RadhaKrishn 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Stunning Decision

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Shuka sees Radha sad and asks reason. Radha says Krishna would have sent letter or come to meet her. Shuka says Krishna is bad. Radha scolds him not to badmouth about Krishna. Ayan angrily sharpens his sword reminiscing Ugrapath announcing that Radha will be Barsana’s mukhiya. Kutila and Jatila try to calm him down, Jatila shows a strong thread and says mother and son’s relationship is strong and unbreakable like this thread, she will make him mukhiya for sure. Ayan says he doesn’t trust his sister and mother and wants to kill them with this sword. He raises sword angrily and cuts threads, says if it cannot be broken, it can be cut.

Balram asks Krishna why did he call Rishi Garg. Krishna informs his plan that Rishi Garg will take him to rishi Sandipani’s ashram and his further plan.

Revathi goes to meet Radha hiding. Radha calls her princess and asks her to get inside house before anyone sees her and starts treating her as princess. Revathi says a friend came to meet her friend and discuss what is in her heart. She informs Radha how Balram killed Kans’ 8 brother and his bravery, etc., she was about to marry him when rishi Garg came to take Balram to Rishi Sandipani’s ashram and don’t know when will she marry him. Radha thinks she should not ask her about Krishna and increase her sorrows. Revathi says it is getting late, and she will leave now. She then sees peacock feather and asks if it is Krishna’s. Radha says it is and she wears it, shows Bal Gopal idle she prepared as Krishna’s symbol, his belongings, etc., and accepts that she and Krishna love each other since long. Revathi says even then she didn’t ask about Krishna. Radha say her friend came to share her sorrows with her, so she didn’t want to discuss her sorrows with her. Revathi says Krishna is fine, he is great that he didn’t accept crown and made his grandfather as king instead, but she is happy that Radha is becoming Barsana’s rani. Radha drops Revathi till door. Next morning, Ugrapath arranges Radha’s coronation ceremony, but Radha announces that she doesn’t want to become queen when Krishna didn’t become king. Jatila gets happy. Ugrapath says she is emotional at this time, but she cannot back off from her duty, so she will be given time till poornima to rethink and if she denies, she will not be given Barsana’s responsibility again in life. Radha agrees.

In Rishi Sandipani’s ashram, gurumaa seeing sandalwood sticks asks disciples why is yagna being performed. Rishi Sandipani says to greet a divine soul. Krishna enters. Bright light falls on them. Rishi Sandipani greets him and thanks him for becoming his student. Krishna says student should thank teacher for sharing his knowledge instead. Gurumaa doesn’t get impressed with Krishna and looks at him angrily.

Precap: Rishi Sandipani asks Krishna to promise that he will be his student for 7 years. Balram says they can’t, but Krishna takes promise.

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