Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(SS) vol3 -shot 2


Sanskar gets a call from shekhar..
Sanskar:hello uncle
Ragini:uncle nay ,uncle ki beti
Ragini:haan..had u dinner??
Sanskar:my wish..i have a work..dont disturb me..
Saying he disconnected the call..
His mbl again rings..
Sanskar(angrily):dont u understand..stop irritating me..
Sanakar(widened his eyes):vo..vo..uncle sry..i thought someone else
Shekhar:are u ok..
Sanskar:ji uncle..
Shekhar:fine..i called u to invite for dinner..
Shekhar:haan..y dont u cme for dinner tomorrow..its been so long u came home..come naa..i will feel very happy..
Sanskar thought to said no thinking abour ragini but he was not able to say no to he nodded..
Sanskar:fine uncle..i will come
Shekhar:ok u tomorrow..bye
Sanskar:bye uncle
He disconnectes the call..
After a while again his mbl rings..
Sanakar:haan uncle
Ragini:again uncle ki beti..
Sanskar annoyed nd cuts d call..
Ragini pouts..
@Next day
Ragini is waiting for sanskar..
Shekhar calls sanskar:
Sanskar:hello uncle
Shekhar:sanskar y u haven’t come yet..
Sanskar:vo.. uncle i cannot come
Shekhar:kya hua
Sanskar: i have emergency really sorry uncle..
Shekhar:no need to sry sanskar..u r a doctor ,i can pblm..
Sanskar:thanks uncle..bye
Ragini:kya hua paa
Shekhar told what sanskar said..
Ragini makes sad face..
Shekhar gets a call..
Ragini thinks y sanskar doesn’t come..
Ragini:haan paa.
Shekhar:what are u thinking..
Ragini:kuch nay paa
Shekhar:ok..i need to go office,have dinner nd sleep early..
Ragini:yes paa..
Shekhar leaves..
Ragini thinks something nd smiles widely..
Sanskar feels guilt for telling lie to shekhar..he thought to go but hr doesn’t know how will ragini behave nd how he will react so he back off..
Ragini:what are u thinking
Sanskar (turns hearing ragini):tum yaha..
Ragini:u didnt cme for dinner naa so i brought dinner for u here..
Sanskar:are u mad..what is d need to do this..
Ragini:areh i made my cook do all ur fav items..u should eat naa…
Sanskar:u knw its 11PM..
Ragini:leave it
Sanskar:go ragini..
Ragini:u eat i will go..
Sanskar:i said go ragini
Ragini:i said eat
Sanskar(shouts):cant u understand..dont make me insane, go from here..
Ragini eyes moist seeing his angry she goes out.she consoles herself ,no ragini no u r strong..he is ur prince only naa..she took a deep breathe. nd came inside..
Sanskar:now what
Ragini:eat little bit ,i will go.
Sanskar gives a unbelievable look..
Sanskar looks at her irritated nd opens carrier nd eat two bytes..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:haapy now ??go
Ragini:i will stay sometime
Sanskar gives a deadly glare to her..
Ragini:fine..fine..going..bye good night..
Ragini:i love u
Sanskar:shut up nd go
Ragini goes pouting..
Sanskar took a sigh of relief..
@Next day
Ragini piya comes out to eat pani puri..
Ragini:piya ,do u knw ,i met my prince
Piya:where??in dream ??
Ragini:nay yaar..really..
She told what had happend ..
Piya:this is too could u decide like that..
Ragini:i can..u cant understand..u knw he really look like a prince..but he talks so sweetly in dream but in real he is khadoos..
Piya:but ragini how can u decide that he is ur prince
Ragini:i knw
Piya:but ragini u have to think once..
Ragini:no yaar..i
Stopped seeing sanskar who stood some far away from her back facing..she smiles..
Ragini:i will proove u that he is my prince
Ragini:wait nd see
Ragini stood straight ,she c!losed her eyes nd widened her both hands nd bends back..
Piya(held ragini as ragini going to fall down):what are u doing..
Ragini:i will be fine..u no need to hold me..nothing will happen to me
Ragini:plz telling u naa
Ragini smiles nd again stood nd closed her eyes..she is bending back slowly..
Piya stood tense seeing raginj..
Ragini mumblets sanskar name in her mind..
Sanskar turned feeling someone called him..he looks around nd found ragini who is going to fall down..

