Bawara Dil 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva gets back-stabbed by Sidhi

Bawara Dil 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sidhi is sitting in the resort and smiles recalling Gaurav’s news. A couple asks her to take their photo. She clicks it for them. Shiva comes there and looks on. Sidhi says you both look in love. The man says I am her servant for 25 years. The woman says today is our 25th marriage anniversary. Shiva comes there. The man asks Sidhi if he is your husband? The woman says we came here 25 years ago for the honeymoon as well. The man asks Shiva if he forgot his shirt buttons? Sidhi glares at him. The couple leaves from there. Shiva asks if she is done then they should leave. Sidhi says I was waiting for you, come now.

Shiva and Sidhi are leaving the resort. Mangal calls Shiva and says Bai is here, you should come back. Bai takes the call and asks Shiva where is hard disk? Shiva says it’s in my room and locked. Bai says I don’t know what you did but there has been a big problem. She asks him to come back fast. Shiva says I am leaving right now. He ends the call and tells Sidhi that we have to go back now. Sidhi looks on.

The reporter on TV says that Bai has been alleged to forcefully withheld farmers’ land. Mangal looks at the news. Sidhi smiles looking at it.

Bai asks Shiva where is the hard disk? Shiva says trust me, I have it. Sarkar says how much money did you take to sell the disk? Did you sell Bai for some money? He tells Bai that you shouldn’t have trusted this dog. Bai tells Shiva that I trusted you and you.. where is the drive? Shiva says you think I am cheating you? I can die but I can’t cheat you. I have the disk. He gives it to her. Bai is confused and gives it to Bhavin. Bai says if you are telling the truth then how did this happen? Who did it? Shiva takes the burning coal in his hand. Bai looks away. Shiva tells her that your trust is more than my life, I am promising you that I didn’t cheat you. Bai throws away the coal and says don’t be crazy. She says I am your Mai and I know you, I trust you and I know you won’t break it but someone did it, the one who did it is the one cheating you, it’s someone from your side so you have to find out. How did these hard disk proofs reach TV? you have to find the culprit. Shiva leaves from there.

Shiva comes to his car and winces in pain. Jalwa asks how did his hand get burned? Shiva says this wound will remind of Bai’s insult. Bai doubted me for the first time, this wound will heal when I bring back her respect. He drives away.

Narpat calls Sidhi and says you must have seen the news. You did a great job. Sidhi says I did what I had to. Narpat says I will never forget your support. Shiva comes there and asks whom she is talking to? Sidhi gets tensed and says I am talking to Sagar. Shiva says did you hear what happened? Sidhi says I saw the news. Shiva says all those proofs were on a hard disk. Sidhi says why are you telling me? Shiva glares at her and says the hard disk was in my cupboard, how did the proofs reach Bai’s enemies? Someone took the disk from my cupboard and gave it to her enemies. Sidhi says nobody touches your cupboard and it’s usually locked. Shiva says it was not locked before we went to Mahabaleshwar. Sidhi says are you doubting me? Shiva says what would be the reason to doubt you? Is there any reason? Sidhi looks away and says I am going to sleep. She leaves from there.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sidhi is getting ready. Jalwa comes to Shiva and says I know who stole the hard disk. Sidhi gets tensed. Jalwa glances at Sidhi and leaves with Shiva.

Jalwa tells Shiva that I can’t believe he cheated us. Do you remember you gave your car to the mechanic? He must have copied everything from the drive. I have heard that he bought a new bike, he might have given the information to Narpat to get money. Sidhi hides and hears all that. Shiva asks Jalwa to bring the mechanic.

Shiva looks at his burn wound and recalls Bai shouting at him. Jalwa brings the mechanic there. Shiva asks him to tell the truth, he asks if he did it? Mechanic says what? Shiva says you know what I am talking about, did you steal the hard disk? The mechanic says I don’t know about any hard disk. I just took your car, repaired and gave it back to you. Shiva says if I raise my hand then you won’t be able to walk back from here. Jalwa asks how did he buy a new bike? Mechanic says I didn’t steal any drive, I promise on Bai. Shiva slaps him and shouts why did he do it? Sidhi sees all that and gets worried. Shiva beats the mechanic and says Bai is getting insulted because of you. Why did you do it? The mechanic pleads him. Shiva says you will lose your life today. Shiva starts beating him with a belt. Sidhi cries and says he will lose his life because of me. I can’t let this happen. Sidhi runs to stop him. Shiva asks the mechanic if he took money from Narpat. The mechanic pleads to not beat him. Shiva is about to hit him but Sidhi comes there and says stop. Sidhi says don’t beat him, he didn’t steal the drive. Shiva glares at her and says if he didn’t steal it then who did? Sidhi looks on. Yashwant comes there and asks Shiva to lower his voice, you will talk like this with your wife? He asks Soni to give water to the mechanic. What is all this? When I see a good human in you, you do something like this. You beat this guy like an animal. Who gave you a right to beat him? Shiva says don’t get involved in this. Yashwant says I won’t see brutality at my house. Shiva asks Sidhi how she knows he didn’t do anything? How you know he didn’t steal the disk? Sidhi says look at him, he was pleading with you. If he knew the truth then he would have blurted by now. Shiva says okay, I will leave him alone but whoever did this won’t be spared by me. Sidhi looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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