Bigg Boss 13 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Paras and Mahira talk about their feelings

Bigg Boss 13 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 75
12:30 AM
Bigg Boss tells Sid that the doctors are saying that you need to be in the hospital. You are still a part of Bigg Boss so you can’t talk to anyone else, we wish you a speedy recovery. Sid thanks him and leaves the secret room.

In the house, Bagga asks Paras why he changed her bed? I am sleeping with Mahira. Paras says it was my bed, I just left for somedays. Bagga says I am sleeping there now. Paras tells Bagga that I am sleeping on my place only. Bagga says I am sharing a bed with Rashami and Arhaan. Arti tells Paras that this is my bed. Paras tells Rashami that this is my bed so I am not changing it. Rashami asks Paras to change it, Arhaan is sleeping with me. Paras says I don’t care, I am not changing my place. Paras says I don’t have a problem in sharing a bed with Rashami and Arhaan. Bagga says I am sharing the bed with them. Paras says I will not let you sleep here, I will not let anyone sleep. Vishal asks them to vote. Vikas says I have a captain’s bed too. Bagga says I am ready to share the bed with Vikas.

2:30 AM
All inmates sing the birthday song for Siddharth. Sana says have a long life. She hugs his shirt, All say aww.

Day 76
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song chor bazari.

9 AM
Paras asks Bagga to wake up, she says I am coming. Vikas asks Bagga to wake up. He pulls her from the bed. Bagga asks Vishal to wake up too. She pulls his blanket. Vishal says are you mad? Go away. She says you have to wake up. Vishal gives her the blanket and says go away, rub my hand now. Bagga says don’t say all that. I will wake everyone up now.

10 AM
Asim comes to Mahira and says I am really sorry for the letter, I will stand behind you in the task, I am sorry for hurting your emotions. Paras tells Asim to not lose his senses. Mahira says I won’t trust you Asim, I forgive you.

1 PM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates to choose two inmates for jail. Vikas can’t be chosen for it. Like last time, the chosen inmates will work in the house and will get punishments as well. They will use jail for sleeping. Paras says Vishal and Madhu. Mahira takes Rashami and Madhu’s name for fighting with her. Bagga takes Vishal’s name for saying the wrong things, he acts sweet but he is not. Bagga takes Paras’ name for saying too much yesterday. Mahira says I am taking Vishal’s name instead of Rashami’s name. Sana says Vishal and Madhu should solve their problems in jail, we are enjoying their fights, problems are happening in the house because of them. Mahira says yes. Vishal says to Mahira that not everything revolves around you, I don’t need friends like you. Vikas takes Vishal’s name and Bagga’s name for taking a stand on everything. Bhau takes Shefali Zari’s name for tearing his letter. He takes Asim’s name. Arti takes Bagga’s name for creating issue for the bed. Madhu takes Mahira’s name for not working in the house and then her tone was bad with me. Mahira says I always clean the washroom. Madhu takes Shefali Zari’s name. Arhaan takes Vishal’s name for saying bad words about Sid and Rashami’s video. Vishal says I didn’t say those words. Rashami says you called that video cheap. Arhaan says you can’t use those words for a girl. Vishal says I said sorry too. Rashami says I was working with him in a show and Sana was directing the shots, you said that I should have stopped the shoot but I was enjoying it and all that, you said that I was going too close to Sid, it was about my character. Vishal says it was my opinion. Rashami shouts that don’t talk about my character and work. Vishal says I don’t want to talk to you. Rashami says I told you to not say that but you didn’t listen. Asim takes Vishal and Arti’s name. I took a stand for Arti but she doesn’t listen. Arti says you took the stand when it was about you. Rashami takes Vishal and Shefali Bagga’s name. Paras takes Bagga and Vishal’s name. Vishal takes Bagga’s name. Sana laughs.
Vikas tells that the majority have chosen Vishal and Bagga for jail. Bigg Boss says they have to follow the rules and Vikas will make sure about it.

Bagga tells Vikas that celebrities don’t act like this, I don’t have a problem in working.

