Namah 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev Is On A Mission

Namah 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narashima asks Mahadev who can defeat him. Mahadev pushes him away and says he has many names and Narayan is one of his name, he calls Narayan as friend Narayan. Narasimha asks where is Narayan. Mahadev bearing Narasimha’s attack on trishul describes Narayan’s qualities that he will become Ram, Krishna, Kurum/tortoise, etc., will have Parashuram’s qualities. Narasimha ask why is he hiding. then. Mahadev says Narayan is inside him. Narasimha asks to come out and face him. Narayan comes out of Narasimha and asks Mahadev what is he doing here. Mahadev asks why did he come here alone. Narayan says his disciple Prahlad’s plea brought him up. Narasimha attacks Narayan, and Narayan stops him. Mahadev says Narasimha is Narayan’s arrogant avatar and he should end his arrogance and prove that arrogance should be at a persons’s feet and not head. Naraayan lifts Narasimha and throws him down.
Narasimha asks Narayan to explain the significance of arrogance. Narayan says wherever arrogance is there, god doesn’t stay there. He and Mahadev describe the harmful effects of ahankar/arrogance. Narayan removes arrogance from Narasimha. Kali gets angry seeing Ahankar in Narayan’s hand. Mahadev asks Narayan to send it to suryadev and burn it off. Narayan throws arrogance towards suryadev.

Brahmadev describes that when ahankar was about to reach suryadev and burn off Devi Laxmi was busy collecting stars and make a necklace out of it. Kali’s gilfriend sends ahankar with stars into Laxmi’s necklace. Laxmi wears ahankar in star necklace. On the other side, devi parvathi dorns moh/infatuation alankar.

On the other side, Kali was busy trying to get ahankar alankar and moh/infatuation alankar via his brother Higriv. He forces Higriv to run and competes with him, provoking that he cannot run faster and is an insult to him. Higriv says he can run faster than any horse. Kali asks faster than suryadev’s horse. Higriv says yes. Kali’s girlfriend asks Kali not to force Higriv so much. Kali plans to kill Higriv to reach Laxmi’s ahankar and Parvathi’s moh and explains her plan in detail.

Narayan praises Devi Laxmi for her superiority. Devi Laxmi speaks arrogantly. Narayan realizes she is speaking arrogantly because of her new necklace.

Precap: Narayan and Mahadev ask Devi Laxmi and Parvathi to give their necklaces with ahankar and moh alankars hidden in them, but they both deny.

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