Namak Issk Ka 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yug realizes he is in love

Namak Issk Ka 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The woman asks Kahani if she knows how to make butter? Kahani says no. The woman says I will teach you. She starts teaching her. She says you have to keep patience like you have to with love. Kahani thinks will this gap bring Yug closer to me?

Yug recalls Kahani’s video and how she left the house because of Rupa’s baby. Yug comes to the mandir and asks a guy if he was here on the holi day? The man says yes, you confessed your love that day. Yug thanks him and says how could I say ‘I love you’ to Kahani? My marriage is decided with Gunjan, Kahani is my problem, she makes me angry, fights with me and left me without telling me anything. But.. if she is my biggest problem then why I am not happy that she left? Yug sees an old man crying in the mandir. He comes to him and asks what happened? The man says my 8 years old grandkid got lost. Yug says don’t worry, he must be around. The grandkid comes there so the man hugs him and says I scolded you but that doesn’t mean you would leave me. Yug recalls Kahani telling him that he can’t remove her sindoor. Yug smiles looking at the kid. They leave from there. Yug says I have the answer now, I just want Kahani to come in front of me, I will tell her everything.

Kahani makes the butter and looks on.

Ronak scolds his goon and says you couldn’t do anything to Rani. You keep asking for money but you have to search for Kahani first.

The woman tells Kahani that you will make Yug confess his love like you learned how to make butter. Kahani says happiness is aloof to me. The woman asks her to share her pain. Kahani says I was staying at Yug’s place as someone in the family knew about my parents, I wanted to find out about my parents but he is ill. I have decided to not stay at Yug’s place anymore. Can you go and bring Rani from his house? I will take her away. When Ravi becomes fine then I will meet him and ask about my parents. The woman nods.

Yug keeps thinking about Kahani. Otherside Kahani misses him too. Sajanwa plays as they both recall the moments together.

Scene 2
Dolly comes to Ravi’s room and sees his hand moving. She calls out to him but he doesn’t respond so she leaves from there.

The woman Kaki sees Kahani sad and calls the girls there. Kaki tells the girls that her smile is lost so you have to make her smile. The girls ask Kahani to come with them. They take her away. Kaki smiles.

Harsh is playing in the house. He sees Rani there and recalls Ronak’s words to beat these kids. He throws a ball at her. Rani winces in pain. She takes the ball and says beating someone is wrong, I won’t give you the ball. harsh says why did you sit on my sofa? Rupa comes there and asks what happened? Rani says he hit me with a ball. Harsh says this girl is bad, no one likes her and her sister. Rupa shouts at Harsh and asks him to say sorry. Harsh says I won’t, he leaves from there. Gunjan comes there and says you scolded your son for this dancer’s sister? Rupa says I don’t want to argue about this, I have to be stern with him to teach him manners. Gunjan says what manners? Rupa says you need manners as well. Gunjan says don’t insult me in front of this dancer’s sister. Rupa says her name is Rani and her sister’s name is Kahani so call them that only. Saroj asks Rupa to not insult Gunjan, she is daughter in law of this house as well. Rupa takes Rani from there. Gunjan says what is happening in this house? Saroj says Kahani has left the house. Gunjan says Yug is not home as well.

Yug asks the police why they couldn’t find Kahani? It’s been days. The inspector says we are searching for her, we will find her soon. Yug sadly looks on.

Yug is walking on the road. Kaki comes to him with butter. He asks who is she? Kaki asks him to taste butter, you know who made it? Kahani made it. Yug is stunned and takes the butter. He says I have been looking for her. Kaki says my girls are trying to make her smile but her smile is with you.

The girls are trying to make Kahani smile but she is awkward and moves away. Kahani breakdowns and cries.

Iravati is sitting in a den. A guru puts a shawl on her and says you are powerful but Kahani is God’s loyalist, you will need more powers to finish her. When this diya blows away then you will be able to defeat Kahani.

Kaki tells Yug that Kahani’s heart is with you so take care of it. Go, she is waiting for you. Yug runs from there.

The girls blindfold Kahani and say you have to catch us, if you can then it means your Yug will come. Kahani starts looking for them. Yug is running there. Kahani catches someone but it’s Yug. He takes off her blindfold and she is stunned to see him there.

The episode ends.

PRECAP – Yug tells Kahani that he knows who she is to him. I married you so you are my wife. Kahani looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ok yug tommorow morning don’t forget those words again ✅

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    Ya, make sure that you don’t forget these words again Yug

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    Yes yug dont forget these words the next day

  4. Am sure they wont last the producer will spoil it

  5. i don’t trust the maker , it’s way too beautiful

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