Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi loses the engagement ring

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishqi silently arguing with Ahaan. He says you will never understand right and wrong. She says I know, but not your version, leave it. She likes the pan cakes. Sarla says I hope Sonu also makes good food like Kartik. Ishqi says one day, we will cook together. She says I know Ahaan won’t know the way to kitchen. She jokes. Everyone coughs and smiles. Kartik says Gobi ke paratha are Ahaan’s fav. Mayank sees Sonu and Raj. Sarla asks Ishqi about the oily food calories. Mayank’s mum asks didn’t your Maasi come. Ishqi says yes, but she will come in engagement. Dadi asks Mayank’s mum not to give them much freedom.

She says they are lucky to get a Samdhan like you, you have bought the engagement ring also, its our same jeweller, so I got to know, you are so sweet. Mayank’s mum says the ring was costly, I didn’t wish to put load on them, Ishqi doesn’t know it. Chachi says I can see Sonu loves Raj a lot. Sonu says I want to alter this dress, but there is no time. Ishqi says I will do it. Sonu worries. She stops Ishqi from seeing her mum’s pic. Ahaan comes. Ishqi asks why did you come. Ishqi gets a call. Sarla says we will come here before time. She leaves.

Maasi cries and says I didn’t buy your engagement ring, Mayank’s mum had bought it, your uncle has snatched it. Ishqi asks what, why did she pay for the ring. Maasi says Mayank liked a costly ring, and his mum paid for it. Ishqi says its uncle’s fault, why shall we answer, I will talk to Mayank, both guy and girl are equal.

Mayank sees Sonu talking to Raj. Ishqi calls him and says there is a problem. He says whatever it is, its okay, I will talk in the evening. He ends call. Ahaan says she would have told Mayank. He collides with Mayank. He asks is everything okay. Mayank says yes. He goes. Ahaan says he is saying, but is everything okay. Maasi says don’t tell him, else it will be a problem. Ishqi says I will get the same ring till evening. Maasi says it was too costly. Ishqi gets the money. Maasi says its your savings. She says I will get the ring by making down payment, don’t get worried now. Kartik jokes on Ishqi’s paratha. Ahaan says I m not worried for that girl. Ishqi doesn’t eat the food. She goes to buy the ring. Sonu says Ahaan has taken Ishqi’s parathas from you, will you eat it or not. Kartik and Sonu have a bet. They record Ahaan. Ahaan eats the parathas. Kartik says yes….

Ishqi meets the jeweller. He asks her to collect the ring from his brother’s workshop. Sonu says the makeup Didi didn’t come. Dadi says you have to leave everything after you become a Bahu. Ishqi asks Maasi to trust her, she will get the ring and come for the engagement. Maasi says I will get the ring. Ishqi says you won’t find the shop, I will go. Dadi says Sasural just have taunts. She explains Sonu.

Ahaan talks to Kartik and Sonu. Ishqi goes to collect the ring. She gets late for engagement.

Update Credit to: Amena

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