Sanskar rushed towards her nd rescued her in the nick of time..he held her in his embrace..ragini smiles sensing she was in his arms..she hugs him
Piya looks at them mouth opened..
Sanskar departed from her..
Sanskar:are u crazy
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:y are u smiling.
Ragini:piya..i told u naa..see my Prince came to rescue me..
Ragini:tell me one u came here..
Sanskar:i felt some one called me.. heart..
Ragini:i knw..our hearts connected to eo..
Sanskar:again u started..
Ragini:this is truth..we are meant to be each other..
Sanskar:shut up nd stop doing these stunts..
Ragini:such mein..
Sanskar passed a glare nd walks? from there..
Ragini:sanskar listen..
Sanskar signs her to stop nd goes..
Piya:ur prince really looks like a prince…he is so handsome..
Ragini glares at her..
Piya:sorry sorry..
Sanskar opens d door hearing calling bell..he sees shekhar..
Shekhar:sanskar are u free now..
Sanskar:haan uncle..kya kuch kaam tha..
Ragini:haan coming paa
Sanskar in mind ragini ??where is she ,y uncle took her here..
He looks at ragini who entered his home smiling..
Ragini:hii sanskar
Shekhar:sanskar kya hain naa..ragini has some doubts in biology..u r doctor na..u should knw the subject..she is so afraid of that subject..can u teach her..tomorrow she has exam also..
Sanskar:mein..but uncle
Ragini:kya hua sanskar..u said ,u are free now na..teach naa..
Shekhar:haan sanskar..
Sanskar nodded helpless..
Shekhar:raagu call me when ever u r done..i will pick u..
Ragini:ok paa..bye
Shekhar:bye sanskar..
Sanskar nodded..
Shekhar leaves..
Sanskar looks at ragini..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:do u really have doubts
Sanskar:fine..sit..but u should be keep quite..
Ragini:i will try
Sanskar glares at her..
She opens her books…
Sanskar:which topic ,u have doubt
Ragini:i will tell u later..let me eat chocolate first..
Sanskar:kya hungry
Ragini smiles widely nd eats chocolate..
Sanskar tool her book nd reads..
Ragini:y are u doing this to me..
Sanskar:what i did
Ragini:im.not talking to u
Sanskar:then,who else here
Sanskar gives a what the look.
Ragini:y u r so tasty..if u be like this ,im not able to stop myself eating..but if i eat like this i will become fat..i dont like to become fat..
She pouts sadly..
Sanskar:then stop eating naa
Ragini:i cant..
Sanskar:fine,do whatever u lets discuss about ur lesson..
Ragini:can i eat another chocolate..
Sanskar:tell me truth..y did u cme here
Ragini:to see u..kya hain na..i wanted to see u so i came by telling that reason to paa..
Sanskar looks at her angrily..
Ragini:dont look at me plzz..
Sanskar still glares at her..
Ragini:take this chocolate nd calm down..
Sanskar throws chocolate on floor..
Ragini(took chocolate):areh what u did ,chocolate will feel bad naa..
Sorry chocy..she kissed chocolate.
Sanskar slaps his forehead..
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar:u knw..i cant handle kids nd that too ,crazy kids like plzz will u go ..
Ragini:im not a kid.. seeing..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:i will call shekhar uncle..he will take u
Sanskar:keep quite
He calls shekhar..ragini nodding as no..shekhar doesn’t lift sanskar call..
Sanskar:ok chalo..i wil drop u
Ragini:i want to be here with u..
Sanskar:chup chap chalo..or else i will tell to ur dad that u lied him..
Sanskar:dont speak even one word until we reach ur home..
Sanskar:can u call ur dad
Ragini nodded as no..
Sanskar:sit quite
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar has stopped car in front of her home..he looks at ragini who fallen asleep placing her finger into her mouth..
Sanskar(smiles seeing her like that):she is really kid..
Sanskar supposed to wake her up but stops ,doesn’t want to disturb her sleep..he supposed to lift her but stopped himself ,as he thought it wont good..

He gets shekhar call..
Shekhar:haan sanskar ,i saw ur call now only..kya hua
Sanskar:uncle i toom ragini..she slept in car..
Shekhar :im coming
He came after disconnecting the call..
Shekhar:thanks sanskar
Sanskar:its ok uncle..
Shekhar took ragini in his arms..ragini encircled her both hands around shekhar’s neck..
Ragini:paa chocolate(in sleep)
Sanskar in mind in sleeping too she want chocolate..
Shekhar caressed her hair..
Sanskar:ok uncle..mein chalatha huu
Sanskar:bye uncle..
He looks at ragini once nd leaves..

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