6:30 PM
Vikas can eat oats as a captain.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we have sent some dishes that one person will wash them. Vishal and Bagga will decide who will do it. Vikas will make sure that the dishes are cleaned on time.
Bagga says I will wash the dishes. We can coordinate. Vishal says she wants to end the fight. Bagga says he doesn’t listen to the nice things. Bagga leaves and says Vishal’s behavior is not good.
Sana and Vishal act like Dev and Paro. Bagga washes the dishes.

10:30 PM
Vikas reads the task which will earn the points to get some luxury items. Paras and Asim will be sellers in the task and Vikas will be the judge and he can use the items earned. Vishal and Bagga won’t be part of this task. Other inmates will get 5000 points each, they have to bargain from the sellers. Sellers have to try to sell the items for more price. Vikas will write the sold items on the board. The seller which earns more money will win the task and will have a good benefit.

10:45 PM
Mahira asks Paras to sell her for a low price. Paras kisses her cheek.

11 PM
Asim and Paras start selling. Shefali tells Asim that you have to sell maximum things to get money. Vikas says first Rashami and Shefali Zari are going. Rashami and Shefali try to bargain with Asim. Rashami buys the jam from Paras.

Arhaan and Mahira are next. They have to buy things in 10 minutes. Paras gives the items to Mahira. Arhaan buys from Asim in 4K.

11:30 PM
Next are Bhau and Arti. Arti buys from Paras. Asim sells to Arti. She gives 4K to Paras and 1K to Asim. Bhau buys from Paras and Asim both.

Shefali tells Vishal that Asim is not listening, he is not bargaining. Asim says I have to quote my price too.

last are Madhu and Sana. They buy from Asim. Sana buys from Paras and gives him 5K.

Vikas counts. Asim earned 18.6K and Paras earned 19K so he won the card. Paras reads the card and says you get 6 times of the earned money and you can buy from BB supermarket. He earns 140K money to shop. Asim says I was so close. Nobody listens to me. Paras tells Madhu that Asim is too aggressive.
Asim tells Sana that Shefali was not listening to me.
Arti tells Shefali that you were thinking about your items. Asim comes there. Shefali says I have to get maximum items for my money too. Asim says don’t talk to me like this, it was about winning the task, you are shouting at me now. We are losing because of you. Shefali says I am a customer so I will behave like that only. Asim says then don’t discuss strategies with me.

12:15 AM
Paras comes in the supermarket and sees expensive items. He selects the items and leaves. Paras says BB is expensive. Bigg Boss says Vishal, Bagga and Asim can’t use the items but others can share. Mahira takes the items from Mahira.

12:30 AM
Paras asks Mahira to not share the chocolates. Hide them fast. Mahira laughs and hides.

Vikas hides his chocolates in the pillowcase.
Paras says sorry to Asim. Asim says it’s okay.

2:15 AM
Mahira tells Paras that she is scared. He asks why? I talked about your mom, they know that kids are not kids anymore. Mahira laughs and says I am going mad. My emotions are flowing all at a time. My head is spinning. Paras says it’s difficult for me. You have no idea. Mahira says I know, that’s my reason. Let’s go inside. Paras says I should be worried, you shouldn’t be. I am already… Mahira says I am scared. Paras whispers that my mom is angry.
Vishal asks Sana to kiss Paras. She says no.
Mahira asks Paras that you said they are showing about you and Sana. What about us? Paras says there is confusion. With Sana, she talks about it but with you there are feelings but we haven’t talked about it so nothing is clear that’s why we are cool. You are thinking but intentions are not seen. Mahira says my family is strict, they can even lock me in the house if this is the case. Paras laughs. Mahira says I am serious, is this sensible? Paras says what? I will handle it. Mahira says I am being stupid, my emotions are mixed. I don’t know. She laughs nervously. Mahira says I have a wider picture now. Paras laughs at her. Mahira says I have to be careful about my words. Paras says you have to control your *****.

