Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) “The meeting”… Ch .2

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Here we start….

Next morning at KR Mansion

Both ridhima and Kabir got up…. Freshened themselves and got ready…… And were waiting for Aryan….

Kabir:- ridhima I think your friend will be late…. It would have been better if I wouldn’t have sent our cars for service.. ( impatientπŸ˜’ irritated😑 and excited)

Ridhima:- Bhai he would be on the way… And moreover he your friend also… And I understand you are impatient to meet your fiancee(giggles)

Kabir:- Don’t tease…. (Shy)

Ridhima:- I will…. (Teasing) πŸ˜›

Kabir :- tease and enjoy as much as u can….. I will be waiting to do the same (laughs)

Ridhima making an annoying πŸ˜–πŸ˜‘face

Kabir πŸ˜„laughs seeing her face

Just then Aryan arrives and they drove away… At 4 pm at airport

Ridhima:- you guys go in to pick her I will buy some of her favourite flower… (😊smiles)

They both go in and wait for sejal, meanwhile ridhima was standing flowers at the entrance (she generally doesn’t like to be in public crowded places)

Suddenly a tall man with stern looks with his bodyguards was entering the airport to pick up her sisters . Yes he is Vansh . Siya and Ishani they have gone to Switzerland for vacation . He orders his gaurds to go in and take up them and he was staying at the entrance of the Gate ( as he was also not really found of public crowded places… and the airport was crowded because Holi was approaching and people were coming back to their dear ones)

Both ridhima and Vansh were standing opposite to each other and were busy on their phones.

Then they got text from Sejal and Ishani respectively on their phones..

On message

Ishani:- bhai , please come here in such lovely decorations are here and I will click some pictures…

Sejal :- ridhu, please come in we will click some pictures inside there is a lovely decor, please.

Both of them are half heartedly entered the gate and without watching collided with each other. They said ‘sorry’ picked the phones and hurried to their respective dear ones . But in the Hurry they didn’t saw their phones were exchanged😝😝.

After Sejal click the pics….

Ridhima:- wait , you never send the pics. I will take some pics from my phone.

On the other side Ishani wanted to click more pics but her phone’s battery was dead.

Ishani:–Bhai, please give ur phone, please.

Vansh:-But ishani

Ishani:-pleaseeeee bhaiπŸ˜—and pouting

Vansh :-ok , take… But don’t open gallery I will send the pics…. Nor any other app(stern).

As they took out there phones….

That’s alll…. Hope u liked it…..

Many of made a lot of fun Kabir…. Actually me tooπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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