Pyar ki kasauti- ragsan- shot 3

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Hi frnds. Am really happy that u liked story.

Lets start

Days were passing. Their love becoming very strong. Their 4 friendship also.
Exams were coming. They were studying along with eachother.

After few days exams over.
Lak: hey guys. Lets go some where. Exams over.
Swa: yes . I too want to go.
Ragsan: ok . we r also ready.
They went for picnic near by hill station. After walking they sit somewhere. Swalak on one bench and ragsan on other.
Rag: m very lucky sanskar. That I got u in my life.
San: no. m lucky ragini that I got u.
Rag: no. m lucky.
San: both r lucky.
Ragini smiles.
Rag: sanskar y dint u come in my class first. We would have known each other first only.
San: now still 2 yrs there to complete our studies. We r together only.
Both hold eachother hand and smiles.
Swalak comes. They started to play truth and dare. In that one question was common for both.
Swa: which is ur fav serial?
Both ragsan at a time: kasauti zindagi ki.
Ragsan luk at each other and smiles.
Rag: really?
San: yes its my fav. I love both characters and their acting.
Rag: me too same. I used to c it in my school days. I was not able to understand at that age. But I loved them.
San: same here.
Rag: they were always with each other but never able to live together.
San: ya. Ending was very sad.
They were sharing their thoughts.

Result announced. All 4 passed in first class.

First day of next year. Ragini came to class. Her eyes were searching for sanskar. Bt he was no where there. She was not having interest in class. After class she sadly came outside. She saw sanskar standing opposite side. She ran there. Wanted to hug but controlled herself seeing all students.

Rag: teary eyed. Why u nt came to class.? After vacations we r meeting now. And u?
San: ragini. Our class changed.
Rag: means?
San: again they changed my number as previous class.
Rag: then our batches and even building also changed. We wont b able to meet each other.
San: don’t wry we will meet in between.
Rag: its not easy sanskar. This yr study is increased. We cant meet.
San: we will try ragu. Dont take tension. We have to concentrate on studies. Its abt our future.
Rag: ok. But pls. we will meet atleast once in month.
San: ok ragu.

But they never get free time. Their studies. After practicals then they have to go hostel early. In phone they rarely get time to talk. In one yr they hardly speak for twice ot thrice. Both were in each other thinking only. But cudnt do they were helpless.

Leap of 1 yr.
It was their final yr.
First day of collage.
Sanskar meets ragini.
San: happily. ragu at last we r in same class nw. our 1 yr separation over. We will be together.
Ragini was silent.
Rag: we cant be together sanskar. Am getting transfer to my city.
San: shocked.why? wat happened?
Rag: dad got transfer to other city. Dadi health is not gud. Mom cant leav job. So someone shud be with her. So I’ve to complete my final yr in kolkatta.
She was luking down. Tears r about to fall from her eyes. Sanskar sees it. He also felt sad that ragini is going. But he has to manage. If he also became emotional then ragini will break.
San: cups her face. Hey ragu. Don’t wry. U have to go for ur dadi na. u have to complete ur each responsibility also. Don’t dare to cry. See now 1 yr we spent. Only one more yr. we will be with each other. Don’t wry.
Rag: sadly. I know sanskar, we will be with each other but why cant be together.?
San: soon we will be together ragini. Next yr u will come here only to job. Then daily we wil meet.
Rag: but..
Sanskar consoles her. He too in mind.. we r with each other but not together. As we r about to meet we get departed.
Ragini takes her tc and goes. Sanskar went to leave her to bus stand. He hugs her and kisses her forehead.
San: now smile.
She smiles little.
San: that’s my ragu. Ok ragu. Soon we will meet. I’ll keep on calling u.
Bus left. They were luking eachother till bus goes invisible.

Leap of 1 yr.
In this yr too they were not able to talk much. Both busy in studies. Ragini more busy in house hold work also. Daily night seeing moon they were remembering their moments together.
Rag:mom I passed with first class. Got campus selection. Job location in Mumbai.
Jan: ok laado. U can do job. No prob for us. But keep updating ur dad. His job is also always out of city. And now u r going.
Rag: don’t wry mom. Whenever u need I’ll come back.
Jan: its ok ragu. When is ur joining date.?
Rag: next week.
Jan: ok do packing.
Ragini was happy at one side that after 1 yr she’s going to meet sanskar. Their waiting time over.
She left for Mumbai. Sanskar came to pick her. As she sees him she ran to him and hugged him.
San: ragini I know u r happy. But see others r seeing us only.
Ragini sees and breaks hug. Both went to hostel. Ragini kept her luggage there. Then both spend time together. They were happy like anything. They share wat all they did in this 1 yr.

San: see ragini. Our wait was little cute. Now we r in same company. Always be together.
Rag: yes sanskar. M very happy.
They were working in same company. Always spending time with each other. Making plans for future. They told abt eachother in their home. Both parents agreed. Within one week their engagement over.
Lak: sanskar u r very lucky. Congrats. I wish both of u live like this happily always.
Swa: yes . and ha ragini., if anything is there then don’t forget that we r here always for u.
Rag: thanku both of u.

After few days elders fixed their marriage after 1 yr.

How was this shot frnds? Drop ur views.

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