PRECAP- The guests enter the house. Hiten Tejwani says that Vishal is so blur and confused. Rashami’s brother Gaurav Desai tells Rashami that Arhaan said you were not roads on national TV and my sister can never be on roads. Kamya tells Arhaan that you might have brought Rashami to this stage but according to this show, your bank balance is zero, you can’t love like this. She tells Rashami to not do the same mistake.
Salman asks Arhaan if I cleared everything then why did you say all that about Rashami? Salman scolds the inmates for sleeping. Paras says most of the time it’s for Bhau. Bhau asks Paras to not blame him without any reason. Salman says sorry but I have to blame you Bhau. You will sleep in today’s episode now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Good morning Sid haters n’ supporters, and other’s fans and friends, (i respect your valuable views Ms. Ayesha, hence i modified my greetings accordingly… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Surprised to see even at this time no posting from any of the early bird fellow audience who are otherwise comes so early to talk bad about Sid even if he is at sickbed. May be now that he is taken to hospital and not shown on TV they are not been seen sofar.
    i really feel sorry for Sid and his ill health, and pray that he is recovers completely and resuume the show soon. As usual the abusers and pretenders keeps abusing onee anotherr and keep scratching each otheers back behind the screen.
    Mastermind becomes the captain and his antics are there to be seen, proclaimed international don has got nothing but keep b*t*hing about Sid even in his absense. Others too keep using his name for reference, so even in his absence Sid is still ruling the roost…
    i fellow comentor called me whether Im a PR for Sid, though i never know him or seen any of the show earlier, i started know him and liked him bec he is so straight and blunt, never act like chameleon to impress upon house mates or audience. i may not like his hyper anger while provoked by abuser in chief Asim (even while Sid falling at his feet before leaving the show owing to sickness, asim kept abusing him so inhumanly, but his fans may call him as a greatest human being), he is good at heart but shall learn to control his anger even he is provoked to his limits… it is easy to say that, but if it happens to us, we may even get more angry than sid, anyway it is a show whih is designed to create more such dramas and sensational things…
    Arhaan cheap publicity stunt is of very bad taste, and disgusting… anyway rashmi is not angel too… so they made for each other, so be it…
    With return paras more dramas, fights and abuses are expected, so let us all sit and enjoy and if it goes overboard switch off the tv and watch something else than spoiling our moods…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Before i conclude i along with all at this forum together wish Sher Sid “Very happy birthday” and pray that he recovers completely from sickness and return to the show soon to take his rightful place and crown ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish speedy recovery to Rashmi, Paras, asim n’ arti who are having injuries and suffering too…. May GOD bless all this entertainers….
    Come on dear friends, let us have healthy debate and dicussions… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. So why u have to come over her again and again to show that Sid is being targeted..just your opinion about he current episode that’s it…why to unnecessarily show that Sid is being targeted..he is not the show..u just pray for his speedy recovery…we don’t need your good morning text..I’m neither his supporter or his hater..but I’ll support him when he’s right..Aaj toh woh tha hii nhi episode mein

    2. dude you are poking your nose without being summoned. Greetings everyone daily is courteous and its my nature and culture too… b*t*hing is your culture, which you may keep doing it seperately dont get into unsolicited arguments with me…
      what to do you are a abuser Asim’s fan and cant expect courteous behaviour or reply from you… so better be away and keep holding torch for him and plead support for him daily, which you are doing desperately…. I am Sid’s supporter and never sought anyone to support him because it is individual’s choice and prerogative…. so i dont care whether anyone support him or not…. mind it i am Sher Sid’s supporter wont get perterbed with characters like you…. behave… ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. It doesn’t matters that what u claim is right or wrong unless u don’t have a way of talking to others.. and that’s d point in ur case.. lyk how can u say someone that b*t*hing is your culture..?? It’s good that greeting everyone daily is your nature nd culture but how u can b sure about other’s culture and blame them for so.. support ur favourite prsn but don’t b so much involved and get personal on anyone.
      Ps- i have no intention of hate for u, just said this coz i genuinely felt that statement of urs was inappropriate.

