tum yaha
Ragini(doesnt knw what to say):vo..paa
Sanskar:are u ok
Ragini(lied,not getting anything) getting pain in heart..
Shekhar:what..u should have told me naa..chalo i will come with u..
Ragini nodded unwillingy..but she felt bad seeing her paa worried)
Sanskar gives her unbelievable look..
Ragini:so ,pick my call whenever i call u..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:i cried so hungry
Sanskar like what
Ragini:is there any restaurant beside this hospital..
Sanskar:do u want chocolate
Ragini:chocolate!!..have u ??
He gives her chocolate ,opening his desk..
Ragini (smiles):did u eat chocolates
Sanskar:vo kya hain uses to came here na..they also scares of injections i m uses chocolates to make them calm..
Ragini stopped eating nd looks at him ,understand what he meant..
Sanskar:btw u too scared..u should na….kyun ki u r kid hain naa..
Ragini:howmany times i told im not a kid..anyone can scare by injection..not only me..
Sanskar:achha.. not a kid..
She huffs nd starts to eat chocolate..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:u said ,u drop me at home naa.. min..

He calls someone..
Sanskar:dont do like this again..dont tense ur dad.
Ragini nodded cutely..
Sanskar:now get up..u have to leave..
Ragini:u matlab..u also naa..
Someone came..
Sanskar:he is my driver..he will drop u at home..go
Ragini looks at him with pout..
Ragini:kuch nay bye..
Saying she walks looking at sanskar with sad pout..
Sanskar smiles..
Shekhar:raagu..are u u have pain still..
Ragini:paa plzz ,dont wry about perfectly fine..thats normal pain..i dont have any pain now..plz forget about that..
Shekhar( smiles):ok..sleep..gud night
Ragini:good night u
Shekhar:love u too my princess..
He goes..
Sanskar gets ragini call..he pics it..
Sanskar:stop disturbing me
Ragini:plz dont cut the phone..
Sanskar:dont u get sleep..its 11pm..sleep
Ragini:im not getting sleep.. getting sleep..bye
He doesn’t get reply..
No reply..
Sanskar:kya calling u but u didn’t reply..what are u doing seeing what they are doing..
Sanskar:who?? man nd one women doing something in their not understanding anything..
Sanskar(sanskar eyes ,widened):in bedroom??
Sanskar:why did u go to their bedroom..
Ragini:nay..that was my on terrace..their bedroom straight to my terrace..
Sanskar:first..go to ur room..
Sanskar:i said go..
Ragini:nay it seems interesting..
Sanskar:what are u saying..first go from there..its not good to see like that..
Ragini:kyun..i wanna see
Ragini:i got it
Ragini:i got what they are doing..
Sanskar( rolled his eyes):what
Ragini:they are playing some game..
Sanskar takes a sigh..
Ragini:aunty jeet ggayi..
Sanskar:playing?? I thought something
Ragini:what u thought(she askd innocently)
Ragini:tell naa
Sanskar:kyun ki u are a kid..
Ragini makes a sas pout..
Sanskar can sense her pout..he smiles imagining her face..
Sanskar:good night..
Ragini:can i come to hospital tomorrow
Ragini:to meet u
Sanskar:that was not ur sasural to come whenever u want..that was hospital..
Ragini:my sasural too
Ragini:hospital like ur home na..then it will be my sasural naa..
Sanskar:stop thinking so much..bye..
Sanskar:no..i wont listen anything..its getting late..sleep..haan suno..dont come terrace at this time nd dont see into anyone’s wont it ??
Sanskar:ragini enough
Ragini:i love u..good night..bye..πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
She disconnects the phone smiling..
Sanskar murmurs pagal ladki..

Hii guys sry for irregular updates..spare me if its bad update..i wrote whatever came into my mind..
Next i will update i love u mrs raginu san maheswari

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