Molkki 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender saves Purvi

Molkki 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudha, Priyu and kids are at police station. Sudha tells Inspector about the computer godown. Inspector tells the constable to get the car ready. They request Inspector to let them come with them. Kids also say that they have missed haathi a lot. We cannot live without haathi. Inspector gives in.

Goon breaks the computers. He warns Purvi not to double cross them. We wont think for a second before killing you otherwise! She pushes him away and starts running. The goon starts chasing her. You may try but you wont be able to escape from here!

Sudha comforts Manas on their way. Prakashi and Anjali are on their way to the godown too. Anjali asks Prakashi what they will do now. I am very scared. Prakashi tells her to either keep mumbling or let her do the work.

Goon slaps Purvi but she pushes him again. She collides with an iron rack and hurts herself on her head. She feels dizzy and falls down. Goon mocks her. You wanted to run around! Try to run now!

Police reaches the godown. They all head in different directions to find Purvi. They don’t find any clue there. Inspector tells Sudha and Priyu to head home. We will continue our investigation. We will let you know if we find anything. Juhi and Manas refuse to leave without haathi. Inspector reasons that they have searched the entire godown in front of them. Don’t argue right now. Go home. We will bring her asap. Manas recalls that they heard the sound of a train’s engine the other day. Have you seen a godown which is near the railway station? Juhi seconds him. we heard the sound of train and engine during one of the calls. Constable shares that he knows about one such godown. They head there.

Prakashi asks goon about Purvi. He says she is in another room. We were just about to leave! Prakashi slaps him. Are you waiting for police to come here? They hear the sound of siren and decide to take Purvi to another godown that’s nearby. Goons take Purvi. Prakashi and Anjali hide.

Police walks inside the godown. Kids keep shouting for haathi. Goons are taking Purvi away but she stops in her tracks as soon as she hears their voice. Looks like they have reached here. Goons continue walking.

Police does not find Purvi in the godown. Inspector asks Sudha and Priyu to go home now. We will continue our search. Priyu starts crying. Sudha assures her that they will find Purvi. Polcie is doing their best. Manas shows them Purvi’s letter. It is haathi’s handwriting. Priyu picks it. Manas is right. She has written that we must follow the grains. Sudha says Purvi left it behind for us. Inspector asks Manas where he found it. Manas takes them there. They see grains scattered on the floor and begin to follow it. Sudha says Purvi is so smart. She left a clue for us in this condition too. We will be able to find her this way.

Flashback shows Purvi overhearing the goons that they are going to shift her soon. I must leave a clue for kids and Sudha so they can know where I am being taken now. She notices a sack and gets thinking. She picks a knife and makes a hole in it. She collects some grains in her pallu. She also writes a note for police. Flashback ends.

Purvi is still leaving a train of grains behind while walking with the goons. Police, Sudha, Priyu and kids keep following her. They see a gap but Manas points out that there is another line there. They go in that direction.

Goons bring Purvi to the new hideout. Prakashi warns the goons to make sure police is not able to find Purvi. There should be no mistake this time. Anjali notices police and tells Prakashi. Goons tell Prakashi to leave from the back door. I will handle police.

Inspector asks Sudha, Priyu and the kids to hide. Goons must be inside and they might even fire at us. We might have to fire as well. They hide. Goons and police starts shooting at each other. Anjali tells Prakashi they must leave. Prakashi is reluctant as she got hold of Molkki after a lot of difficulty. Anjali reasons that they will get another chance only if they remain alive. We will spend our entire life in jail if we leave now. Prakashi agrees. Let’s go.

Police starts catching the goons one by one. Anjali and Prakashi leave from the backdoor. Only one goon is left now. He holds Purvi on gunpoint and tells police to let him go. Inspector tells him to drop his weapon. You will be shot otherwise. Goon warns them to back off if they want to see Purvi alive. He shoots in the air. Sudha, Priyu and the kids are also there. Inspector tells everyone to step back.

Virender reaches the godown.

Goon tells police he wants to use Purvi as his shield. I will escape from here. Inspector reasons that he might be able to leave right now but he will be caught soon.

Virender beats all the goons who try to stop him from going inside.

Goon keeps retreating while holding Purvi at gunpoint. Virender holds him by his neck from behind. Goon’s hand starts shaking. Kids shout Babbar Sher in unison. Purvi looks behind and is relieved to see Virender. Goon shoots at Virender. Purvi shouts his name and they both duck as soon as the shot is fired. Inspector tells his men to catch the goon but Virender holds out his hand. He beats the guy black and blue. Inspector stops Virender from taking the law in his hands. They take the goon away.

Purvi hugs the kids and cries. Virender and Purvi look at each other. He opens the ropes tied around her hands and holds her. She hugs him. Virender opens his arms for his kids. They have a group hug. Priyu and Sudha smile. Epi ends on Virender’s face.

Precap: Inspector finds out from the goons that Prakashi is behind Purvi’s kidnapping and informs Virender. Virender confronts Prakashi and asks her to leave the house.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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