  2. Just like the show I one sided…my opinion is also one sided…I’m so shocked that arti gave 4000/- to Paras…even SHEFALI z. Was so horrible…he’s too alone man…dost dushman sb bekar Hain Asim ki journey mein…just like last season Sree was being Asim is being targeted…wish Dipika like girl was in this season also to support him… neither housemates not host, channel, show is trying to show him what is gud about him…Sid ke fans aa toh hate hai bde kehte hue ki isse typhoid hua hai aur iss PR cheek rha hai..but Asim ke baare mein toh main kya hi kaho..I wish I was in their to support him…I’m not a iss hater but surely I’m a Asim lover???coz I’m watching the show neutrally…I gave my opinion to send himanshi coz I thought his game will be back on track..but if I’ve realized that he’ll be all alone then I wouldn’t have demanded that??I was so wrong about SHEFALI z. ND Bhai how thankless people r present in this small house forget about the world…he can’t even befriend Sid he can’t hear anything against Sana and himself.. neither a gud speaker nor a gud listener…the more I’m enjoying the more Asim is making his place into my heart…first time it’s happening…the way show presents it’s promos r so manipulative…ND I can’t ignore them…I really wish Farah to come coz I can expect she’ll try to speak in favor of Asim..but saan can’t how can she will be able to do that I’ve no clue…since season 11 his biasednesss is going on…I don’t see him previously…last season I started following it…and I didn’t follow SO11???
    Plz guys extend your support for him to the fullest…don’t start trends but atleast don’t keep his negative image..he’s agressive like many but not badtameez, arrogant, violent and untrustworthy ??????????
    Plz share and support…we should try r level best…I’d we r following this show

  3. Non-Bias post
    I dont care for anyone in this house… everyone acts ridiculous its crazy.
    Shehnaaz is nothing without Sid. Not in a good way. Shes just a show piece item who keeps supporting Paras when he does not even care for her. I felt bad though because in the show, it seemed like Mahira and Paras did not care to talk to Shehnaaz. But Shehnaaz is just too obsessed with Paras.
    Paras came into the house thinking he would ignite alot of fire, when he really didnt do much. He is a good player in my opinion though
    Mahira seems to be Parasโ€™s chamchi. I dont understand why Paras flipped out so badly on Vishal about Mahira when Mahira didnt care that he would hug her. Paras has in own girlfriend issues to sort out
    Bhau is not a strong player in my opinion. It seems like he just sleeps haha
    Aarti…. oh i cant stand her. She is SMART but so annoying. She is probably the fakest. The amount of crap shes talked about Asim but then cried to Asim about the letter… then when Asim shredded Mahiraโ€™s letter… she flipped out. Oh my god. She has the habit to give her speeches everywhere. She is staying good in everyones eyes. Shes only in the show bc of her uncle and brother.
    Rashmi and Arhaan i dont know their relationship seems a little fake to me.
    Asim is strong but too aggressive. He becomes stubborn (like Sid)
    The secret room was totally unfair and bias.

  4. Felt bad for Vishal.. housemates have this tendency of cornering and targeting the person who was told bad by outsider… this time paras said bad abt Vishal (mahira reason)..and gharwale Nikal Gaye morcha leke…
    Saare gharwale aise ho Gaye… Chalo ek Bakra mil Gaya hai toh halal Kar lete hai… Bheed chal…
    Mahira really need to see the wider picture…she is giving her life in hands of a cheater, Casanova… Paras kisi Ka saga Nahi hai..yes, for the game, he is with mahira..but in real life, I doubt….
    It’s like Arti Sid ke peeche (from her some behaviours towards Sid), Sid Sana ke peeche…(as per Sidnaaz fans, I don’t think so), Sana paras ke peeche, paras mahira ke peeche…(too much fun)… I would have said Asim himanshi ke peeche…but she left…
    BB kam match making bureau zyada ho Gaya hai…
    Felt bad for Asim, for getting defeated by a small margin…

    1. Yes I too felt bad for Vishal. He is not that bad to be targeted by all. Reason is clear Paras.

      In asim’s case somewhere I feel the way he reacted in an insulting way by saying rat….and all that to shefali after she tore bau’s letter it’s costing him in the task.Plus he took arti’s name for jail…..all these I guessforced these two strong women not to play whole heatedly with Asim and make him win.
      What’ur take on it jisha??

      Two three weeks back also in luxury task I think where shefali was seen Fighting with all the 3 guys one upon the other of opp group asked Asim to take stand for her against paras at that time also he shouted at her before all.

      It was himanshi who advised him .,.if there is any problem take her to the side &talk about it . They patched up only because of her.

      As a fan of Asim I think he is good hearted guy but lacks enough maturity to handle his own friends in a sensible way (by not insulting them before all) when they go dead wrong.

      Now he can’t expect them to come and make him win na!!

      As compared to arti’s &shefalis fan following asim’s following is 95perc it’s natural to say that both women hv backstabbed Asim.Because we are all emotionally connected to him as a fan.

      But I definitely want Asim to lessen his anger and not go against his own friends lest they may not support him (Dil se).
      He may be left alone.

      Any ways I think countdown has started for shef jariwala &arthi for elimination..,as they didn’t support Asim in the task.When he could talk so nicely to Mahira(what a tone Asim has yaar!!!)why couldn’t he handle shefali in a positive manner when she went wrong.ya I agree he hugged her but only after all went against him for tearing mahiras letter.
      Everything is give and take in bb house.Otherwise u may loose most wanted ones in needy time.Asim should think over it a little bit.
      Otherwise himanshi would taken care of the entire situation.

    2. @li
      This luxury task was both an individual performance task and team task… U could play either as a team mate or play alone…
      Like Sana, she played it as team mate, gave all money to paras n bought something…
      her motive was to make paras win..
      Whereas Shefali played it individually…she had 5k with which she could buy a lot of things which can last a month or so…
      Asim, as a player, friend would feel bad that she didn’t support him…I felt bad for him…but that’s her choice…u can’t force her…
      Arti, she is sweet to all, but tries to play with the team which is gonna win…
      Like till yesterday, all good with Asim and took letter from him…the moment paras entered, she flipped…paras at present has more knowledge abt game plus Sid is going to come I have seen her backing paras for bed matter and now luxury task…
      On friendship matter, Sid and Asim both are same… they donno how to keep their friendship… they yell at friends and judge them with two or three instance…
      Asim has few things in mind which makes him feel Shefali is not trustworthy…
      1) Standing with Asim in apple task for captiancy and then giving vote to Sid doesn’t make sense..
      2) when she was blamed of pinching paras, she said Asim asked me to pinch u…(inside room) then outside she said I didn’t intend to pinch u, was just tickling and by mistake it happened… Shefali asked Asim to back her..but Asim refused saying how can I back u, when u r changing Ur statements in few moments… though Himanshi managed that whole matter…
      2) shredding bhau letter.. while she already got captiancy..
      3) today’s luxury task..
      As a Friend, he feels cheated…but yelling at her in front of everyone is wrong…this was the same mistake Sid Asim did earlier…paras mahira took advantage of this…

  5. So sad Asim getting defeated by very small margin.,But it’s ok.well tried.

  6. jisha!so nice of u to give this much understanding &clarity.well done.keep it up.

    But still I want to Asim to handle his friends when they go wrong with a pinch of care & maturity.
    At the same time I am not saying shefali is an angel &arthi godess, they hv their own flaws too.It is just that at this time unity matters more than rat….cat fight.

    Anyways thank u so much for giving ur time &explanation.

  7. Because Sid is not there poor Vishal is being targeted by Rashmi n others. Rashmi is a lost person n her voice gives me a headache. Mahira is so fake n childish n loud mouth n very rude. Paras is a Casanova. Amongst ladies Aarti n Shefali Jariwala r my favourite. Asim is getting a bit like Sid now. The best captain so far in the house have been Aarti n Vikas.

  8. all these people blamed Sid and his temper and the fights so he is not there now why are they all fighting the fight tag should go to all of them then. Reshmi still cant help targeting Sid even in his absence. I am sure she like him deep down maybe he ignored her advances and is taking revenge- remember hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is that not so Salman.

  9. When asim lost the task, he said you don’t know how to play teamwise and start working from your own brains and takes wirng decisions.
    This is what sid said to all of you from the beginning. And now you can realise it.
    Asim starts argument with Shefali Z, that he lost the task because of her and in middle says he doesn’t listen to zariwala and not seeked any advice from her. What is he trying to prove. He doesn’t stand on his own words.and why is he arguing when he didn’t listen to her and played on his own terms.
    All this is just to notify that he can’t take defeat. As always he screams unnecessary things when he is lost.

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